Wuhan Metro Maps

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Map of Wuhan Metro
Wuhan Subway Map


Operating Metro Lines:

 Line 1: Dongwu Avenue – Hankou North
 Line 2: Tianhe International Airport - Optics Valley Square
 Line 3: Hongtu Avenue - Zhuanyang Avenue
 Line 4: Wuhan Railway Station - Huangjinkou
 Line 6: Jinyinhu Park – Dongfeng Motor Company

Wuhan Subway Lines under Construction and to be Constructed:

 Line 5: Wuhan Railway Station – South 3rd Ring
 Line 7: Qinglong Mountain Metro Town – Orient Lucky City
 Line 8: Yezhihu – Sanjintan
 Line 11: East Part: Wuchang Railway Station – Zuoling
                West Part: New Hanyang Railway Station – Bolin
 Line 21: Houhu Boulevard - Jintai

Metro Planning Map
Wuhan Metro Planning Map

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