Choosing, Reservation & Payment of Yangtze Cruise

Question: How long are the Yangtze cruise vacations?

Answer: The length varies on different cruising courses. The shortest one is 4 days from Chongqing to Yichang and the longest could be 9 days or more from Shanghai to Chongqing. Length is not the only element to consider. You need also consider the schedules, which might not be available daily.

Question: Is it better to take a Yangtze River cruise upstream or downstream? Does it make any difference? Or is it just that downstream is a little faster?

Answer: The biggest difference is downstream takes less time. Usually there are only a few minor differences for shore excursion programs between ships of the same company and most ships will have exactly the same programs for both downstream and upstream cruises.

Question: Can you arrange an extra bed for the Yangtze cruise?

Answer: Not all ships provide extra beds in standard twin cabins. It is based on the space in their cabins. For example, American Victoria ships do not provide extra beds, nor does China Regal.

Question: I am confused about the Yangtze River cruises from Chongqing to Wuhan. They are listed as lasting 5 days, but the start and stop days really cover 4 days.

Answer: There is one day when you pre-board the ship. This only occurs when the ship is scheduled to sail in the early morning. For example, the downstream cruise of Regal China from Chongqing to Wuhan. The ship is scheduled to sail at 8:00 am. We arrange a one-day city tour in Chongqing then the guide arranges for you to board in the evening.

Question: Please explain a bit about Shennong Stream and why this is offered instead of the Three Little Gorges in some itineraries?

Answer: Both are side trips of the Yangtze River cruise to the unspoiled tributaries, and both feature natural beauty and exciting boating, drifting along crystal streams. Considering the river's water conditions and the schedules of different ships, the company will arrange either Three Little Gorges or Shennong Stream.

Question: What does my Yangtze cruise fare include?

Answer: For the itineraries on our website, the fare includes accommodations on twin sharing-basis, daily meals and shore excursion programs. It excludes personal expenses, like laundry, phone calls, internet etc.

Question: How do I pay for my Yangtze cruise? Can we pay in the Chinese currency (CN yuan)?

Answer: Yes, you can pay by CN Yuan (CNY) but it needs to be paid before you arrive. Although we book the cabins for you, we need to pay for your cabins in advance before you board the ship. Your pre-payments are required. We accept wire transfer (cable transfer), personal checks and main credit cards. The specific information that you may require is accordance with the cruise you book. We suggest you contact us to get more information about booking and payment.

Question: May I know the assigned cabin for me now? I would like to assure myself that I got the best cabin according to my booking.

Answer: Sorry, we can not assure you that you will get the exact cabin you want in advance because the company informs us your cabin assignment only 2 or 3 days prior to the scheduled departure.

- Last updated on Jul. 25, 2019 -
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