BJ70: Tour from Beijing to Bashang Grassland & Zhangjiakou

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 This is a guided tour by eco-friendly public transport. If you need a private car, feel free to contact our travel consultants to arrange it for you.
Day 1 Beijing - Bashang Grassland
Bashang Grassland is the nearest natural grassland to Beijing. If you want to visit grassland but not like to travel too far, Bashang is a great choice. The best time for this grassland tour is in summer from June to August. 

Geographically, Bashang Grassland is in the north of Beijing and Hebei and southeast of Inner Mongolia, covering an area of over 200,000 square kilometers (77,220 square miles). For tourists, they usually travel to Weichang Bashang, Fengning Bashang, Zhangbei Bashang, and Guyuan Bashang. This 2 days' Beijing & Zhangjiakou tour will guide you to visit Zhangbei Bashang. 
  Get to Zhangbei Bashang Grassland from Beijing by Public Transport
Zhangbei Bashang Grassland is about 270 kilometers (170 miles) from downtown Beijing and it takes about 3.5-4 hours to travel there by public transport. But do not worry. Our guide will accompany you all the way there. 

→ After picking you up from your hotel in downtown Beijing, proceed to Beijing North Railway Station or Qinghe Railway Station, where high speed trains to Zhangjiakou depart from. Our travel consultants will contact you beforehand to confirm which one to use, based on the location of your hotel and the real-time train schedule. If going to Beijing North Railway Station, subway line 2, line 4, and line 13 or buses 145, 375, 438, 632 and more can be used. If going to Qinghe Railway Station, subway line 13 and Changping line, or buses 521, 623, special line 139 and more are available. 
→ Take a high speed train to Zhangjiakou; it takes about 1-1.5 hours. 
→ Change to city bus no. 10 or K3 to Zhangjiakou Coach Station, which needs about 50 minutes.
→ Transfer to a coach to Zhangbei County, which requires an hour or so.
→ After getting off, the guide will hail a taxi by roadside or on those car-hailing apps to Zhangbei Bashang Grassland; this trip needs around half an hour. 
  Activities Suggestion
Upon arrival, check in a yurt with the assistance of the guide. It is the traditional dwelling of local herders. As for lunch and more meals, it is highly advised to try local roast mutton, dishes made of wild vegetables, milk tea, and other milk products. After, go to have fun on the vast grassland. You can take in the beautiful scenery of the green grassland, try on Mongolian dresses and take photos, ride horses or camels, shoot arrows, or just have a leisurely stroll. At dusk, do not miss appreciating the sunset. At night, join the bonfire party to indulge yourself in dancing and singing. 
Day 2 Bashang Grassland – Zhangjiakou – Beijing
This morning after having breakfast, check out from the yurt and the guide will escort you to Zhangjiakou and explore several ancient sites there.
  Stop 1: Dajingmen Great Wall
First, take a taxi or private car hailed online to Zhangbei Coach Station and then connect to a coach to Zhangjiakou Long-distance Bus Station. After getting off, take city bus no.901 to Zhenggou Stop and walk a few minutes to visit Dajingmen Great Wall, one of the four most important passes on the Great Wall of China. 
  Lunch Break
Coming out of the scenic spot, the guide will leave you some time to have lunch on your own. Of course, he or she will be glad to assist you to locate some nice restaurants and make an order. If you are not so hungry, you can also choose to enjoy lunch around next sightseeing stop, Zhangjiakou Ancient Fortress. 
  Stop 2: Zhangjiakou Ancient Fortress (Buzili)
From Dajingmen Great Wall, the guide will accompany you to take bus no.16 to reach Buzili, the cradle of Zhangjiakou city to take a close look at the authentic ancient buildings constructed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 - 1911). With a history of more than 600 years, this antiquated town houses lofty Yu Huang Pavilion, Wenchang Pavilion, perfectly preserved Luncai Academy, as well as a palatial general's office and many well-arranged folk dwellings. Standing on the Yu Huang Pavilion on its northern city wall, you can overlook the whole ancient fortress.
  Return Back to Beijing by High Speed Train
This is all of this Zhangjiakou tour from Beijing. Our guide will then lead you to Zhangjiakou Railway Station by bus no. 1, K1, K3 or others and then reserve the way you come back to your hotel in downtown Beijing. Hope you are satisfied with our service! 
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