Best Time to Visit Macau

Autumn and winter from October to February are the best time to visit Macau, especially the autumn from October to December, as the local weather in autumn is mild and pleasant, and warm climate in winter makes it a popular resort to escape the coldness of the north.
Best Time to Visit Macau

Peak Season: the Second Half of the Year

There is no clear peak tourism season and low tourism season in Macau. If have to, the second half year is the peak season. In addition to the pleasant weather and comfortable temperature in autumn and winter, which belong to the best time to go to Macau, the tourism festivals in Macau, such as foodie and art festivals, and travel business events are generally held in the second half year, which attracts more travelers to Macau. In addition, in the summer vacation from July to August, more travelers from the mainland China to visit Macau. You may cost much as the air fares to or from Macau and the prices of hotels would increase. Besides, the attractions would greet more visitors during the period.

Slack Season: the First Half of the Year

January to June is the low season of Macau tourism comparatively. Especially in March to April, Macau greets the fewest visitors. As the two months are at the low ebb just after the noontide time of Chinese New Year. When the summer – the rain season meanwhile comes, Macau is under the high temperature intolerable, so the first half year is NOT the best months to visit Macau. However, you may cost less, for the prices, especially those of airline tickets and hotels, would go down. You can also visit the attractions pleasantly and heartily with less crowds.

Times to Avoid Travel

The longest holidays in China are rightly the times to avoid, which include Chinese New Year in middle January to February and National Day in the first 7 days of October. During the holidays, the tourists are overcrowded in both scenic and historical sites in whole China, including Macau, and prices of hotels and other travel cost would rise accordingly.

In addition, you’d better pay attention to the Macau weather forecast if travelling there from May to September, to avoid the typhoons with heavy rains.

Travel to Macau in the Four Seasons

Spring: March to May

The temperature rises and rainfall increases when it comes to March. The frequent fogs make your vision blurred at some attractions, so it is NOT the best time to travel to Macau.
Average temperature: 17 – 21℃ (63 – 70℉)
Clothes: shirts, thin jackets, dresses, jeans

Recommended tour destinations: When you get to Macau in spring, the most famous landmark Ruins of St. Paul's cannot be missed. You can also see other old architecture in Historic Centre of Macau, pray for blessings at A-Ma Temple, enjoy the beautiful sceneries with flacks of white pigeons at Camoes Garden and Grotto, and take a good time at the Suzhou-style Lou Lim leoc Garden. Trying your hand at gambling table in Venetian or Casino Lisboa is a thing to do in Macau, too.

Summer: Late May to Mid-September

It’s the summer as well as the rain season in Macau. During the season, it is considerably hot with extreme high humidity. You may feel uncomfortable in such a climate.
Average temperature: 25 – 30℃ (77 – 86℉)
Clothes: T-shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses

Recommended tour destinations: Historic Centre of Macau is a Portuguese site to learn the history of the city, and Macau Tower is the best place to seek for thrill and panoramic views of the city. Hac Sa Beach is good for beach fun by sea. Golden Lotus Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, Lotus Statue, Senado Square, Guia Fortress, Matsu Cultural Village, etc. are all nice spots to see the natural sceneries, and compound cultures of China and Portugal. To see the lotus flowers during the annual Macau Lotus Flower Festival in June, you can go to The Taipa Houses Museum, Lou Lim leoc Garden, Sun Yat-Sen Municipal Park, etc. What’s more, Venetian Resort-Hotel is popular as well, for the cool temperature indoors, gambles and more entertainment activities.

Autumn: Late September to December – Best Season to Visit Macau

Autumn months are always the best months to visit Macau. The weather is pleasant with the proper humidity, and it is clear most of the time.
Average temperature: 18 – 24℃ (64 – 75℉)
Clothes: shirts, jackets, hoodies, jeans, long dresses

Recommended tour destinations: Apart from the classical attractions in Macau, such as Ruins of St. Paul's and the Cathedral, you can also hang out on the old distinctive streets to see the cityscapes and taste local snacks. A-Ma Temple, Kun Lam Temple, St. Dominic's Church, and more temples and churches are visit-worthy. The Museum of Macau, Museum of Art, and Maritime Museum... are nice choices, too. Casinos in Venetian Hotel, Casino Lisboa and more places are also visitable for you to give a try.

Winter: January to February

Winter days are the second best season to visit Macau with an average temperature of 14.6℃ (58℉). Sometimes the temperature would drop down to 10℃ (50℉) or so.
Average temperature: 15 – 21℃ (59 – 70℉)
Clothes: thin sweaters, coats, thin woolen clothes, wind breakers

Recommended tour destinations: Macau is a popular winter resort in exotic style due to its warm weather in the season. You may stroll around the old city, to find the historical buildings, beautiful gardens and delicious foods. On the top of Penha Hill, you can see the old city on high. You can visit the noted casinos, like Casino Lisboa and Venetian. If you like extreme challenges, the Skywalk, bungy jump, and tower climbing on Macau Tower are available.

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