Wuhan Metro Line 27


Xinlucun – Subway Town of Qinglong Mountain 

(Identification Color: Orange         )

Wuhan metro line 27, also Zhifang Line, will be put into operation at the end of 2018. It will link Xinlucun and Subway Town of Qinglong Mountain from north to south, stretching approximately 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) via 7 stations. This subway line covers Hongshan District, Jiangxia Economic Development Zone, Zhifang District and pass several scenic areas, such as Qinglong Mountain National Forest Park, Jiangxia Park and Tanxinpei Park. When Wuhan subway line 27 serves the public, the travel time from Jiangxia to Wuchang will be reduced from 70-80 minutes to half an hour.
See metro maps for reference.

Route of Wuhan Metro Line 27

Xinlucun – Dahualing Street – Jiangxia Keting – Tanxinpei Park – Beihua Street – Zhifang Street – Subway Town of Qinglong Mountain

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Stations of Wuhan Subway Line 27

('' points out metro transfer stations.)

Surroundings: Wenhua Avenue, Xinfa Road, Donggang Village, Baimuling Community, Hongqiao Jiayuan Community, Liqiao Community, Yunhu Chunxiao Community, Shanwang Mansion, Wuhan City Vocational College, Zhongbai Supermarket, Xinlu Industrial Park
Bus Routes: 901, 905, 908, 917

 Dahualing Street
Surroundings: Jinying Street, Dahualing Street, Huanhu Road, Dahualing Central Square, Putiyuan Community, Dahualing Community, Chuxia Huayuan Community, Fudi Jiayuan Community, Wuhan University Town Hospital, Wuhan Donghu University, Hankou University, Changjiang Institute of Technology, Daqiao Middle School, Dahualing Primary School, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, Home Inn, Qingyun Hotel, Lianglong Hotel
Bus Routes: 901, 905, 908, 917

 Jiangxia Keting
Surroundings: Hongqi Road, Jinlong Street, Tengxun Avenue, Wuchang Avenue, Xingguang Avenue, Jiangxiang Central Park, Huangjia Park, Yumu Community, Wenhua Jiayuan Community, Qingjiang Hongjing Community, Star Metropolis Community
Bus Routes: 901, 905, 908, 918, J8, J10

 Tanxinpei Park
Surroundings: South Shenlonggang Street, Tanxinpei Road, North Guyi Road, Tanxinpei Park, Fenglinyuan Community, Daqiaocun Community, Jiangxia District Convention Center, Jiangxia District 1st People’s Hospital, United Investment Square,
Wenhua Road Primary School, Huaxia Bank, Wanda Cinema, China Telecom
Bus Routes: 905, 908, 918, 919, J1, J2, J8, J10

 Beihua Street
Surroundings: Beihua Street, Shaxian Street, Jiangxia Avenue, Mashan Road, Jiangxia Bus Station, Jiangxia Stadium, Jiangxia Century Park, Chengbei Community, Jingdu Community, Jiancai Huayuan Community, Shuichanju Community, Donghuli Community, Xinxin Jiayuan Community, Jiuquanjia Shopping Plaza, Agricultural Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Minsheng Bank, Baisuikang Drugstore, Yifeng Drugstore, China Telecom, Watsons, Jinyi Cinema
Bus Routes: J10, J8, 902, 919, 4201, 4203, 4206, 4211, Zhifang-Anshan Line, Zhifang-Zhengdian Line

 Zhifang Street
Surroundings: Zhifang Street, Xingxin Street, Qinglong Street, Dongfang Road, Longjing Road, Jiangxia District Hospital of TCM, Hubei Ecology Vocational College, Wuhan University of Engineering Science, Longjing Apartment, Jiangxia Community, Xingfu Community, Xinlei Huayuan Community, Gonglu Community, Zhongjian Longcheng Community, Binhu Chuntian Community, Jiangzhinan Integrated Wholesale Market, Jiangxia District 1st Primary School, Mingxi Primary School, Jiangxia Experimental High School, Juxing Kindergarten, Jingbei Kindergarten, Jingqi Hotel, Huaxing Hotel, Donghang Hotel, 7 Days Inn
Bus Routes: J5, J6, 4202, 4203, 4207

 Subway Town of Qinglong Mountain
Surroundings: Chongqing-Shanghai Highway, Huanshan Road, Qinglong Road, No.005 County Road, Dongfang Village, Xiongyu Village, Qinglong Reservoir, Qinglong Mountain National Forest Park, Wuhan Subway Town, Guanshanqiao Community, Shengli Primary School, Ninggang Middle School, Santan Road Primary School, Guanshan Primary School, Dongfang Primary School, Juxiantang Hotel
Bus Routes: 4202, 4203, 4207
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