Beijing Hot Pot, 10 Best Restaurants: Mongolian & Sichuan Flavors

Beijing Hot Pot – 10 Best Restaurants

For the cold weather, Beijing hot pot is the favorite of local people. From the quantity and quality of Beijing Hotpot Restaurants, we may conclude how local people love it.

There are basically two kinds of Peking hotpot: Mongolian and Sichuan flavors. The staple of both types of hotpot is lamb. The meat is usually sliced frozen so that it curls up into a tube shape. Then you place the meat into the hotpot, which is a copper pot containing a boiling soup base. After a few seconds the meat is cooked and you dip it into a sesame butter sauce. The verb describing the action of cooking the meat this way is called 'shuan'. Other shuan-ables include beef (féi níu), frozen bean curd (dòng dòu fǔ), Chinese cabbage (bái cài), bean sprouts (dòu miáo), and glass noodles (fěn sī). Spicy Sichuan flavor hotpot has a soup base which can be described as either super spicy or mildly radioactive, but the pot is often divided into half spicy, half non-spicy soup pots. The soup base for Mongolian style is not spicy, and usually consists of some vegetables and seafood.

10 Best Hotpot Restaurants in Beijing

5 Lamb/Mongolian Hot pot in Beijing

Hongyuan Rinse Meat Restaurant

Chinese name: 宏源涮肉城(hóng yuán shuàn ròu chéng)
Average Cost per Person: CNY80 to CNY100
 Hongyuan Rinse Meat Restaurant (Tiantan Branch)
Location: Bldg 13, East Yongnei Street Dongli, Dongcheng District
 Hongyuan Rinse Meat Restaurant (Houhai Branch)
Location: No.1, Nanguanfang Hutong, Xicheng District

Little Sheep Lamb Hotpot

Chinese name: 小肥羊(xiǎo féi yáng)
Cold dish served with hot potAverage Cost per Person: CNY80 - CNY110
 Little Sheep (National Stadium Branch)
Location: Xin'ao Shopping Center, No. 9, East Hujing Road
 Little Sheep (Xisanqi Branch)
Location: Building No. 2, No. 87, West Jiancaicheng Road
 Little Sheep (Xidan Branch)
Location: No. 31, South Shiyuan Street

Jing Fu Hua Lamb Hotpot

Chinese name: 京福华(jīng fú huá)
Average Cost per Person: CNY70 - CNY100
Recommended Dishes: Fat Beef
 Jingfuhua (Jinsong Branch)
Location: No.907, Jinsong No.9 Zone, Chaoyang District
 Jingfuhua (Wangjing Branch)
Location: Bldg 103, Wangjing West Garden, Heyin Middle Road, Chaoyang District
 Jingfuhua (Gucheng Branch)
Location: No. Jia 4, North Gucheng Road, Shijingshan District
 Jingfuhua (Daxing Branch)
Location: No. 18, Qingyuan Road, Huangcun

Mr.8 Rinse Meat Restaurant

Chinese name: 八先生涮肉坊(bā xiān shēng shuàn ròu fǎng)
Average Cost per Person: CNY100 - CNY120
 Mr.8 Rinse Meat Restaurant (Sanlihe Branch)
Location: Bldg No. Jia 14, Zone 3, Sanlihe, Xicheng District (opposite to Capital Museum)
 Mr.8 Rinse Meat Restaurant (Xindian Road Branch)
Location: No. 108, Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District
 Mr.8 Rinse Meat Restaurant (Dengshikou Branch)
Location: No. 88, Dengshikou Street, Dongcheng District

Tian Yi Shun Beijing Hotpot

Chinese name: 添一顺(tiān yī shùn)
Everyday, the restaurant is crowded with Mongolian hot pot lovers. The boiling soup is delicious, with tangy hot flavors, and the mutton is fresh. Sheep's backbone stewed in the pot is extremely delicious.
Average Cost per Person: CNY100
Recommended Dishes: Sheep's Backbone
Location: No.1, North Gate of Air Force Command College, 88-17, West North 4th Ring Road, Haidian District

5 Sichuan Style Hotpot Restaurants

Flaming Phoenix Peking Hotpot

Chinese name: 火凤凰(huǒ fèng huáng)
The restaurant offers Sichuan hot pot with bullfrog, braised chicken and rabbit meat. It has lots of hot flavor.
Average Cost per Person: CNY120
Recommended Dishes: Bullfrog, Braised Chicken
 Flaming Phoenix (Dongzhimen Branch)
Location: No.15-8, Dongzhimennei Avenue, Dongcheng District
 Flaming Phoenix (Baiziwan Branch)
Location: No. 16, Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District

Hai Di Lao Peking Hotpot

Chinese name: 海底捞(hǎi dǐ lāo)
Sichuan Style Hot Pot.Average Cost per Person: CNY110 - CNY120
Hai Di Lao (Jinsong Branch)
Location: No.29, South Mofang Road, Chaoyang District
 Hai Di Lao (Wangfujing Branch)
Location: 8F of Yintai Shopping Mall, No. 88 Wangfujing Street
 Hai Di Lao (Fangzhuang Branch)
Location: No. 26, Pufang Road

Chongqing Jinshancheng Hotpot

Chinese name: 重庆金山城火锅(chóng qìng jīn shān chéng huǒ guō)
Average Cost per Person: CNY 90
Location: No. 34, West North 3rd Ring Road, Haidian District

Huang Cheng Lao Ma Beijing Hotpot

Chinese name: 皇城老妈(huáng chéng lǎo mā)
Average Cost per Person: CNY135
Location: No. 9, Jiaochangkou Street, Xicheng District

Gao Xing Beijing Hotpot

Chinese name: 高兴火锅 (gāo xìng huǒ guō)
Average Cost per Person: CNY105
Location: No. 20, Zhichun Road, Haidian District

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