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Hubei MapHubei province is situated in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and to the north of Dongting Lake. It is surrounded by Henan Province to the north, Jiangxi and Hunan to the south, Anhui to the east, Sichuan to the west and Shaanxi to the northwest. It covers an area of 180,000 square kilometers (about 69,500 square miles) with a large population of 60,280,000. Its capital, Wuhan, is located in the southeastern part of the province.

Hubei has been said to be one of the originating places of the Chinese people. Today many minority ethnic groups live in this area including: Miao, Tujia, Dong and some others.

Cities in Hubei

When to Go

Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan
Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan

The province has a subtropical monsoonal climate with a humid and hot summer, dry winter and strong sunlight in autumn. Annual rainfall averages 800-1600 millimeters and with average temperatures ranging from 15C-17C. Most places in Hubei enjoy four distinct seasons, with the best times to travel there being spring and autumn.

What to See

The long history and the brilliant Chu culture endow the region with numerous cultural relics. Ancient towers, grottoes, city remains, imperial mausoleums, temples and nobilities' native places can be found throughout the province.

As the heaviest musical instrument in the world, the set of bronze chime bells unearthed from the Tomb of Marquis Yi of the Zeng State can be found in the Hubei Provincial Museum. With a total weight of 2567 kilogram, the set of bells consists of 65 pieces. The biggest bell is 152.3cm (five feet) high and 203.6kg and the smallest 20.4cm (less than one foot) long and 2.4kg.

Wudang Mountain is a sacred Taoist mountain with hundreds of temples and palaces. East Lake, located on the eastern side of Wuchang City, is one of the major tourist attractions in Wuhan. It is the biggest lake within a city in China. Yellow Crane Tower, located on Snake Hill in Wuchang City, is one of the three famous towers south of the Yangtze River.

Hubei also boasts impressive natural scenery. The Three Gorges offers an unmatched painting of water and mountains. The World Famous Yangtze Three Gorges Dam Project is just located in this province, just outside of Yichang City. It is not only the largest water conservation project in China, but also the largest water conservation project in the world.
Wudang Mountain
Wudang Mountain
Three Gorges Dam, Yichang
Three Gorges Dam, Yichang
Shennongjia Nature Reserve is a dense wilderness in western Hubei province. It has always been a mysterious place, an enigma in Chinese geography. Since the discovery of traces of wild people there, it has aroused people's curiosity about it all the more.

Other attractions like Longzhong Scenic Area, Chibi Ancient Battlefield of Three Kingdoms where a famous ancient battle happened and Jingzhou, a historical city made famous by Three Kingdom battles are also worthy of sight.

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Questions & Answers on Hubei Travel
Asked by PK from THAILAND | Dec. 18, 2018 07:44Reply
How can i go to Shennongjia by the long-distance bus from Wuhan?
We are going to choose the easiest way to go.

also the train from Hankou to Yichang is better. but we have to waste 4 hours on the bus depart from Yichang to Muyu Town.

Thank you
Answers (7)
Answered by Peyton from SINGAPORE | Dec. 20, 2018 00:58

As I know, there is only one long-distance bus from Fujiapo Bus Station. It is at 08:00. The duration is around 9 hours. The ticket fare is CNY165 per person.
Answered by PK from THAILAND | Jan. 04, 2019 07:29

Is that the long-distance bus start from 8pm, right? or only morning round?

We are trying our best to go Shennongjia but we have no more information so.

Could you suggest the easiest way going there?

Thank you so much for your help.
Answered by Peyton | Jan. 06, 2019 22:27

No, it starts from 08:00am. As I know, there is only one long-distance bus.
Answered by PK from THAILAND | Jan. 08, 2019 03:56

really want to go there in the night time for arriving in the morning. could you suggest us how?

thanks a lot
Answered by Peyton | Jan. 08, 2019 21:36

I am afraid that there is no direct long-distance bus or train between these two places. Maybe you can go there in the next early morning.
Answered by PK from THAILAND | Jan. 09, 2019 07:34

very please that you help us a lot

Also this month, January. Is that the Shennongjia National Nature Reserve open for tourist to visit? too cold to go? covered by snow? we have no idea.

thanks again for your help :)
Answered by Peyton | Jan. 09, 2019 22:19

It is worth to go there in January. You can see the snow scenery. Generally speaking, the scenic area will open at that time. :)
Asked by Eleni from GREECE | Jul. 22, 2018 08:02Reply
Is there a bus between Xiangyang and Wudangshan (to go and return).
From which station do I get it and how often is the route? Thanks!
Answers (1)
Answered by Ronnie from FRANCE | Jul. 23, 2018 00:35

You can take a bus from XY Transportation Center Station. The bus departs from 7:50 to 16:40 with an interval about 1.5 hours.
Asked by tatenda from ZIMBABWE | Jul. 17, 2017 16:28Reply
what's the cheapest way to travel from shanghai to wuhan?
Answers (1)
Answered by Liela from UNITED KINGDOM | Jul. 17, 2017 20:57

It takes CNY 230 from Shanghai South Bus Station to Wuhan. It’s the cheapest way there, but it also takes nearly 15 hours.

Well, you are suggested to take a train at Hongqiao Railway Station, which costs CNY262. It takes about 5 hours and 30minutes to get there.
Asked by indri from INDONESIA | Nov. 09, 2016 01:05Reply
How to go Wudang Mountain from Beijing?
please explain it
Answers (1)
Answered by Fiona from FRANCE | Nov. 09, 2016 23:51

You may fly from Beijing to Wudangshan (about 2.5 hours). Upon arrival, take shuttle bus line 2 from the airport to the mountain for CNY 15 (about 30 minutes). :)
Asked by Davis from MEXICO | May. 20, 2016 08:25Reply
How long dose it take time from Guangzhou railway station to Wuchang railway station by train
Answers (1)
Answered by Robert from NEW ZEALAND | May. 21, 2016 01:34

Only normal trains are available between the two stations and duration is 11-14 hours based on train type.
Actually, there are high speed trains to Wuhan Railway station in that city, duration is 4-4.5 hours. You can search for more details on this website.
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