Hangzhou Dining -- Snack Streets

Hangzhou has several famous snack streets, such as He Fang Jie (Qing He Fang), He Dong Lu, Jing Zhou Lu, Wu Shan Lu, Gao Yin Jie, etc. There you can find traditional local snacks as well as the ones from other provinces. Here are some references.

He Fang Jie (Qing He Fang)
He Fang Jie (Qing He Fang)

 He Fang Jie (Qing He Fang)
This is the most famous snack street in this city, all the food here would charge no more than CNY10 per each, you can have a little bit of every kind to have a good experience. There are some other kinds of stores here:
Traditional Chinese medicine: Hu Qing Yu Tang, Fang Hui Chun Tang, Ye Zhong De Tang, etc.
Tea Houses: Tai Ji Cha Lou, Da He Cha Dao Guan, Weng Long Sheng Cha Zhuang, etc.
Antiques: Rong Bao Zhai, Ya Feng Tang, Hua Bao Zhai, etc.
Traditional Handicraft: Ou Ye Dao Jian, Xi De Bao, Wang Xing Ji Shan Zhuang, Long Quan Qing Ci, Wu Yue Ren Jia, Zhang Xiao Quan, etc.
Restaurants: Kui Yuan Guan, Xi Le Yuan, Zhuang Yuan Guan Noodle Shop, Jing Yang Gang, Wang Run Xing, etc.
Location: Near Wu Shan Square.
Bus Routes:  Tourist bus line 6 (Y6), 8, 13, 59, 71, 87, 190, 195, 198, 208, 216, 280, 284, 301, 308, 404, 510, 522, 537, 801, 808, 834 to Gu Lou Stop

 Hedong Road Snack Street

A stall selling griddle cakes on He Fang Jie
A stall selling griddle cakes on He Fang Jie

Many restaurants has gathered here, especially in the area near Chang Ban Xiang, here you can find cuisines from all over Zhejiang Province, the best part is the Wenzhou seafood.
Location: Near Zhao Hui Wen Hua Gong Yuan
Bus Routes: J1, 19, 30, 38, 44, 45, 57, 58, 67, 218, 316, 807, 826 to Zhao Hui Wu Qu Stop

 Jingzhou Road Snack Street
Newly-built, it is located in the western part of the city. Some restaurants are decorated in different styles and they are famous for their flavor dishes. There is one thing that the transportation is not convenient to get there.
Location: Near West Wener Road.
Bus Routes: 81, 86, 194, 199, 221, 310, 349, 804 to Wen Er Xi Lu Jing Zhou Lu Kou

 Gaoyin Street
Gao Yin Jie is beside He Fang Jie, there are many flavor restaurants here. Different from He Fang Jie, there are little food stalls here. Most of the dining places are well decorated restaurants, some are of traditional Chinese styles. The most famous restaurant here is called Huang Fan Er. For visitors, better go there at non-dining time, since there would be many people.
Location: Parallel to He Fang Jie.
Bus Routes: 8, 60, 195, 208, 216 at Gao Yin Jie Dong Kou

 Jin Jiang Seafood Snack Street
This street would be in its best in summer. Here you can find fish-head from Thousand Islet Lake, Sea Baby Clams from Zhou Shan, Fresh Oyster from Zhanjiang, Crown Prince Crab from Fujian and Sea Mullet from Xiangshan. The ingredients are all freshly transported from their origin places.
Location: Near Qiutao Road.
Bus Routes: 14, 20, 39, 44, 59, 60, 71, 202, 216, 516, 836, 864 to Jin Jiang Cun

 Baochu Road Snack Street
Located at the north side of West Lake, Bao Chu Lu is now a famous site attractive to visitors with its good position and flavor restaurants.
Location: Near the joint of Shuguang Road and Tiyuchang Road.
Bus Routes: Tourist line 4 (Y4), Tourist line 5 (Y5) 16, 28, 49, 66, 92, 228, 282, 807, 830, 841 to Song Mu Chang, 6, 11, 17, 25, 36, 73, 221, 841 to Bao Chu Lu.

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