Tibet Area Code & Zip Code

City Area Code District / County Zip Code
Lhasa 891 Chengguan District 850000
Nyemo County 851600
Dagze County 850100
Lhunzhub County 851600
Quxu County 850600
Maizhokunggar County 850200
Damxung County 851500
Doilungdeqen County 851400
Chamdo Prefecture 895 Chamdo County 854000
Riwoqe County 855600
Baxoi County 854600
Lhorong County 855400
Jomda County 854100

Dengqen County

Zogang County 854400
Banbar County 855500
Gonjo County 854200
Chag'yab County 854300
Markam County 854500
Lhoka (Shannan) Prefecture 893 Nedong County 856100
Sangri County 856200
Comai County 856900
Lhunze County 856600
Zhanang County 850800
Qionggyai County 856800
Lhozhag County 851200
Cona County 856700
Gonggar County 850700
Qusum County 856300
Gyaca County 856400
Nagarze County 851100
Shigatse Prefecture 892 Shigatse City 857000
Tingri County 858200
Ngamring County 858500
Ringbung County 857200
Zhongba County 858800
Nyalam County 858300
Namling County 857100
Sa'gya County 857800
Xaitongmoin County 858900
Kangmar County 857500
Yadong County 857600
Saga County 858600
Gyantse County 857400
Lhatse County 858100
Bainang County 857300
Dinggye County 857900
Gyirong County 858700
Gamba County 857700
Nagqu Prefecture 896 Nagqu County 852000
Nyainrong County 853500
Sog County 852200
Nyima County 853200
Lhari County 852400
Amdo County 853400
Baingoin County 852500
Biru County 852300
Xianza County 853100
Baqen County 852100
Ali / Ngari Prefecture 897 Burang County 859500
Rutog County 859700
Coqen County 859300
Zanda County 859600
Ge'gyai County 859100
Gar County 859000
Gerze County 859200
Nyingchi Prefecture 894 Nyingchi County 860100
Medog County 860700
Nang County 860400
Gongbo’gyamda County  860200
Bome County 860300
Mainling County 860500
Zayu County 860600

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 Selected Questions and Answers:

 Asked by Mr.James Prieto(USA)
I am haven trouble sending a fax to Tibet, China , can someone point me in the right direction?

  Answered by Mr.blare
Hi, please dail 01186 plus area code of the city in China and then plus the fax number, it is ok. You can check the area code on this website. If it does not work, there may be somthing wrong with the machine. I heard that there are some websites offering online fax which is easy and cheap. Maybe you can have a try!

  Asked by Ms.Healy(USA)
I will be in Lhasa in May and was wondering if there were any place to get a traditonal tatoo.
Thank you

 Answered by Ms.Chris
You can go to PURE LAND TATTOO at Zang yiyuan(hospital) road in Lhasa.

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Questions & Answers on Tibet Area & Zip Code
Asked by Mr.pachyin from MALAYSIA | Jan. 09, 2010 12:34Reply
i plan to go tibet and also a few places around there. alrdy bought cheap ticket from 12/may to cheng du.
am looking for travel partner. By the way, anyone can give me information on how to apply visa?
pls email me at hotmail.com|pachyin.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Sandy | Jan. 11, 2010 02:12

The permit into Tibet can be applied for at the office of Tibet Tourist Bureau at Chengdu: at Room 618,Tibet Hotel, 10 Renmin Beilu. You can get there when you arrive at Chengdu.
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