Best Hunan Restaurants in Beijing

Cold dish served with hot pot

If you like hot and spicy food, many best Hunan restaurants in Beijing would be good choices. Hunan Cuisine, also known as Xiang Cuisine or Xiang Cai, is one of the Eight famed Cuisines of China and those people who have tried Hunan cuisine definitely know it to be spicy. It is well known that Sichuan Cuisine (Chuan cai) also features a spicy taste, but is totally different from Hunan cuisine. To truly tell the differences between these two unique styles, the sampling of each is recommended. Gourmets of Chinese food always engorge ravenously, but with mutterings about the fiery taste but never stop moving their chopsticks! Having been introduced into Beijing dozens of years ago, Hunan cuisine has taken an indispensable part in Beijing dining.

Best Hunan Restaurants in Beijing

Xiang E Chun

Chinese name: 湘鄂春酒楼 (xiāng è chūn jiǔ lóu)
The restaurant offers the best Xiang cuisine in Beijing as well as some Hunan snacks.
Average Price per Person: CNY100
Location: 4F, Building A, Baiyun Times Mansion, Yuetan Street, Xicheng District

Xiangjunfu Restaurant

Chinese name: 湘君府 (xiāng jūn fǔ)
Average Price per Person: CNY250
Location: 2-3F, No. 1, South Binhe Road, Guang'anmenwai, Xicheng District

Cui Qing Restaurant

Hot Hunan dishChinese name: 翠清酒家 (cuì qīng jiǔ jiā)
As one of the best Hunan restaurants in Beijing, it could easily be ignored along the roadside. However, the genuine Xiang cuisine here are really delicious. The restaurant is always crowded with diners.
Average Price per Person: CNY100 - CNY150
 Cui Qing Restaurant (Cuiwei Road Branch)
Location: No.1 A, Cuiwei Dongli, Haidian District
 Cui Qing Restaurant (Wanfeng Road Branch) 
Location: No. 310-2, Wanfeng Road, Fengtai Distrct
 Cui Qing Restaurant (Zhongguancun Branch)
Location: No. 76, BaofuTemple, South Third Street, Zhongguancun, Haidian District

South Memory

Chinese name: 望湘园 (wàng xiāng yuán)
Recommend dishes: big fish head stewed with chopped  chili, pulm juice, fried beef
Average Price per Person: CNY100
 South Memory (Xizhimen Branch)
Location: 6F, CapitaMall, No. 1, Xizhimen Wai Street, Xicheng District
 South Memory (Chaoyang Joy City Branch) 
Location: 7F, Joy City, No. 28, Qingnian Road, Chaoyang District
 South Memory (Golden Source Branch)
Location: 5F, Golden Source Shopping Mall, No.1 Yuanda Road, Haidian District
 South Memory (Wudaokou Branch)
Location: 5F, Wudaokou Shopping Mall, No. 28, Chengfu Road

Ba Dou Ji Dining

Chinese name: 八斗鸡 (bā dǒu jī)
Recommended dishes: Badou chicken, fried spring chicken, stewed eggplant with garlic sauce in clay pot, fish in sour soup
Average Price per Person: CNY100
 Ba Dou Ji Dining (Guomao Branch)
Location: in front of Dabei Office Buidling, No.1 Nanlang Jiayuan Community, Chaoyang District
 Ba Dou Ji Dining (Chaoyang Road Branch)
Location: 2F, West of Building 2, Zhubang 2000, No. 98, Balizhuang Xili, Chaoyang District

Chang Xiang Ju

Chinese name: 长湘居 (cháng xiāng jū)
Average Price per Person: CNY100
 Chang Xiang Ju (Yayuncun Branch)
Location: 1F, Chenyun Mansion North, No. 8, East Beichen Road
 Chang Xiang Ju (Renmin University Branch)
Location: north side of Huayu Fashion Shopping Center, South Zhongguancun Street
 Chang Xiang Ju (Zhichun Road Branch)
Location: No. 51, Zhichun Road, Zhongguancun

Yin Chu

Chinese name: 隐厨 (yǐn chú)
Average Cost per Person: CNY150
Location: 4F, Tongying Center, South Sanlitun Road

Xiang Ai

Chinese name: 湘爱 (xiāng aì)
Average Cost per Person: CNY300 - CNY400
 Xiang Ai (Gongti Branch)
Location: 150 meters southwards of Worker's Stadium East Gate
 Xiang Ai (Fenghuanghui Branch)
Location: Yard No. 5, Shuguang Xili, Sanyuanqiao
 Xiang Ai (Xiangyun Town Branch)
Location: 101, Building No. 1, Yard 6, South Zone of Xiangyun Town, Antai Street

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