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Liuzhuang – Nansihuan

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Stretching in the south-north direction, Zhengzhou metro line 2 connects Liuzhuang and Nansihuan. It covers around 13 miles (21 kilometers) and passes 16 stations. For different trips, the fare varies from CNY2 to CNY4. An entire single journey takes around 40 minutes and the frequency is 6-8 minutes. Passengers can easily transfer to line 1 at Zijingshan Station. In addition, the section between Liuzhuang and Tianshanlu is expected to operate in the end of 2020.
See metro maps for reference.


Station To Nansihuan To Liuzhuang
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Liuzhuang 06:00 22:00 -- --
Liulin 06:02 22:02 06:33 22:33
Shamen 06:04 22:04 06:31 22:31
Beisanhuan 06:06 22:06 06:28 22:28
Dongfenglu 06:08 22:08 06:26 22:26
Guanhutun 06:11 22:10 06:24 22:24
Huanghelu 06:13 22:13 06:21 22:21
Zijingshan 06:16 22:16 06:18 22:18
Dongdajie 06:19 22:19 06:16 22:16
Longhaidonglu 06:21 22:21 06:14 22:14
Erligang 06:23 22:23 06:11 22:11
Nanwulibao 06:26 22:26 06:09 22:09
Huazhai 06:28 22:28 06:07 22:07
Nansanhuan 06:30 22:30 06:05 22:05
Zhanmatun 06:32 22:32 06:02 22:02
Nansihuan -- -- 06:00 22:00


 Zijingshan: Transfer with Line 1
 Huanghelu & Nanwulibao: Transfer with Line 5
 Nansihuan: Transfer with Chengjiao Line

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Stations of Zhengzhou Metro Line 2

(“ ” points out transfer stations)
Surroundings: North Huayuan Road, Guotai Road, Zhongzhou Avenue, Liyuan Community, Weihe Community, Liulin Town No.7 Primary School, Wanbang Qingfeng Oil and Grain Rice Market, Xinbei Bus Station, Zhengzhou Broadcast Station, Hongyun Hotel, Guolong Business Hotel, Jucheng Hotel, New Century Hotel, Tianshuo Drugstore, Liyuancun Drugstore, Yunda Express, ZTO Express
Bus Routes: 32, 90, 130, 156, 162, 270, 909, 966, Y811, Tourist Line 7

Surroundings: Sanquan Road, Tianlun Road, Guangming Road, Liulin Village, China Unicom Building, Sangyuan Motor City, Jinshui District People’s Hospital, Xinliu Road Primary School, Jinhuayuan Food City, Liulin Garden Square, Blossom Land Community, Liulin Hot Spring Community, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Minsheng Bank, Construction Bank, Yijiakang Drugstore, Oscar International Cineplex, East Milan Business Hotel, Hanting Express Hotel, Xinghua Hotel, Fuhao Hotel, Xiangyun Express Hotel
Bus Routes: 9, 21, 32, 62, 63, 130, 156, 162, 219, 909, 962, 966, B11, B20, B53, Y811, Tourist Line 7

Surroundings: Guoji Road, Shuike Road, Fengyuan Community, Shamen Community, Joyi International Plaza, Henghua Mansion, Kangning Tumour Hospital, Meijing Huadu Community, 21st Century Community, No.76 Middle School, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Agricultural Bank of China, Merchants Bank, China Unicom, China Mobile, Trust-Mart, McDonald’s, Jiutian Business Hotel, Yijie Business Hotel, 7 Days Inn, Haizhiyue Hotel, Hanting Express Hotel, Fangyuan Express Hotel
Bus Routes: 32, 63, 98, 162, 903, Y811, Y809, B20, B38

 Beisanhuan (North 3rd Ring Road)
Surroundings: North 3rd Ring Road, South Guangdian Road, Xumu Road, Huayuan Road, Huayuan New Village, Xuzhai Village, Shanhu Community, Jiaheyuan Community, Zhengtai Huayuan Community, China Auto Accessories Market, Shengya Shopping Center, Henan Television Station, Malizhuang Primary School, No.47 Middle School, Henan University of Animal Husbandry and Economy, Qiaoguang Hospital, Henan Institute of Information Engineer Specialty, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, JI Hotel, Hone Inn, Xinhao Hotel, Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Everbright Bank
Bus Routes: 29, 77, Y810

Surroundings: Dongfeng Road, Keyuan Road, Nongke Road, Dongfengqu Binhe Park, Anhua Mansion, Zhenghong Blue Bay Community, Zhenghong International Primary School, Henan Administration for Industry & Commerce, Zhenghong International Plaza, Jingang Community, Wanda Center, Construction Bank, Minsheng Bank, Bank of Communications, Merchants Bank, Zhang Zhongjing Drugstore, Hanting Express Hotel, Weiai Serviced Apartment, Meijiamei Serviced Apartment
Bus Routes: 2, 9, 29, 32, 42, 47, 62, 77, 97, 903, 909, 962, Y809, Y811, B2, B18, B32

Surroundings: Nongye Road, Zhengzhou Zoo, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jin Shuizhong Hospital, Worker's Hospital, Guanhutun Park, Guanhutun Community, Guanhutun Life Plaza, World Trade Center Plaza, Zhenghong International Apartment, Women and Children's Shopping Mall, Minsheng Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Everbright Bank, Bank of China, 7 Days Inn, Holiday Serviced Apartment, Jinjiang Inn, Changtai Hotel, China Mobile, Gome Electrical Appliances, Dashang New-Mart Supermarket, Pizza Hut, Carrefour, Cafe Bene
Bus Routes: 2, 9, 29, 32, 47, 62, 63, 77, 282, 900, 903, B32, Y809, Y811

Surroundings: Huanghe Road, Weiwu Road, Hongqi Road, Jinyuan Apartment, Yuliang Mansion, No.34 Middle School, Huanghe Road No.3 Primary School, Jinshui District General Hospital, Tianfeng Mansion, Commercial Plaza, Construction Bank, Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, KFC, Home Inn, Dahe Jinjiang Hotel, Taohuawu Hotel, Zhongtianying Hotel, Yuliang Hotel
Bus Routes: 9, 23, 27, 29, 32, 42, 47, 62, 63, 64, 71, 900, 903, 909, 962, B32, B37, B50, Y809, Y810, Y811, Y813

Surroundings: Zijingshan Road, Renmin Road, Jinshui Road, Shunhe Road, People’s Square, Zijingshan Square, Zijingshan Park, No.11 Middle School, Shangdu University, Huanghe Middle School, Huangheyuan Community, Xinyue Mansion, In Time Fortune Plaza, McDonald’s, Watsons, China Mobile, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Bank of China, Jiamei Business Hotel
Bus Routes: 9, 26, 27, 32, 37, 40, 57, 62, 82, 86, 98, 100, 101, 109, 195, 199, 265, 269, 285, 295, 312, 603, 727, 900, 909, Y809, Y810, Y815, Y816, Y821, Y866

Surroundings: East Street, Xiangyang Street, Bo’ai Street Community, Dongcheng Huayuan Community, Yuhong Huayuan Community, Shangdu Apartment, Fuhua Mansion, Xinxin Building, 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Changjiang Square, Zhongyuan Jewelry City, Yahui Business Hotel, Gangxinyuan Express Hotel, Changjiang Express Hotel, No.10 Middle School, China Post Building, Shangdu Cultural Street, Everbright Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Yunda Express
Bus Routes: 29, 35, 60, 62, 85, 86, 89, 152, 216, 269, 962, 985, Y805, Y812, Y816, Y866

Surroundings: Longhai Road, Nancang Street, Xinzheng Road, Longhai Bus Station, East Longhai Road Community, Sanhua Community, Fangyuan Chuangye Building, Zizhu Community, Longhai Hospital, No.5 Middle School, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Bank of Communications, Construction Bank, RT-Mart, Yueren Drugstore, KFC, China Mobile, Donghai Express Hotel, Yuanfeng Business Hotel
Bus Routes: 13, 38, 62, 86, 136, 216, 269, 962, B5, Y812, Y816, Y866, Tourist Line 51

Surroundings: South Erligang Street, Jincheng Street, Zijingshan Road Flyover, Xinnan Community, Blue Ocean Harbor Community, Blue Ocean Square, Longhai New Village, Fazhi Park, China Post, China Unicom, Postal Savings Bank, Feilong Hotel
Bus Routes: 3, 38, 62, 86, 136, 269, 518, 962, Y812, Y816

Surroundings: East Hanghai Road, Zichen Road, Hanghai Road Flyover, Wulibao Village, Ideal World Community, Yangguang Community, Shangduyuan Community, Zhengxin Huayuan Community, Longhai Nanli Community, Chuangxin Street Primary School, Zhongyuan Tea City, Huaxia Vitiligo Hospital of TCM, Henan Wedding City, China Mobile, China Telecom, Xike Express Hotel
Bus Routes: 3, 46, 62, 86, 129, 136, 269, 518, 962, B1, B16, Y812, Y816, Tourist Line 51

Surroundings: East Changjiang Road, Zihuan Road, Lianyun Road, Zidong Road, Shilipu Village, South Railway Station, Shuangxiu Park, 9th People’s Hospital, Jinrong Square, Chuntian Huayuan Community, No.83 Middle School, Huazhai Road Primary School, Aixin Cultural Square, ZTO Express, YT Express, Yiya Laundry, Minsheng Bank, Yinglun Holiday Inn, Changqing Hotel
Bus Routes: 129, 213, 283, B6

 Nansanhuan (South 3rd Ring Road)
Surroundings: South 3rd Ring Road, East Hanshan Road, South Liuzhuang Village, Zhengxin Park, Zhengshang Huadu Community, No.13 Middle School, Chunxiao Primary School, South Shilipu Primary School, Zige Drugstore, Huanghe Driving School, Haole Shopping Center, Bingo Cinema, Watsons, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Aiqinhai Hotel, Lantian Hotel, SF Express, YT Express, China Telecom
Bus Routes: 13, 89, 111, 136, 165, Y816

Surroundings: Yutong Road, Chaiguo Village, Huanghe Science & Technology College, Hali Foreign Language School, Shibalihe Central Primary School, Yutong Industrial Park, China Mobile, Yuan Zhigang Clinic, Jiuzhoutong Drugstore, Trust-Mart, Xinmeng Hotel, Xingguang Hotel, Jinshawan Hotel
Bus Routes: 13, 89, 111, 136, Y816

 Nansihuan (South 4th Ring Road)
Surroundings: South 4th Ring Road, South Xiaolizhuang Village, Xiaolizhuang Agri-product Wholesale Market, Jinmaisui Food City, Minsheng Hotel, Hongfu Hotel, Xinhai Drugstore, Yaojutang Drugstore, Century Supermarket
Bus Routes: 13, 136
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Questions & Answers on Zhengzhou Metro Line 2
Asked by Darren from SOUTH AFRICA | Nov. 20, 2016 22:46Reply
Subway stations in Zhengzhou
Hi doesn't anyone know when the station on zheng gang 6 Rd and zheng gang 10 road will be operational?
Answers (2)
Answered by Ava from USA | Nov. 21, 2016 01:40

Hi, dear! It is predicted that it will be operational before Chinese New Year on January 28, 2017. Let's look forward to the latest news! :)
Answered by Darren from SOUTH AFRICA | Nov. 21, 2016 04:25

Thank you. I can wait tired of all the buses
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