Zhengzhou Metro Line 14

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Xushui – Lianhu

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Running between Xushui and Lianhu from north to south, Zhengzhou metro line 14 has 6 stations in total. Presently, it has opened three stations with a length of 8 kilometers (5 miles) including Tielu, Zhengzhou Party School of CPC and Olympic Sports Center. The operating hours are from 06:00 to 22:05 and the speed is up to 100 kilometers per hour. The main landmarks along subway line 14 are Olympic Sports Center, Municipal Museum and Zhengzhou Botanical Garden.
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Station First Train Last Train
To Tielu To Olympic Sports Center To Tielu To Olympic Sports Center
Xushui -- -- -- --
Tielu 06:05 06:00 22:05 22:00
Shiming Dadao -- -- -- --
Shiweidangxiao 06:01 06:03 22:01 22:03
Olympic Sports Center 06:00 06:05 22:00 22:05
Lianhu -- -- -- --

Transfers along Zhengzhou Metro Line 14

Tielu: Transfer with Line 1
Shiweidangxiao: Transfer with Line 10
Olympic Sports Center: Transfer with Line 6

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Subway Stations of Metro Line 14

('' points out subway transfer stations.)

Surroundings: East Xushuihe Road, Rongda Road, Tongda Road, Niulun Costume Industrial Park, Dingzhuang Industrial Park, Dusen Industrial Park, Yuantong Textile City Mall, Yerad Clothing Corporation Limited Company, Provincial Research and Design Center of Textile Clothing Industry, Yunhe Shangcheng Community, Yuantong Yaju Communtiy, Shangqiu Judicial Police Vocational School Zhengzhou Campus, 21th Middle School, Triumph International Hotel, Saina International Hotel, Yitu Business Hotel, ZTO Express, Laozhuang Tea House
Bus Routes: 44, 108

Surroundings: Middle Fanluo Street, Changchun Road, Jingyi International Textile City Mall, 988 Hospital of People’s Liberation Army, Henan Vocational College of Applied Technology West Campus, Tielu Industrial Zone, Wangzhuang Xincun Community, Tonghui Garden Community, Tianshiyuan Community, Resettlement Residential Area of Textile Industrial Zone, Zhongzhou Intermega Hotel, Jinhao Business Hotel, Yuluzhai Scenic Area, Shunhe Animal Hospital, Tiantian Express  
Bus Routes: 1, 11, 12, 24, 34, 44, 108, Y19

Shimin Dadao
Surroundings: West Jianshe Road, 36th Middle School, Longxiang Garden Community, Sunzhuang Beiyuan Community, Zhengdu Community, Dazhuangyuan Community, Xi’an Shengtaiyuan Community
Bus Routes: 1, 11, 12, 34, 44, 108, 210, Y19

Surroundings: West Zhongyuan Road, Danshui Avenue, Zhengzhou Party School of CPC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Zhengfa Building, 1st Middle School, Xingyuan Foreign Language School, Administration Service Hall, Electric Power Company, China Construction Bank
Bus Routes: 2, 12, 210, S113, Olympic Sports Center Line

Olympic Sports Center
Surroundings: Boti Road, Jinxuan Road, Xuesong Road, Longhai Road, Fuli Road, Botanical Garden, Olympic Sports Center, Municipal Museum, National School of Defense Technology, Jinma Kaixuan Furniture CBD, Welfare Home for Children, Huimin Middle School, Cuican Xihu Community, Liyuezhuang Village, Fujun Temple
Bus Routes: 112, 302, X1, Olympic Sports Center Line

Surroundings: Jintian Road, Longhai Road, Gongye Road, Diaogou Resettlement Residential Area, Huiquan Xiyuan Community, Dongfang Apartment, Changzhuang Reservoir, Yucai Foreign Language School, Diaogou Huimin Primary School, Mediterranean Onsen Hotel, Mazhai Town, Diaogou Village, Sunjiagang Village, Dahonggou Village, Xiaozhiliu Village, Hezhuang Village, Honggou Village, Bank of Zhengzhou
Bus Routes: 112, 302, X1

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