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Peking University Biking

Campus Sightseeing Route: West Gate of Peking University - University Administration Building - Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology - Red Lake - Jingchun Garden - Langrun Garden - First Gymnasium - Boya Pagoda - Bell Pavilion - Six Yards - Yannan Garden - Centennial Lecture Hall - University Library - South Gate of Peking University
Peking University is China's first modern national university, and one of the nation's most prestigious academic institutes. In one hundred and some years of its existence, it has turned out many of the country's founding elites.
West Gate of Peking University
Tour of Peking University campus starts from its West Gate (built in 1926 and funded by alumni). It is a red palace gate of national symbolism. The stone lions flanking it are awe striking. Entering the gate, you will see a patch of green in front of the University Administration Building with symmetrical "Huabiao" (ornamental columns), maidenhair trees and two teaching buildings for foreign language and chemistry. The Administration Building is also in the red-painted classical style, and it houses the president's office.

Tour the campus grounds on bicycles and you can rent the bicycle at the west gate of Tsinghua University, from where you can ride west along the Qinghua West Road for about 1km and turn left onto the Yiheyuan Road. Head south for about 300 meters, you will find the west gate of Peking University.
Paddle north and then 230 meters along the road to the Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archeology. Dr. Arthur M. Sackler (1913 - 1987) was an American psychiatrist, art collector and philanthropist. He championed for Chinese Cultural Relics Protection by giving the university this museum as a special gift in 1986.
Boya Pagoda and Weiming Lake
Then paddle eastward on Jingchun Road, where the Greenhouse, Archeology Teaching Building, Biotechnology Building, Animal Set around Red Lake and the 6 Red Mansions are aligned. Continue riding 900 meters, you will find Jingchun Garden on the left side and Langrun Garden to its north. These two gardens are among the eight Qing-dynasty gardens in Beijing. With the traditional courtyards, the two gardens are now designated the China Center for Economic Research. After much makeover, it is now the most beautiful corner on campus.

Heading south here, you will be on North Weiming Road which is north of Weiming Lake. Continue riding south along the lake, you will find the First Gymnasium on your left side. Then ride southward 200 meters, and there is the Peking University icon, Boya Pagoda, an intended water tower, which was built in 1924.
Westward along Linhu Road another 500 meters, you will find the Bell Pavilion on a small hill. The bell kept the time during the university's early years. Now replaced by electric bells, people still cherished the old ones in memory. Ride further 700 meters to the south, past the Six Yards girls' dormitories in the Republic of China times, you will reach Yannan Garden.
Campus of Peking University
Yannan Garden, the shrine of Peking University, has been and still is the residential yard for many famous scholars, such as Bing Xin, Zhou Peiyuan, Ma Yinchu, Feng Youlan, Zhu Guangqian, and Tsung-Dao Lee. Democracy and Science are embodied in the academic spirit held sacred here on campus. On the east side of Yannan Garden stands the Centennial Lecture Hall. It was built in 1998 to mark the institute's centenary and it is being used as a modern multifunctional theater. Ride north to the University Library on the east side of the Six Yards. The library has a collection of 6,000,000 books ranking second largest library collection in the country.

Ride southward along the Wusi Road on the east side of the library. You come to the end of your bicycle tour. You will exit the campus through the South Gate. If you still have time, you can visit the Summer Palace, the Old Summer Palace and Qinghua University which are close by Peking University.
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as a tourist , can we get inside Peking UNiversity for sightseeing purposes only.
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Yes. You can go inside the Peking University for sightseeing.
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