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Travel to Bashang Grassland

Day 1 Beijing - Bashang Grassland
As the first stop of this 3 days' independent Beijing & Zhangjiakou tour, the Bashang Grassland is 280 kilometers (175 miles) north of Beijing and is the nearest wide natural grassland to Beijing. It lies on the junction of the Inner Mongolia Plateau and the Great Khingan Mountains, having an average altitude of 1,700 meters (5,600 feet) above sea level. The special climate and the geographical position endow Bashang with unique natural landscapes and make it a popular destination for backpackers and photographers.

You can easily get to Bashang Grassland by public transportation. From downtown Beijing, take available bus or metro to the passenger stations of Liuliqiao or Yongdingmen, and then you might take a coach from either bus station to Zhangbei County (about 3.5 hours, CNY 90 per person) and hail a taxi to Bashang Grassland at a cost of CNY 50 or so. The whole trip takes about 4 hours, so please get to the bus station before 08:00 and catch an early bus to Zhangbei.

After arrival in Bashang Grassland, you might choose to choose the home stay at a local farmer's house to enjoy roast mutton and other plain food, chat with the host, and sleep on heated brick beds.
Day 2 Bashang Grassland - Zhangjiakou
You are suggested to spend the whole morning taking in the beautiful scenery of Bashang Grassland. You can try on Mongolian dresses and take photos on the grassland, ride horses or camels and shoot arrows. Or just strolling on the grassland is also a good way to make good use of your time on the grassland.

Afterwards, take your entire belongings to hail a taxi back to Zhangbei Bus Station and catch bus No. 101 from there to Zhangjiakou City. Alight at Pingmen Stop and then take a cab for a few minutes to Dajingmen Great Wall to continue your independent Beijing & Zhangjiakou tour.

As a precious impregnable pass of the Great Wall, Dajingmen is one of the landmarks located in the north of Zhangjiakou. There are four vigorous Chinese characters "Da Hao He Shan" inscribed above the gate, signifying the grand mountains and rivers of China. Built in Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), Great Wall of Dajingmen stretches endlessly upon the rolling mountains. Mounting the Dajingmen Great Wall, you will have a great view of the spacious landscape and overlook the whole city.

After that, you can reverse the trip back to downtown area and find yourself a comfortable hotel in the city to have a good rest.
Day 3 Buzili - Beijing
After breakfast, you can take a taxi to Buzili - an old town in the city to take a close look at the authentic ancient buildings constructed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 - 1911). With a history of more than 600 years, this antiquated town houses lofty Yu Huang Pavilion, Wenchang Pavilion, perfectly preserved Luncai Academy, as well as a palatial general's office and many well-arranged folk dwellings.

When the visit is over, your independent Beijing & Zhangjiakou tour will come to an end as well. Get back to check out from the hotel and take a taxi to Shalingzi West Railway Station or Zhangjiakou North Bus Station. After arrival, catch a train at Shalingzi West Railway Station (about 3.5 hours, CNY 30 per person) or a bus at Zhangjiakou North Bus Station (about 3.5 hours, CNY 70 per person) back to Beijing. The high speed train between Zhangjiakou and Beijing will operate after 2019. You may also take it for your return trip by that time, which will reduce the trip to 50 minutes.
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Questions & Answers
Asked by Mt. Ha from SOUTH KOREA | Nov. 11, 2018 22:45Reply
How to reach Bashang Grassland from Zhangbei County ?
According to Google map, the distance between Zhangbei County and Bashang Grassland is more than 130km. I don't understand taxi fair is only 50 CNY.
Answers (1)
Answered by Morris | Nov. 15, 2018 00:03

In fact, there are four Bashang grasslands which are Mulan Weichang Grasslands,Fengning Bashang Grasslands, Guyuan Bashang Grassland and Zhangbei Bashang Grassland. If you want to go from Zhangbei County, the nearest grassland is Zhangbei Bashang Grassland, located 70 kilometers away from the northwest of Zhangbei County. It consists of Zhongdu and Angu grasslands. The total area of the grassland is 360 square kilometers, therefore I kindly suggest you charter a car to visit.
Asked by Mr.KOOKAAQ | Jun. 16, 2014 00:54Reply
Autumn in Bashang
Hi.. What is the best time to visit Bashang Grassland to view it's autumn colour? Is mid October (after the super busy national holiday) a good timing? I am planning a trip to Beijing next year specifically for Bashang.
Also, how many days should I allocate for Bashang (considering the time of travle will take about one day)?
Answers (1)
Answered by Richard | Jun. 16, 2014 20:05

Yes, end of September to mid October is a good timing.
i suggest that you stay 2 - 3 days there.
Asked by Ben | Apr. 27, 2012 23:29Reply
Is mid May a good time to go to this tour?
Answers (1)
Answered by Teresa | May. 01, 2012 07:56

Hi, it is fine for you to visit the Bashang Grassland in May but the weather will be a little bit cold during that period. The best time to travel there is in July and Augest.
Asked by Ms.LENGLENG from SINGAPORE | Apr. 30, 2010 02:22Reply

Is the Beijing Outskirts Tour suitable for age 66,68,9 and 7 years old,please advice
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.BEIJING | Apr. 30, 2010 04:12

This tour is a little tough. If you are in good health and fully energetic, no problem.
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