Beijing Sea Food

Seafood is a special dish in east and south part of China. It is well liked around the country with its fresh and special flavor. There are lots of big restaurants serving genuine seafood of Dalian, Qingdao, Zhejiang and Guangdong. But the price is a bit high, which is around CNY200-CNY800 per person. Apart from that, you can also have the delicious seafood in some smaller restaurants. The environment and services are not as good as the big ones but the price is much cheaper. Hereafter are some highly praised seafood restaurants in Beijing:

Wanlongzhou Seafood Restaurant

Braised Sea Cucumber and Goose Web in Abalone SauceChinese name: 万龙洲海鲜大酒楼(wàn lóng zhōu hǎi xiān dà jǐu lóu)
The restaurant offers the genuine Cantonese seafood which is not very expensive but delicious.
Average Cost per Person: CNY180
Wanlongzhou Seafood Restaurant(Andingmen Branch)
Loation: 1/F, Zhonglu Mansion, C 88, Andingmenwai Avenue, Dongcheng District
Wanlongzhou Seafood Restaurant(Yayuncun Branch)
Location: 2/F, Wukuang Mansion, No.15, East Beisihuan Road, Yayuncun Anhui Li, Chaoyang District
Wanlongzhou Seafood Restaurant(Yansha Branch)
Location: 1/F, No.1 Shanghai Center, No.39, Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District

Tanggong Seafood Restaurant

Chinese name: 唐宫海鲜舫(táng gōng hǎi xiān fǎng)
Average Cost per Person: CNY120
Recommended Dishes: Steamed Dumpling stuffed with Shrimp Meat
Tanggong Seafood Restaurant (New Century Hotel Branch)
Location: 2/F Beijing New Century Hotel, 6, Shouti Nan Lu
Bus Route: 105, 107, 111, 334, 332, 718, 808 (get off at Baishiqiao Stop)
Tanggong Seafood Restaurant (Xinqiao Hotel Branch)
Location: 3/F, Xinqiao Hotel, No.2, Dongjiao Minxiang, Dongcheng District
Bus Route: 9, 44, 41, 807, 821 (get off at Chongwenmen Stop)
Tanggong Seafood Restaurant (Minzu Hotel Branch)
Location: 1/F, Minzu Hotel, No.51, Fuxingmennei Dajie, Xicheng District
Bus Route: 52, 15, 10, 37 (get off at Minzu Cultural Palace Stop)
Tanggong Seafood Restaurant (Tibet Mansion Branch)
Location: 1/F, Tibet Mansion, No.118, Beisihuan Donglu, Chaoyang District
Bus Route: 983, 944, 840 (get off at Anhuiqiao Stop)
Tanggong Seafood Restaurant (Haoyuan Jianguo Branch)
Location: 1/F, Haoyuan Jianguo Hotel, No.19, Jianguomennei Dajie, Dongcheng District
Bus Route: 10, 25, 37 (get off at Dongdan Stop)

Wang Shun Ge Seafood Plaza

Abalone SashimiChinese name: 旺顺阁海鲜广场(wàng shun gé hǎi xiān guǎng chǎng)
Average Cost per Person: CNY330 - CNY500
Recommended Dishes: Top-class Rinse Abalone
Location: No.88, Yayuncun Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District
Bus Route: 602, 702, 358. 387, 858, 108 (get off at Datun Stop)

Shi Quan Fang Restaurant

Chinese name: 十全舫小吃城(shí quán fǎng xiǎo chī chéng)
Located in the largest seafood market of Beijing, the restaurant offers the cheap seafood with good quality.
Average Cost per Person: CNY60
Recommended Dishes: Turbot, Scallop, Squilla
Location: 3/F, Jingshen Seafood Market, No.232, West Shiliujie Street, Fengtai District

Lobster House

Chinese name: 玖食龙虾主题餐厅 (jiǔ shí long xiā zhǔ tí cān tīng)
Average Cost per Person: CNY 160
Lobster House (EC Mall Branch)
Location: 5/F, EC Mall, No. Jia 1, Danling Street, Haidian District
Lobster House (Haoyun Street Branch)
Location: No.1-14, Chaoyang Park Road Haoyun Street, Chaoyang Street

Black Rose Lobster Restaurant

Chinese name: 黑玫瑰龙虾西餐厅 (hēi méi gui lóng xiā xī cān tīng)
Average Cost per Person: CNY 192
Location: 4/F, Aegean Sea Shopping Mall, No. 12, Qisheng Middle Street, Chaoyang District

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