Zhengzhou City-Bus & Taxi

City Bus

Zhengzhou Bus Communication Corporation operates 238 city bus routes, including daytime downtown lines, overnight lines and tourist lines. In the city center and major arterial roads, buses are scheduled at intervals of only 3-5 minutes. At present, 124 lines have stretched to the suburb areas of this city.

 City Bus Hotline: 86-0371-63881333

 Daytime downtown lines: Nos. 1-985, B1-35 (BRT lines)
Generally, these lines operate from 06:00 to 21:30. The fare is CNY1 per person.
 Overnight lines: Y801-866Generally, these lines operate from 21:00 to 00:00 and from 04:30 to 06:30. The fare is CNY1 per person.
 Tourist lines: bus fare varies from CNY2/person to CNY5/person for different lines.
 Tourist Line 1 (07:30 – 16:30): West 3rd Ring Road Zhongyuan Road - Yellow River Scenic Area
 Tourist Line 2 (06:30 – 21:30): Yellow River Fujing Ecological World – Medical College
 Tourist Line 6 (07:30 – 18:00): Yellow River Fujing Ecological World – Babao Auto Parts City
 Tourist Line 7 (07:30 – 18:00, only available between May 1st and Oct. 25th): Liulisi New Village – Plant Lavender Manor
 Tourist Line 16 (06:30 – 19:00): Main Railway Station (Beigangwan) - Yellow River Scenic Area
 Tourist Line 51 (08:00 – 17:00): West Square of Zhengzhou Railway Station – Huangshang Village East Exit (Sigang Liandong Avenue Zhengshang Line for the back trip)
 Tourist Line 568 (07:00 – 18:30 every 10~15min):
The line connects Zhongzhou Avenue Nongye Road and Afforestation Garden. The single trip covers 17mi (27km) and takes around 55min.
 Tourist Line 573 (06:30 – 18:00 every 10~15min):
The line links South 3rd Ring Daxue Road and Afforestation Garden. It runs a distance of 24mi (38.7km) for a single journey and the travel time is 80min.

Zhengzhou City-Bus
The City-Bus
having an IC card, passengers can not only take the buses with 20% off, but also enjoy direct payment by this card in Dashang, Silin and Zuoyoujian Supermarkets. The card can be used by more than one person. Local Public Transportation Card (also Lv Cheng Tong) can be used on buses (20% off) and subway (5% off) in the city, and on bus rides in Kaifeng.

 Top-up Service Offices of IC Card: 
1. Medical College service office (07:30 – 18:30): under the approach bridge of the Medical College overpass (by nos. 9, 35, 37, 52, 63, T101, 103, 104, 211, T4, 916, 919)
2. Liuchang service office (07:30 – 18:30): at the intersection of Jianshe Road and Funiu Road (by nos. 1, 11, 31, 83. 99, 101, T101, 104)
3. Zijingshan service office (07:30 – 18:30): under the approach bridge of the Zijingshan overpass (by nos. 9, K9, 22, 26, 27, 29, 37, 72K, 205, 61,916, 919)
4. Shangdu Road service office (07:30 – 18:30): at the intersection of Shangdu Road and East Dongfeng Road (by nos. 47, K85, 85, 123, 158, 600, 916)
5. Weiwu Road service office (08:00 – 19:00): No. 49, Weiwu Road, Jinshui District, near Henan Provincial People’s Hospital (by nos. B15, B18, 58, 71, T101, 101, 105)
6. Automatic reloading centers at the branches of Bank of Communications and Bank of Zhengzhou.


Zhengzhou Taxi
Taxi in the City
are almost 11,000 taxis in the city, so passengers can easily take a taxi.
 Cab Fare
CNY8 for the first 2km (1.2mi) in the daytime;
CNY10 for the first 2km (1.2mi) between 22:00 and the next 06:00;
CNY1 for each three-minute stop upon the traffic jams or traffic lights;
50% empty run fare is charged when the single journey is longer than 10km (6.2mi).

 Fares for your reference (all for single journeys)
CNY90-120 from Xinzheng International Airport to Zhengzhou Railway Station
CNY80-100 from Xizheng International Airport to East Railway Station
CNY70-80 from the downtown area to Yellow River Scenic Area
Around CNY300 from the downtown area to Shaolin Temple

 Useful Tips
1. The air conditioning in the car is open from June 20th to September 20 each year;
2. It is regulated that almost taxies should charge by meter (negotiated fee is ok for long-distance trips), so do ask a driver to charge by meter. If she or he refuses to do so, call 0371-67189900 for a complaint.
3. Do ask for receipt when getting off car. Car plate number and cab fare can be found on the receipt.


Car Renting

For visitors who are in a group, it's a good idea to hire a van or rent a taxi in the city and travel to the attractions. By taxi, it is feasible to flag down a taxi and discuss with the driver for a rate. Besides, there are car rental companies at Xinzheng International Airport, City Railway Station and the Long-distance Bus Stations. Tourists can even turn to their hotels for the service. The average fare for car rental is CNY300-500 per day.
- Last updated on Apr. 19, 2020 -
Questions & Answers on Zhengzhou City-Bus & Taxi
Asked by Sina from GERMANY | Apr. 18, 2020 01:04Reply
Hello, are there any busses to Shangjie district?
What is the cheapest way to get from Zhengzhou East Railway Station to Shangjie district?
Best regards
Answers (1)
Answered by Emily from AUSTRALIA | Apr. 19, 2020 20:38

It is suggested to take metro line 1 to Civic Center, Exit C first. Then take a bus no.Zhengshang 1 to Zhongxin Road Jinping Road Bus Stop. After arriving, you will arrive at Shangjie District.
Asked by Atiporn chalermpoonsup from THAILAND | Mar. 04, 2018 03:19Reply
How to book taxi in advance from Zhengzhou Airport to Luoyang .
Answers (1)
Answered by Olivia from NEW ZEALAND | Mar. 04, 2018 19:15

You may call the number for the booking: 86 0371-96666.
Asked by heena from KOREA | May. 17, 2017 10:15Reply
How much is the cost of taxi from Zhengzhou airport to henan university?
also is there any bus to get there?
if it so how much is it?
thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Lina from CANADA | May. 22, 2017 04:51

May I know which campus you will head for, Jinming Campus or Minglun Campus?
These two campuses are about 80 kilometers from the airport. The taxi fare will be around CNY150 in the day time.
Besides, you can take the airport shuttle bus to Kaifeng Xiquhaode Bus Stop. This bus operates during 09:30 to 23:30 with the frequency of about 1 hour. The ticket fare is CNY40/person.
Here are the routes from Xiquhaode Bus Station to two campuses.
Upon arrival, it is only about 5 kilometers to Jinming Campus, and you can take a taxi at the cost of about CNY15 in the day time.
It is about 10 kilometers to Minglun Campus, and the taxi fare will be CNY20-30 in the day time.
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