The 16th Asian Games, Guangzhou -- Tickets

The 16th Guangzhou Asian Games has a total of 42 events and 53 venues. There will be more than 2,000,000 tickets sold publicly all over the world. The tickets are divided into five categories, including the Opening Ceremony, the Closing Ceremony, accredited personnel, ordinary spectators and thermal types. Among them, the first four are commemorative ones that are produced beforehand; thermal ones will be available in the phase of real-time ticket sales, produced by thermal printers upon purchase. The minimum price of the Opening Ceremony Ticket is CNY 1,600, while the maximum price is CNY 6,800. The ticket price of each event is from CNY 10 to CNY 1,600.

Three ticket sold phases:

 1st Phase: May 19~July 2010, on sale to public
The first phase of ticket sales for the Asian Games in Guangzhou began on May 19. Around 200,000 quantities have been sold for 13 sports and a total of 69 events. They were sold in the first phase sale include ping pong (table tennis), tennis, track and field, cycling (bicycle motocross or BMX), triathlon, judo, wrestling, gymnastics (artistic gymnastics), gymnastics (trampoline), shooting (clay pigeon shooting), golf, and rowing. The sales principle is 'Real-time sales and Subject to availability'.

  2nd Phase: July 26~August 15, 2010, on sale to public
Opening and Closing ceremonies ticket sales for Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games and 2010 Asian Para Games were launched on July 26th, 2010. Draw by the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee (GAGOC) started one month after the deadline for ticket booking. Confirmation on Ticket Draw Results have been sent to the purchasers after the draw procedure ended and GAGOC will refund full payment to  purchasers who failed to win the final draws.

  3rd Phase: October 25~End of Asian Games
The public sales of the remaining Asian Games sports tickets will be launched on Oct 25th. The sale will be based on the policies of 'Real-time sales and Subject to availability'. Thermal ones are printed in this phase with sessions and seating information. People can purchase them through the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) outlets or official ticketing website. What's more, one week before the Asian Games Opening Ceremony, GAGOC will choose some venue box offices to sell the Games tickets. If you choose ICBC outlets or box offices to purchase, thermal ones with seating information will be issued after successful payment while if you book them via the official ticketing website, you can get thermal ones printed at any official ICBC bank outlet with Confirmation Letter and ID card.

Formal channels for purchasing:

 Purchase Online
For unregistered purchasers: Personal account registration →choose ceremony events→ input personal information for ticket purchase → online payment →payment confirmation letter sent to the purchaser→ wait for draw
For registered purchasers: Log onto personal account→ choose ceremony events→ input personal information for ticket purchase→ online payment →payment confirmation letter sent to the purchaser→ wait for draw

 Official sales outlets: 400 designated ICBC outlets, some chosen venues box office (one week before the opening ceremony)
Read carefully relevant policies of Ticketing Guidance → fill in the ticket order form → submit order form (with personal valid ID document together with ICBC payment methods) →ICBC staff input information on ordering form into system → purchasers payment → payment confirmation letter printed → wait for draw

  Mobile-phone tickets sales outlets: 403 designated China Mobile sales outlets in Guangzhou City
Guangzhou Asian Games Mobile Phone Ticket Sales were launched by GAGOC and China Mobile on September 26th, 2010.  Users of China Mobile (including the brands of GoTone, Mobile Zone and Easy-own) are able to purchase the following: Swimming (Aoti Aquatic Center); Diving (Aoti Aquatic Center); Athletics (Aoti Main Stadium); Badminton (Tianhe Gymnasium); Wrestling (Huagong Gymnasium); Judo (Huagong Gymnasium); Weight-lifting (Dongguan Gymnasium); Synchronized Swimming  (Foshan Aquatic Center).

You can use cash or a bank card with UnionPay sign to purchase the Mobile-phone ticket at Mobile-phone ticket sales outlets. After successful payment, you will obtain a payment confirmation letter and Mobile One-Card Pass with all necessary information, which means a successful purchase of this session tickets. Before the Games, GAGOC will send a Games watching notice with venue information to you. You may be allowed to get into venue with the Mobile One-Card Pass and the Mobile phone interlinked with Mobile One-Card Pass. You can also get a paper form (alt: hard copy)  containing seating information.

Ticket Inquiry hotline: 020—1258088 
Service Language: (Mandarin, Cantonese, English)
Service Hour: Manual Service 08:00—22:00   Automatic Service 00:00-24:00

1. The ceremony type for the general public will not be sold in the third phase.
2. A baby two years old or under is allowed to enter a venue for free if it shares one seat with his/her guardian.
3. There are wheelchair seats in opening/closing ceremonies of Asian Games and Asian Para Games. The seat type of main-purchaser and co-purchaser is the same and chosen by the main-purchaser. When booking wheelchair or wheelchair accompanied seat, one wheelchair user is requisite at least. Wheelchair seats can not be changed into normal seats.
3. Ticket holders are forbidden to carry any weapons, ammunition, dangerous articles, explosives, chemical or inflammable goods into any venue.
4. During the Games period, spectators must have valid tickets to enter venues through the spectator entrances. The ticket will be immediately invalidated if the spectator leaves beyond the Security Perimeter while the session is still in progress. Thus the spectator cannot return to the venue with that ticket.
5. Each admission Mobile phone number (which is digitally interlinked with Asian Games tickets for the purpose of on-site verification) can only book one Mobile-phone ticket for each session. Each Mobile-phone ticket can order a maximum of 10 sessions.

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Questions & Answers on The 16th Asian Games Ticket
Asked by from HONK KONG | Nov. 07, 2010 05:04Reply
Ticketing situation of handball final in Asian Games 2010 Guangzhou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ms.Alice | Nov. 10, 2010 04:08

They have been sold out, including the opening ceremony and the games.
Asked by Ms.PR | Oct. 30, 2010 23:59Reply

I was wondering if anyone wants to sell tickets for equestrian events on the 18th to the 20th of November. Price no bar. but I really wanted to go for the events and the official website says the they are all sold out. Please contact me urgently. Thanking you
Answers (2)
Answered by Mr.David | Oct. 31, 2010 03:22

Hi, I know it is urgently for you, but you'd better be careful of not being cheated. Better get one through the formal channels.
Answered by | Oct. 31, 2010 09:00

hi was just wondering if there are any other channels u know of other than the internet website? thanks
Asked by Ms.Woo from MALAYSIA | Oct. 25, 2010 18:14Reply
Is there any Asia Games avenues that I can get 2 tickets any price for the team event 13th to 15th?
Thank you for your reply. I have managed to register online but the reply from the official website was that I am unable to get one directly from them and I was asked to contact my country's Olympic Council office. When I contacted them I was told they were all sold out. I asked my friend in Guangzhou who lined up yesterday but could not buy any as he was told that it was sold out even though it was open for sale only yesterday.

I have already booked the hotel and airline tickets to go to the city as my son is in the badminton team. Is there any other avenues that I can get 2 of any price range for the team event 13th to 15th Nov 2010? Please, I really hope you can help me get the 2 otherwise my dream of going there will be dashed. Thank you and I looked forward to your favourable response soon.

Answers (1)
Answered by Ms.BENITA from CHINA | Oct. 27, 2010 04:44

Hi, as the latest news shows, they have been sold out, since most of them have been booked before. Maybe the only way for you is to try to buy some from other people who have got one, ask your local friend to collect related information. I think there might be people who want to sell to others just the price might be a little higher.
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