Top 10 Zhejiang Restaurants in Beijing

Zhejiang Cuisine, also known as Zhe cai, is an important part in Chinese Cuisine. It is composed by the dishes in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing, and has a history over 2,000 years. The top 10 Zhejiang restaurants in Beijing offering authentic Zhejiang Hangzhou Food, which is characterized by delicious, light, crisp and elegant flavor. It is not greasy and gets a high reputation for the ladies who are on a diet. Zhejiang Province is regarded as the homeland of fish and rice. So seafood and fish are an important part of it.

Top 10 Zhejiang Restaurants in Beijing

1. Chiang Nan Mansion

Chinese name: 江南赋(jiāng ná fù)
Fried crab with vegetables.Recommended Zhejiang Cuisine: Dongpo braised Pork in brown sauce, Shrimp Meat with Dragon Well Tea, Stewed Soft-shelled Turtle with Soy Sauce
Average Cost per Person: CNY250
 Chiang Nan Mansion (Yili Shengtai Branch)
Location: 4F, Yili Shengtai Mansion, Yard 15, Guanghua Road
 Chiang Nan Mansion (Inner Mongolia Mansion Branch)
Location: 4F, Inner Mongolia Mansion, No. 2, Chongwenmennei Street
 Chiang Nan Mansion (Tongfang Branch)
Location: Building D, Tongfang Tech Square, No. 15, Wangzhuang Road

2. Xianheng Hotel

Chinese name: 咸亨酒店(xián hēng jiǔ diàn)
Average Cost per Person: CNY150
Recommended Zhejiang Cuisine: Fennel Bean, Stewed Meat with Dried Vegetable
Location: No. 19, East Beisanhuan Road

3. Kong Yi Ji Restaurant

Chinese name: 孔乙己酒店(kǒng yǐ jǐ jiǔ diàn)
The performances prepared for the eaters during dining.Average Cost per Person: CNY100
Recommended Dishes: Steamed Pork with Mustard Leaf, Shaoxing Yellow Wine
Location: No.322, Dongsi North Street, Dongcheng District

4. Zhang Sheng Ji

Chinese name: 张生记(zhāng shēng jì)
Average Cost per Person: CNY170
Recommended Zhejiang Cuisine: Sweet and sour mandarin fish, duck soup with dried bamboo shoot, West Lake fish in vinegar gravy
Location: No.26, Anzhen Xili, North Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District

5. The Grandma's

Chinese name: 外婆家 (wài pó ji ā)
As one of the top 10 Zhejiang restaurants in Beijing, the Grandma's always provides authentic Zhejiang Hangzhou Food, such as stewed beancurd with minced pork in pepper sauce, green tea pancake, Grandma's braised pork in brown sauce and chicken with tea aroma.
Average cost per person: CNY70 - CNY100
 The Grandma's (Wangfujing Branch) 
Location: 6F, Beijing apm Shopping Center, No.138, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District
 The Grandma's (Zhongguancun Branch)
Location: 1F, Shibao Street, Zhongguancun, Shanyuan Street
 The Grandma's (Wucaicheng Branch)
Location: 5F, Wucaicheng Shopping Mall, No. 68, Middle Qinghe Street

6. Green Tea Restaurant

Seafood is an important part in Zhejiang Cuisine.Chinese name: 绿茶餐厅 (lǜ chá cān tīng)
Average cost per person: CNY70
Recommended Zhejiang Cuisine: Homemade bread topped with icecream, Green Tea steamed egg with port
 Green Tea Restaurant (Chaoyang Joy City Branch)
Location: 8/F, Chaoyang Joy City, No. 101, Chaoyang North Road, Chaoyang District
 Green Tea Restaurant (Chongwenmen New World Branch)
Location: 5/F, New World Department Store, No. 3-5, Chongwenmenwai Street, Dongcheng District
 Green Tea Restaurant (Guanghua Branch)
Location: 2/F, Building A, Winterless Center, No.1, West Dawang Road, Chaoyang District

7. Xuxian Restaurant

Chinese name: 许仙楼餐厅 (xǔ xiān lóu cān tīng)
Average cost per person: CNY350
Recommended Zhejiang Cuisine: braised chicken, Dongpo braised pork with brown sauce, Ningbo roasted vegetables
Location: West Road of Worker's Stadium, Chaoyang District

8. Enjoy In Spirit

Chinese name: 醉爱时尚餐厅 (zuì ài shí shāng cān tīng)
Average cost per person: CNY150
Recommended Zhejiang Cuisine: Dongpo Braised Pork with Brown Sauce, Shrimp with Dragon Well Tea, lotus root filled with glutinous rice
Location: 3F, Building A, Dongsheng Mansion, No.8, Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District

9. Rong Cuisine

Chinese name: 荣小馆 (róng xǐao guǎn)
Average cost per person: CNY150
 Rong Cuisine (Jinrongjie Branch)
Location: 2F, Jinrongjie Shopping Mall, No. 2, Jinchengfang Street
 Rong Cuisine (Dawang Road Branch)
Location: No. 77, Naner Road, Baiziwan
 Rong Cuisine (Yintai Branch)
Location: B1, Yintai Shopping Mall, No. 2, Jianguomenwai Street

10. Lanxi Restaurant

Chinese name: 兰溪小馆 (lán xī xiǎo guǎn)
Average cost per person: CNY100
 Lanxi Restaurant (Xiangshan Branch)
Location: Biyunsi Road, Xiangshan
 Lanxi Restaurant (Dongzhimen Branch)
Location: No. 277, Dongzhimennei Street
 Lanxi Restaurant (Wangjing Chengying Center Branch)
Location: 2F, Building 1, Chengying Center, West Laiguangying Road
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