Wuhan Metro Line 11


Guanggu Railway Station – Zuoling 

(Identification Color: yellow          )

Wuhan metro line 11, also known as Zuoling Line, has opened its phase one of the east section. With a length of 20 kilometers (12 miles), the metro line operates between Guanggu Railway Station and Zuoling with 13 stations, passing Optics Valley Administrative Centre and Wuhan Future City. The phase two will open soon afterwards and it will pass Xiongchu Street, Guanggu Pedestrian and Wuchang Railway Station. The middle section between Jiang’an Road and Guanggu Railway Station, and west section between Zhangwan Street and New Hanyang Railway Station of Wuhan subway line 11 are expected to serve by 2020. In the future, transfers with line 9 and line 19 can also be achieved.
See metro maps for reference.


Stations To Guanggu Railway Station To Zuoling
First Train
Last Train First Train
Last Train
Zuoling 06:00/06:30 21:30 --/-- 21:59
Weilai 3rd Road 06:02/06:32 21:32 06:10/06:40 21:58
Weilai 1st Road 06:04/06:34 21:34 06:08/06:38 21:55
Changlingshan 06:07/06:37 21:37 06:05/06:35 21:52
Guanggu 7th Road 06:10/06:40 21:40 06:02/06:32 21:49
Baoxie 06:13/06:43 21:42 06:00/06:30 21:47
Guanggu 6th Road 06:00/06:30 21:44 06:14/06:44 21:44
Guanggu 5th Road 06:01/06:31 21:46 06:13/06:43 21:42
Guanggu 4th Road 06:04/06:34 21:48 06:10/06:40 21:40
Wuhan National Bio-industry Base (Biolake) 06:06/06:36 21:51 06:08/06:38 21:38
Tongji Hospital 06:09/06:39 21:53 06:06/06:36 21:35
Hukou 06:11/06:41 21:56 06:03/06:33 21:33
Guanggu Railway Station --/-- 21:58 06:00/06:30 21:30
 Note: The schedule of last train is the same on weekdays and weekends.


Guanggu Railway Station: Transfer with Line 2
 Yezhihu: Transfer with Line 8

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Stations of Wuhan Metro Line 11

('' points out metro transfer stations.)

Guanggu Railway Station
Surroundings: Guanshan 2nd Road, North Lingjiashan Road, Jiayuan Road, Xiongchu Street, Guanggu Railway Station, Yufeng Jiayuan Community, Geguang Community, Tianhui Community, Yingbin Jiayuan Community, Wenhua College, Wuhan Institute of Technology
Bus Routes: 301, 718, 756, 788, 913

Surroundings: Gaoxin Avenue, Guanggu 1st Road, Gaoxin Avenue Flyover, Guanshan Road Flyover, Hukou Community, Mingzhuyuan Community, Yisheng Huayuan Community, Upper Optical Valley, Hubei University of Education, Hubei Vocational College of Physical Education, Guanggu No.9 Primary School, Guangggu No.12 Primary School
Bus Routes: 301, 756, 786, 913

Tongji Hospital
Surroundings: Gaoxin Avenue, Yaojian Road, 3rd Ring Road, Tongji Hospital, Houxu Village, Qianxiong Village, Caizhang Village, Heye Mountain, Touhu Mountain, Dawang Mountain
Bus Routes: 301, 373, 750, 786, 787, 913

Wuhan National Bio-industry Base (Biolake)
Surroundings: Guanggu 3rd Road, Jiufeng 1st Road, Shendun 3rd Road, Wuhan National Bio-industry Base (Biolake), Hubei Olympic Sports Center, McDonald’s, Merchants Bank
Bus Routes: 301, 373, 750, 786, 787, 913

Guanggu 4th Road
Surroundings: Guanggu 4th Road, Mengxin Road, Sanxing Road, Jiguanshan Park, Jiufeng National Forest Park, Jiufeng Community, Sanxingyuan Community, Jiufeng Middle School, Jiufeng 1st Primary School, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: 25, 101, 301, 373, 518, 536, 750, 786, 787, 913

Guanggu 5th Road
Surroundings: Guanggu 5th Road, South Yishan Road, Huashan Avenue, Greenland in Optics Valley Office Building, Optics Valley Science Mansion, Yishan Golf Club
Bus Routes: 25, 101, 301, 373, 518, 536, 750, 786, 787, 913

Guanggu 6th Road
Surroundings: Guanggu 6th Road, West Gaokeyuan Road, Xinggao Road, Guanggu No.188 International Community, Star of Optics Valley Community, Guanggu No.17 Primary School, New Beacon Optics Valley International Hotel
Bus Routes: 25, 301, 333, 373, 536, 786, 913

Surroundings: Baoxie Road, Gaokeyuan Road, Luojiacun Village, Fuxu Village, Xiaoli Village, Lanting Park, Yiye Apartment, Wuhan Optics Valley International Foreign Languages School, Yufan Supermarket
Bus Routes: 25, 101, 301, 373, 536, 786, 913

Guanggu 7th Road
Surroundings: Guanggu 7th Road, North Shanhu Road, Jiufeng 3rd Road, Shengwuyuan Road, Wuhan Future City, Taohuayuan Community, Longshanxi Park, Zhongbai Supermarket
Bus Routes: 25, 301, 373, 536, 753, 786, 913

Surroundings: Zhengjia Road, Libao Road, Changling 3rd Street, Changling Mountain, Lishan Mountain, Xiatang Village, Dafang Village, Changshan Village
Bus Routes: 25, 301

Weilai 1st Road
Surroundings: Weilai 1st Road, Bishui Road, Taolin Road, Gumu Mountain, No.1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University Guangggu Campus, Jinji Mountain
Bus Routes: 25, 301

Weilai 3rd Road
Surroundings: Weilai 3rd Road, Liugang Road, Zuomiao Road, Zuoling Avenue, Zhiyuan Community, Quanjing Middle School, Zuoling 2nd Primary School
Bus Routes: 25, 301, 345, 359, 753

Surroundings: Jiulonghu Street, Zuoling Railway Station, Yuquan Community, Fengming Community, Huangpiling Community, Baihu Community, Zuoling Shopping Mall
Bus Routes: 301, 345, 35
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