Top 10 Minority Food Restaurants in Beijing

Tibetan Roast GigotChina is a multiracial country. Except for Han, there are 55 minority groups inhabited here. Each of them has their own special cuisine passing down from their father generation. Now, the unique cuisine of minority groups are widely spread especially in top 10 minority food restaurants in Beijing and are well accepted by eaters.

Top 10 Minority Food Restaurants in Beijing

1. Makye Ame

 (Tibet style dining bar)
Chinese name: 玛吉阿米西藏风情餐吧(mǎ jí ā mǐ xī zàng fēng qíng cān bā)
Average Cost per Person: CNY160
Recommended Dishes: Roast Mutton Chop, Roast Mushroom, Yoghourt
Location: 2F, Jinhu Garden Community Club, No. 23, Bajiazhuang Dongli, Chaoyang District

2. Goldpeacock Dai Nationality Flavor Restaurant

 (Dai Nationality Style)
Chinese name: 金孔雀德宏傣家风味餐厅(jīn kǒng què dé hóng dǎi jiā fēng wèi cān tīng)
Average Cost per Person: CNY75
Recommended Dishes: Pineapple Rice, Potato Ball, Rice Wine
Location: No.16, Minzu Daxue North Road, Weigongcun, Haidian District

3. Camellia Girl Cuisine of Yunnan Restaurant

Chinese name: 茶花妹子云南餐厅(chá huā mèi zi yún nán cān tīng)
Average Cost per Person: CNY80
Recommended Dishes: Crosse-Bridge Rice Noodles
 Di'anmen Branch
Location: No.109, Dianmen Wai Street, Xicheng District
 Xiaoying Branch
Location: 102, 1F, Building No. 2, Yard 15, West Xiaoying Road

4. Guizhou Luoluo Sour Soup Fish Hot Pot

If you would like to find some sour flavor, please come to this Guizhou restaurant and try fresh fish in sour soup. This one can be regarded as one of the top 10 minority restaurants in Beijing.
Chinese name: 贵州箩箩酸汤鱼火锅 (guì zhōu luó luó suān tāng yú huǒ guō)
Average Cost per Person: CNY100
 Chaoyang Park Branch
Location: West Gate to Chaoyang Park, 1, Nongzhanguan South, Chaoyang District
 Fangzhuang Branch
Location: 1-4, Pufang Road, 15, Fangchengyuan Third Block, Fengtai District

5. Three Guizhou Men

Chinese name: 三个贵州人(sān gè guì zhōu rén)
Average Cost per Person: CNY130
Recommended Dishes: Fish in Sour Soup, Rice Bean Curd
Location: 1F, Lanse Gangwan Shopping Center, No. 6, Chaoyang Park Road

6. The Middle 8th Restaurant

 (Yunnan Style)
Chinese name: 中八楼(zhōng bā lóu)
This restaurant provides best minority food in Beijing.
Average Cost per Person: CNY130
Recommended Dishes: Rice Wine, Roast Fish Packed in Leaves, Pawpaw Salad
 Taiguli Branch
Location: No. 19, North Sanlitun Road
 Zhongguancun Branch
Location: No. 15, Pedestrian Street of Zhongguancun Plaza, Haidian District

7. Yunteng Hotel Restaurant

 (Yunnan Style)
Chinese name: 云腾宾馆餐厅(yún téng bīn guǎn cān tīng)
Average Cost per Person: CNY110
Recommended Dishes: Crosses the Bridge Rice-flour Noodle, Braised Chicken in Vapor Pot, Rice Wine in Bamboo Tube
Location: Yunteng Hotel, Bldg7, East Zone, Donghuashi Beili, Chongwen District

8. Miao Xiang Lou

 (Guizhou Style)
Chinese name: 苗乡楼 (miáo xiāng lóu)
Average cost per person: CNY110
Recommended Dishes: Sour soup fish, fried donkey meat, rice jelly
 Wucaicheng Branch
Location: L588, 5F, Huarun Wucaicheng Dreamport, No. 68, Qinghe Middle Street, Haidian District
 Chaoyang Joy City Branch
Location: Room 07, 7F, Chaoyang Joy City, No. 64, Qingnian Road, Chaoyang District

9. Hutong No. 44 Kitchen

 (Guizhou Style)
Chinese name: 胡同四十四号厨房 (hú tòng 44 chú fáng)
Average cost per person: CNY120
 Deshengmen Branch
Location: No. 70, Deshengmennei Street
 Xingshikou Road Branch
Location: Middle Xingshikou Road

10. A Taste of Guizhou

 (Guizhou Style)
Chinese name: 泉味道 (quán wèi dào)
Average cost per person: CNY110
Location: No. 6, Sanlihe Road
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Questions & Answers on Top 10 Minority Food Restaurants in Beijing
Asked by Mr.Wilson from USA | Mar. 26, 2010 18:07Reply
Hi -- I am trying to find directions to these restaurant in Beijing.
I am looking for the closest subway station/metro to these restaurants.
Can you help? Thank you!

1. Dali Courtyard Restaurant
Address: Dongcheng District, Gulou East Avenue (Gu Lou Dong Da Jie), Xiao Jing Chang Hu Tong
Address (Chinese): 东城区鼓楼东大街小经厂胡同67号

2. Qu Nar Restaurant
16 Dongsanhuan Beilu,
东三环北路16 号

3. East is Red Restaurant
266 Baijialou (outside the East Fifth Ring Road), Chaoyang District. (6574 8289/90)

Thank you!
Answers (1)
Answered by Ms.Meng | Mar. 27, 2010 01:20

1. the restaurant is a little far from the metro station. Well, you could take the subway Line 2 and get off at Andingmen station. Then, please hire a cab driving there with a fare of CNY11. Or, you could walk down along the Andingmen Nei Dajie, and then turn to right at Gu Lou Dong Da Jie, finally found the retaurant at your right hand.

2. please take the subway Line 10 and get off at Tuanjiehu station. The restaurant is located in the walking-distance of the Exit B.

3. You could take the subway Line Ba Tong and get off at the Communication University of China; However, the restaurant is still located far away from the metro station. On the other hand, you could take the city-bus 433 or 412 get to Baijiazhuang, which is much closer to the restaurant.
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