Top Jiangsu Restaurants in Beijing

Sauted cabbage in soupMany top Jiangsu restaurants in Beijing offer satisfying dining experience with delicate and delicious dishes from south China. Jiangsu Cuisine, also known as Su cai, originated in the Northern and Southern Dynasties (386-589). It is a special cuisine in Jiangsu Province and now, because of its light and sweet flavor, it is enjoyed by people around the country. Coming from some areas of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the cuisine of Jiangsu has a wide inclusion of raw ingredients: fish as well as vegetables of all kinds. The most popular and valuable fish and crustaceans are sturgeon, saury, whitebait from Tai Lake, and fresh water crabs.

Top Jiangsu Restaurants in Beijing

Jade Garden

Chinese name: 苏浙汇 (sū zhī huì)
Average Cost per Person: CNY200 - CNY250
Recommended Dishes: Fried Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs
 Jade Garden (Chaowai Branch)
Location: 1-3F, Jiahui International Center, No.6, Jiqing Li, Chaoyangmen Wai Street, Chaoyang District
 Jade Garden (Winland Branch) 
Location: Building B1, Winland International Finance Center, No.7, Finacial Street, Xicheng District

The well decorated restaurant serves Jiangsu cai, Beijng.Fu Tai Gong

Chinese name: 福泰宫 (fú tài gōng)
Average Cost per Person: CNY150
Recommended Dishes: Smoked Fish, Sea Pumpkin
Location: South Square of West Bus Station, Fengtai District

Madam Zhu's Kitchen

Chinese name: 汉舍中国菜馆 (hàn shě zhōng guō cài guǎn)
Average cost  per person: CNY150
Recommended dishes: black pepper beef, smoked pomfret, fried shrimp with sliced lemon, fried beancurd with vegetable
Location: B1, Building D, Vantone Center, No. 6 A, Chaoyangmenwai Street, Chaoyang District

Su Chang Yuan Restaurant

Chinese name:  苏畅园淮扬餐厅 ()
Average cost per person: CNY210
Recommended dishes: large meatball, preserved shrimp in yellow rice wine, sweet and sour fried eel
Location: 2F, Jiangsu Mansion, No. 88D, Andingmenwai Street

The Festival

Chinese name: 丰和日丽 (fēng hé rì lì)
Average cost per person: CNY160
Recommended dishes: Chinese yam juice with oat, braised pork with brown sauce
Location: No. 93, Fuchengmennei Street, Xicheng District

Huai Yang Fu

Chinese name: 淮扬府 (huái yáng fǔ)
As one of the top Jiangsu restaurants in Beijing, Huai Yang Fu provides large meatball, preserved shrimp in yellow rice wine, sweet & sour fried eel and other food of best Su cuisine.
Average cost per person: CNY220
 Huai Yang Fu (Andingmen Branch)
Location: No. 198, Andingmenwai Street
 Huai Yang Fu (Zhongliang Square Branch)
Location: 1F, Building C, Zhongliang Square, No. 8, Jianguomennei Street
 Huai Yang Fu (SKP Branch)
Location: D6003, 6F, SKP, No. 87, Jianguo Road
 Huai Yang Fu (Xidan Branch)
Location: 2-3F, No. 3, Jiaoyu Street

Sue Cuisine

Chinese name: 苏帮袁 (sū bāng yuán)
Average cost per person: CNY150
 Sue Cuisine (Joy City Branch)
Location: 7F, Chaoyang Joy City, Qingnian Road
 Sue Cuisine (Lido Square)
Location: Lido Square, No. 6, Jiangtai Road, Jiuxian Bridge

Yan Rong Restaurant

Chinese name: 溎瑢淮扬菜 (yàn róng huái yáng cài)
Average cost per person: CNY110
Location: 2F, Building A, Xinhua Mansion

Nanjing Impressions

Chinese name: 南京大牌档 (nán jīng dà pái dàng)
This typical Jiangsu restaurant has best Su cuisine in Beijing. 
Average cost per person: CNY70
 Nanjing Impressions (Zhongguancun Branch)
Location: 1F, No. 15, Zhongguancun Street
 Nanjing Impressions (Kaide Mall Branch)
Location: 5F, Kaide Mall, No. 1, Xizhimenwai Street
 Nanjing Impressions (Chongwenmen Branch)
Location: 3F, Guorui Shopping Mall, No. 18, Chongwenmenwai Street
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