Best Fujian Restaurants in Beijing

Typical Fujian dishThere are a number of best Fujian restaurants in Beijing, offering delicacies from southeast China. Based on seafood, Fujian Cuisine (Min cai) has salt, sweet, sour and hot flavours, using a wide range of seasonings. Light soup is also an important part of this cuisine. The locals pay much attention on the composition of the soup. Chicken, ham and the upper part of pork's leg are the main raw material for the soup. Light soup is prepared through a series of procedures like boiling and filtering. It is an ideal complement to enhance and dish with its freshness and delicacy.  People can taste authentic Min cuisine in Beijing.

Best Fujian Restaurants in Beijing

Jie Jie Restaurant

Chinese name: 洁捷家常菜 (jié jié jiā cháng cài)
Average Cost per Person: CNY55
Min Cuisine Food Recommended: Zuozhongtang Young Chicken
Location: Bldg 9, Shui‘an Changqiaoyuan Community, Baliqiao, Tongzhou District

Fuzhou Club

Chinese name: 福州会馆 (fú zhōu huì guǎn)
Average Cost per Person: CNY100
Min Cuisine Food Recommended: Buddha Jumping over the Wall, Braised Sea Clam with Chicken Soup
Location: No.30A, Qianbanbi Street, Xizhimennei, Xicheng District

Ba Min Fujian Restaurant

Chinese name: 八闽食府 (bā mǐn shí fǔ)
Average Cost per Person: CNY100
Min Cuisine Food Recommended: Buddha Jumping over the Wall, Red Sturgeon Rice
Location: 3F, Fujian Mansion, No.11, 3rd Section, Anzhen Xili, Chaoyang District

Royal Seafood Restaurant

Chinese name: 荣誉海鲜酒楼 (róng yù hǎi xiān jiǔ lóu)
Average cost per person: CNY200
Location: 2F/5F, Hongkun International Hotel, No. 1, Guang'an Road

Putian Fujian Restaurant

Chinese name: 莆田餐厅 (pǔ tián cān tīng)
Average cost per person: CNY150
 Putian Restaurant (Wangfujing Branch)
Location: 4F, Wangfuzhonghuan, No. 269, Wangfujing Street
 Putian Restaurant (Sanlitun Branch)
Location: 3F, South Zone of Taiguli, No. 19, North Sanlitun Road

Wuyishan Jiujie Restaurant

Chinese name: 武夷山旧街菜 (wǔ yí shān jiù jiē caì)
Average cost per person: CNY85
Location: Building No. 1, East Beichen Road, Asian Games Village
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