Best Dongbei Restaurants in Beijing

People can enjoy authentic Northeastern dishes in best Dongbei restaurants in Beijing. Northeastern dishes (Dongbei cai) are usually composed of large quantities of meat in thick, fairly salty sauces. Potatoes also feature heavily in Dongbei cai. This is a great style of food to have in winter.

Best Dongbei Restaurants in Beijing

Da Qing Hua Restaurant

Chinese name: 大清花 (dà qīng huā)
Fried dumplingAverage cost per person: CNY70
Recommended China Northeastern Food: Sweet Potato in Hot Toffee, Steamed Dumpling, Tofu Pudding, Fried Dumpling
 Fangzhuang Branch
Location: No.1-2, Pufang Lu, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District
 Xisanqi Branch
Location: 300 meters eastyards of Dongcun Community, North Taipingzhuang Street

Dongbei Hu Cai Restaurant

Chinese name: 东北虎菜馆 (dōng běi hǔ cài guǎn)
Average Cost per Person: CNY60
Recommended China Northeastern Food: Double cooked pork slice, Stewed Chicken with Mushrooms
Location: No. 400, Zhongdong Road, Chaoyang District (near Chaoyang Theater)

Xiaotudou Northern Restaurant

Chinese name: 小土豆美食 (xiǎo tǔ dòu měi shí)
Average Cost per Person: CNY55
Recommended China Northeastern Food: Little Potato, Stewed Little Potato with Soy Sauce, Stewed chine with Soy Sauce
 Yuquan Road Branch
Location: No. 83, Fuxing Lu, Haidian District
 Century Economic & Trading Mansion Branch: 
Location: Century Economic & Trading Mansion, No. 72, North Xisanhuan Road, Haidian District

Dongbei Ren

Chinese name: 东北人 (dōng běi rén)
Average Cost per Person: CNY60
Recommended China Northeastern Food: Dumplings
Location: 1F, Wuzhou Hotel, Shawo Street

Shuang Fu Restaurant

Chinese name: 双福食府 (shuāng fú shí fǔ)
Average Cost per Person: CNY65
Recommended China Northeastern Food: Pancake in Hoof Shape, Smoked Chine, Stewed Vermicelli with Chinese pickled cabbage
Location: Building No. 9, Hepingli Community, West Hepingli Street

Longjiang Ju

Chinese name: 龙江居 (lóng jiāng jū)
Average Cost per Person: CNY50
Recommended China Northeastern Food: Dongbei Cold Noodles
Location: No.149, Beilishi Road, Fuchengmen, Xicheng District

Longgang Restaurant

Chinese name: 龙港餐厅 (lóng gǎng cān tīng)
It is one of the best Dongbei restaurants in Beijing, providing top China northeastern foods, like Dongbei Cold Noodles and Longgang Pig's Trotters.
Average cost per person: CNY100
Location: 1/F Heilongjiang Hotel, No. 5, Fuxingmen North Street, Xicheng District

Laobian Dumpling Restaurant

Chinese name: 老边饺子馆 (lǎo biān jiǎo zi guǎn)
Average cost per person: CNY 50
Recommended China Northeastern Food: Dumplings
 Yayuncun Branch
Location: 2F, Building No. 4, Anhuili Community
 Jinyuan Branch
Location: 5F, Yansha Shopping Mall, No. 1, Yuanda Road
 Hepingmen Branch
Location: No. 10A, West Qianmen Street
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