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Nansihuan – Xinzheng International Airport

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Covering a distance of about 20 miles (32 kilometers), the phase one of Zhengzhou metro Chengjiao Line runs between Nansihuan and Xinzheng International Airport, passing 15 stations. Currently, Xiaoqiao, Huanancheng East, Gangqu North and Kangpinghu Stations of this metro line are temporarily closed and will be opened soon. It takes around 40 minutes to finish a single trip and the ticket fare ranges from CNY 2 to CNY 5 according to the metered fare. The phase two of Zhengzhou metro Chengjiao Line will operate in the end of 2019, including Airport East, Zhanchangsijie, Conference & Exhibition Center and South Railway Station.
See metro maps for reference.


Station To Nansihuan To Xinzheng International Airport
First Train
Last Train
First Train
Last Train
Nansihuan --/-- --/-- 06:36/06:36 20:00/20:06
Shibalihe 07:12/07:10 20:46/20:39 06:39/06:39 20:03/20:08
Shawoli 07:08/07:06 20:42/20:36 06:42/06:42 20:06/20:12
Shuanghudadao 07:05/07:04 20:39/20:33 06:44/06:45 20:09/20:14
Xiaoqiao --/-- --/-- --/-- --/--
Huanancheng West 06:58/06:57 20:30/20:26 06:50/06:52 20:15/20:21
Huanancheng 06:55/06:54 20:27/20:23 06:53/06:55 20:18/20:24
Huanancheng East --/-- --/-- --/-- --/--
Mengzhuang 06:47/06:46 20:19/20:15 07:00/07:03 20:26/20:32
Gangqu North --/-- --/-- --/-- --/--
Kangpinghu --/-- --/-- --/-- --/--
Lanhegongyuan 06:39/06:39 20:10/20:08 07:06/07:10 20:33/20:39
Enpinghu 06:37/06:37 20:07/20:06 07:08/07:12 20:35/20:40
Zonghebaoshuiqu 06:34/06:34 20:04/20:04 07:13/07:17 20:40/20:45
Xinzheng International Airport 06:30/06:30 20:00/20:00 --/-- --/--

Transfer along Zhengzhou Metro Chengjiao Line

 Nansihuan: Transfer with Line 2

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Subway Stations

('' points out metro transfer stations.)

Surroundings: South 4th Ring Road, Zhongzhou Avenue, Xiaolizhuang Farmers' Wholesale Market, South Xiaolizhuang Primary School, Baozhitang Drugstore, Yushengtang Drugstore, China Mobile, Penglin Hotel, Dongfang Hotel
Bus Routes: 13, 136

Surroundings: Shibali River, Liudong Village, Liuxi Village, Laba Electrical Appliances, Liudong Primary School, Zhangxu Clinic, Yuying Foreign Language School, Lantian Hotel, Century Mart
Bus Routes: 522, 981

Surroundings: Longhu Avenue, Xiangyun Road, Jinju Street, Red River Valley Community, Henan Institute of Engineering, Yangguang Hotel, Hualong Hotel, Xinyue Hotel, Longxing Drugstore, Fuzheng Drugstore, Industrial Bank
Bus Routes: 551, 552, 553, 556

Surroundings: Shuanghu Avenue, Longhu Town Government, Fuyuan Huayuan Community, Shuanghu Huayuan Community, Qianhu Community, Xinjiayuan Community, 3rd People’s Hospital, Xinzheng Huashang International Hot Spring Hotel, Yuanjuyuan Business Hotel, Jiuheng Drugstore, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Unicom, China Mobile, Jiankun Drugstore
Bus Routes: 551, 552, 556

Surroundings: Honghu Road, Taishan Road, Ruilong Road, Xiaoqiao Village, Qilihe River, Longhu Square, Xiangdong Community, Longhu No.9 Garden, Shengda University of Economics, Business & Management, China Mobile, China Telecom, Meilian Times Square, Xinxin Drugstore, Longcheng Drugstore, Oscar Cinema, Jinxiu Hotel, Leyiju Express Hotel, Yifan Business Hotel
Bus Routes: 551, 552

 Huanancheng West
Surroundings: Qiushi Road, Lidong Village, China South City, Henan Mechanical & Electrical Vocational College, Henan Procuratorial Vocational College, Longhu International Primary School, 2nd People’s Hospital, Prosperous Dragon Bay Community, Linjindian Community, Huasheng Outlets Shopping Center
Bus Routes: 567, 580

Surroundings: Zhonghua Road, Chuangxin Road, Huanancheng Avenue, Chenghouma Village, Chenghouma Primary School
Bus Route: 580

 Huanancheng East
Surroundings: Chaohe River Bridge, Tuanjie Road, Tangzhai Village, Shuangtang School, Hongchang Primary School, South & North Changkou Villages, Hongfu Village

Surroundings: Mengxiang Road, Mengzhuang Village, Xiaozhuang Village, Xiezhuang Railway Station, Mengzhuang Town Government, Zaofu Huayuan Community, Mengzhuang Middle School, Mengzhuang Town Central School, Gree Electrical Appliances, Zhang Zhongjing Drugstore, Kangwanjia Drugstore, China Mobile, China Post
Bus Routes: 6, 206

 Gangqu North
Surroundings: Sigangliandong Avenue, Mengzhuang Railway Station, Henan Provincial Hospital, Henan Children’s Hospital
Bus Routes: 600, 627, 635

Surroundings: Zhengzhou 3rd Road, Shengjin Road, Shengxiang Road, Zhenghong Central Park, Vanke Charm City Community, Shengxiang Road Primary School, Dougou Primary School, 3rd Experimental Middle School of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone
Bus Routes: 627, 635

Surroundings: Zhenggang 4th Street, Lanhe Park, Glocal Elite International School, Dougou Community, Furong Community, Yukangxincheng Community, Junkang Drugstore, Jishenghe Express Hotel, Binhe Hotel, China Mobile, Construction Bank
Bus Routes: 621, 623, 627, 628, 635

Surroundings: 6th Zhengggang Road, Huahong Community, 1st People’s Hospital, Enping Lake, Yukang Clinic, Fulekang Drugstore, Xinwei Drugstore, Agricultural Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Vanguard Supermarket, Xinrong Central Golden Community, China Unicom, China Telecom, STO Express, Best Express
Bus Routes: 621, 623, 627, 628, 635

 Zonghebaoshuiqu (Bonded Area)
Surroundings: Zhenggang 11th Road, Chunhua Road, Dalaoying Village, Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone, Foxconn Science Park, Foxconn Working Commercial Plaza, Fuxin Apartment, Kangxin Express Hotel, Amat Fashion Hotel, Jiren Drugstore
Bus Routes: 626, 627, 628, 635

 Xinzheng International Airport
Surroundings: Yingbin Avenue, Xinzheng International Airport, Xingang Holiday Hotel, Zhengzhou Airport Hotel, Kaifu International Hotel, Kunlun Leju Business Hotel, Ruifeng Hotel, Experimental Primary School of Airport Economy Zone, Ruiyuan Community, McDonald's
Bus Routes: 611, 612
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