China Hotel Service and Facilities

China hotel service and facilities can meet the most demands of guests. When booking itineraries from China tour operators, you will notice that they mainly use starred hotels to better serve their guests. The higher the rank, the better the services and facilities you will enjoy. Apart from starred hotels, there are budget hotels, homestay, and youth hostels. These are good options for budget travelers, but with less satisfactory services and facilities.

Service and Facilities of Starred Hotels in China

Starred hotels in China are divided into five ranks based on standards issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China. Many of them are rated as 3-star or above according to international standards. Most of them have comfortable and convenient facilities. Generally speaking, the higher the star level is, the more the services and facilities are. If you would like to enjoy a very pleasant trip and don’t mind the cost, you can ask the China tour operator to arrange three-star hotels or above for you.

Two-bed Room of a four-star hotel
Two-bed room of a four-star hotel
Dining room of a four-star hotel
Dining room of a four-star hotel

One- and Two-star Hotels:

In China, one- or two-star hotels are economical and clean. But they may have very limited English speaking staff. 

One-star hotels must have at least 15 guest rooms, while two-star hotels should have at least 20 guest rooms. At least 75% of both should be equipped with private bathrooms, where there is a water closet, wash basin, and shower or bathtub. In case that there is no private bathroom, separate washrooms for male and female should be set up in the public area on each floor.

Soft beds, desks, chairs, and nightstands are available inside the rooms. TV, air-conditioner, free wifi, power sockets, and soundproof devices are also provided.

As for services, the front desk is on duty 24 hours, providing check-in, check-out, inquiry, and message services. Promotional pamphlets on the hotel’s services, price schedules, travel brochures of the local tourist attractions, local tourist maps, magazines, and schedules of the main transportation tools are accessible at the front desk. Besides, they also generally provide bellboy services, baggage deposit services, and self-help laundry services. Rooms should be thoroughly cleaned daily. Housekeepers need to change the bed sheets and pillow covers daily or upon the guest’s request.

Three-star Hotels and Above:

Three-star and above hotel rooms are always equipped with an air-conditioner, TV, refrigerator, telephone, double curtain and a private bathroom. Hot and cold water is available 24 hours a day and free wifi is always available except in remote areas or cities. Three-star hotels also have restaurants, bar and coffee services, banquet halls, conference rooms, ballrooms and laundry facilities. Some of the staff can speak basic, everyday English while other may be able to speak only Chinese.

Four or five-star hotels are luxury properties with spacious, soundproof rooms; large lobbies; health clubs; business centers; 24-hour room service and excellent Chinese and western food. They have standards that nearly match similarly rated properties in large European and American cities.

Business center of a five-star hotel
Business center of a five-star hotel
King-size Bed Room of a five-star hotel
King-size bed room of a five-star hotel

All three-star hotels and above offer a choice of numerous TV channels, including several of the popular international ones. Popular English or Japanese newspapers and magazines, such as the International Herald Tribune, The Times, Asian Wall Street Journal and Far Eastern Economic Review can be obtained at the front desk free of charge. International and domestic long-distance call can be made directly from your room and services such as telegram, telex or fax are available in the commercial center.

Some of the three-star hotels or above also provide bowling alleys, swimming pools, multi-functional halls, ballrooms, beauty parlors, massage rooms, saunas, and clinics. Sometimes, shopping malls, banks and post offices are also available.

Service and Facilities of Budget Hotels in China

Budget hotels in China are mostly chain hotels with relatively low rates. In spite of the low price, they guarantee clean rooms and complete facilities. Usually, free internet access, 24-hour hot water supply, private bathrooms, shower, air conditioner, TV, telephone, bedside table, and bedside lamp are the necessities. Some good budget hotels also own meeting room and dining room.

Service and Facilities of Homestay in China

Nowadays, homestay lodgings with unique regional features in China like those found in the Old Beijing Courtyard and Lijiang Old Town are becoming more and more popular among foreign visitors.

It’s regulated that such rooms are decorated to present local customs and features. Rooms should be clean and bright, equipped with basic articles of daily use like cups, thermos, towels, etc. Washrooms for males and females should be separated and marked with conspicuous signs. The courtyard walls and gates should be secure enough to keep guest’s safety. There is often a well ventilated kitchen in the room, with various cooking utensils and tableware put in order. 

Service and Facilities of Youth Hostels in China

Another popular form of lodging is the International Youth Hostel. Rates are quite low and are based on a single bed. However, the facilities in the youth hostels are not that satisfactory. As they are mainly targeted at backpackers, a wide bed for a number of people or bunk bed is provided. There are only simple facilities like hard bed mattress, bedding, personal wardrobe which can be locked, public bath room, and toilets. Some better youth hostels are also equipped with washing machine, buffet restaurant, and recreation room.

Normally, disposable toiletries and slippers are not provided so that guests need to prepare them by themselves or buy one at the front desk. Sheets and pillow covers are changed every three days or changed when each guest leaves. Of course, you can also ask the housekeeper to change them at any time if necessary.

China Hotel Service Terminology

Advance Deposit: Money paid to the hotel in advance to guarantee a reservation.
Advance Payment: Money paid to the hotel when checking in for unexpected expense incurred during the stay in the hotel. 
Amenity: Gifts offered by the hotel for free, such as flowers, fruits, and drinks.
Check-in: Guests arrive and go through the necessary procedures before staying in the hotel.
Check-out: Guests pay the bill and leave.
Early Arrival: Guests who check in before 2. Pm on the arrival date.
Guest Folio: Printed detailed bill for items consumed in the hotel.
Late Check-out: Check-out later than the specified time. Note: Most hotels designate 12:00 at noon as the check-out time. If a guest does not leave before this time, extra expense may occur unless permitted by the hotel.
Morning Call: Timed morning wakeup service offered by the hotel if you ask for it.
Turn-down Service: Housekeepers come into your room in the late afternoon to turn your bed down, close the curtains, and leave clean towels and amenities.
Upgrade: For some reasons, a hotel arrange a more expensive room for a guest but charge the same as the original room.
Wakeup Call: Timed wakeup service offered by the hotel if you ask for it. Different from morning call, this is applicable to all day.

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Questions & Answers on China Hotel Service and Facilities
Asked by Mike from FRANCE | Oct. 05, 2018 06:41Reply
Google on WIFI
Very rescently I discovered during my last stay in China that I was able to reach all google services in Shenzhen. (certainly through local VPN). Now I would like to have the same service available in a Shanghai's hotel. Do you know how to recognyze such kind of hotel.
Answers (3)
Answered by Jenny from ARGENTINA | Oct. 08, 2018 18:51

Well, if you can link through local VPN, all the google service are available no matter what kind of WIFI you use. So it doesn't matter too much about which hotel you choose.
Answered by mike from FRANCE | Oct. 12, 2018 00:17

I personly don't have VPN at all and I don't know how it works but I had access to all google services in Baolilai International Shenzhen Hotel and this was very very convenient for me.
Do you know which hotel could propose the same service in Shanghai? Thank you.
Answered by Jenny | Oct. 14, 2018 18:21

I have no idea about that but maybe you can choose some large hotels and contact them in advance to ask if they can provide the related service.
Asked by steve from USA | Nov. 08, 2017 12:46Reply
is it true some hotels reject foreigners from staying in hotels, if so which hotels in shanghai?
Answers (1)
Answered by Tiana from MALAYSIA | Nov. 08, 2017 19:45

Yes, it is true. These hotels reject foreigners because they have not the legal qualification. Many small business hotels and two or three star hotels are on the list. So you can book an international one of four or five stars, or stay in a youth international hostel which is usually budget.
Asked by MAMCO | Oct. 30, 2017 05:33Reply
I will visit Guangzhou city in Nov 22 How can I find reasonable hotel, Please suggest me.
Answers (1)
Answered by Emily from CANADA | Oct. 31, 2017 00:53

Well, you are advised to find a hotel in Yuexiu District, such as Haizhu Square. You can easily find several chain hotels. And the prices are reasonable. The surrounding transportation is quite convenient. It is easy to take metro and public buses to major scenic areas. Have a nice trip!
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