Best Time to Visit Sanya

The best time to visit Sanya is from October to April. Given the tropical maritime monsoon climate, during other periods of time, the temperature is high and typhoon may occur. From October to April, tourists can visit Sanya more comfortably, wearing T-shirts and light clothes, bathing in the warm sunlight.
Best Time to Visit Sanya


Peak Season: October to April

During this period, the weather in the northern hemisphere becomes colder. However, as a tropical region Sanya still enjoys pleasant sunshine and a comfortable temperature. Thus, more northern tourists choose Sanya to escape the winter cold. Accordingly, attractions receive more tourists and travel expense will rise. 

Slack Season: May to September

From May to September, Sanya experiences hot weather with the average temperature above 28℃ (82℉) and has intermittent rainy days although it usually does not last long. Also, typhoon may appear during this period. Obviously, the scorching temperature and the unpredictable rains are not favorable for tourists. Some attractions and restaurants will offer discount or even free tickets during this period. Moreover, the beach quality is much better and the sea is of brighter blue compared with that at Peak Season.

Times to Avoid Travel

Tourists should avoid visiting Sanya during Chinese New Year in January or February, one of the two longest holidays in China. For one, it is the coldest period in northern China and many Chinese choose to visit warm Sanya. For two, Chinese New Year is for family reunion, and tourists are likely to travel with their whole family, resulting in crowded attractions and rising flight ticket fares and accommodation cost, etc. The other longest holiday in China, National Day holiday from October 1st to 7th should also be avoided. Moreover, if possible, it is recommended to avoid other public holidays in China like Qingming Festival around April 5th and the Worker’s Day around May 1st.

Travel to Sanya in the Four Seasons

Spring: March to Mid-May

In spring, Sanya enjoys a moderate temperature with balmy breeze. Occasionally it will drizzle, but for the most part it is sunny.

 Average temperature: 25-28℃ (77-82℉)
 Clothes: Shirts, Thin jackets
 Recommended tour destinations:
The congenial weather in spring is suitable to visit Tianya Haijiao and Luhuitou Peninsula with your beloved person. The numerous carved stones on the beach and the deer sculpture represent eternal love. At dusk, it is also a good option to take a walk along the Coconut Corridor along the Sanya Bay with the breeze caressing your hair.

Summer: Late May to Mid-September

The long summer of Sanya is quite hot. The scorching sunlight and the sudden rain may alternate several times in one day. Also, pay heed to the weather report and stay inside the hotel when the typhoon arrives.

 Average temperature: 27-29℃ (81-84℉)
 Clothes: T-shirts
 Recommended tour destinations:
In the summer of Sanya, remember to apply sun cream before going to the beach. The temperature at noon can be too high to play outside. Apart from the water entertainment, how about visiting Yanoda Rainforest Tourism Zone? The lush vegetation and cool splashing waterfalls in Yanoda can effectively alleviate the heat and bring you a relaxing experience. In the evening, it is a must to enjoy the local seafood in the No.1 Market with some coconut juice.

Autumn: Late September to Early December

The sunny days with blowing brisk wind in autumn are the best time to visit Sanya. There is seldom downpour or unbearable heat, and tourists can enjoy the sea to the full extent.

 Average temperature: 22-27℃ (72-81℉)
 Clothes: Shirts, T-shirts
 Recommended tour destinations:
Autumn is the best season to appreciate the beauty of the ocean and it provides optimal temperature to experience all kinds of marine entertainments. Speaking of this, Wuzhizhou Island, Boundary Island and Yalong Bay should be on your list. These resorts are bound to meet your demand for diving, parasailing, sea fishing, snorkeling, underwater roaming, and so on!

Winter: Mid-December to February

The winter in Sanya is never chilly but cool. Not only do tourists come here from all over the country, but also migratory birds fly here to spend a pleasant winter.

 Average temperature: 22-23℃ (72-73℉)
 Clothes: Shirts, Cardigans, Thin jackets
 Recommended tour destinations:
Winter is the peak season of Sanya, especially during Chinese New Year, so nearly all the famous beaches are crowded. In contrast, West Island can be a quiet attraction to spend your vacation.  Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is also worth considering. Walking through the Buddhist temples with the monastery bell jingling, tourists are able to regain a sense of inner peace.

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