BJ-WK03: Beijing Walking Tour from Wangfujing to CBD

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  Itinerary Brief
Following this one-day Beijing walking tour itinerary, the guide will escort you to go through prosperous downtown shopping blocks, modern busy business districts and ancient alleys. Clustered shopping malls and skyscrapers showcase the city's great skyline and the crisscross old alleys remind you of its long history.

 Route: Wangfujing Street - St. Joseph’s Church (East Church) - Jinyu Hutong – Temple of the Sun - Silk Market - CBD
  Stop 1: Wangfujing Street
Wangfujing Street
Having a big breakfast today because the walking tour is more energy-consuming than others. At the confirmed time, our guide will show up in your hotel lobby and lead you to the starting point, Wangfujing subway station by subway line 1 or line 8. If it is more convenient to take one of the buses 1, 41, 52, and 140, then the guide will choose it. It all depends on the location of your hotel and the real-time traffic conditions. 

 It is a guided tour by eco-friendly public transport and walk. If you need a private car, feel free to contact our travel consultants to arrange it for you.

Wangfujing Commercial Street is the most popular shopping destination in the city center of Beijing. Here, plenty of fancy stores and malls are lined up along the road to meet various shopping demands. Some of them are famous old brands existing for several hundreds of years, like Ruifuxiang selling silk products, Shengxifu famous for various hats and Wuyutai specializing in tea.
  Stop 2: St. Joseph’s Church (East Church)
Wandering northwards for about 1,000 meters (1,100 yards) along the Wangfujing Street while doing some sightseeing or shopping if interested, you will see the St. Joseph’s Church, also known as East Church or Wangfujing Catholic Church, standing at the eastern side of the street. 

Although in the midst of the bustling commercial center, this holy site is still a peaceful and solemn destination for people to perform religious rituals. You will definitely take good shots on the square in front of the church.
  Stop 3: Jinyu Hutong
After that, follow the guide to stroll backwards for one block to find the western entrance of the Jinyu Hutong on the left. It is wider than most hutongs in the city, lined up with traditional workshops, restaurants, quaint courtyards and modern malls.
  Stop 4: Temple of the Sun
Upon arrival at the eastern end of Jinyu Hutong, continue walking eastwards along the Jinbao Street for about 1,400 meters (1,500 yards). Arriving at the end of the Jinbao Street, cross the Second Ring Road and keep heading eastward along Yabao Road for 600 meters (6600 yards) to the west gate of the Temple of the Sun.

This is one of the five big altars in Beijing. As the name indicates, it was once used to worship the Sun God by ancient emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 - 1911). Many ancient architectures used for the worship ceremonies have been preserved. Inside, also grow ancient trees and beautiful flowers.  

Lunch Arrangement

On the way to the Temple of the Sun, you will encounter many restaurants. If you feel hungry, fill in your stomach before visiting the temple. If not, just enjoy your lunch after coming out. 
  Stop 5: Silk Market
Getting out of the Temple of the Sun from its southern gate, the guide will lead you to walk southward along Jianhua Road till reaching North Xiushui Street, turn left and walk forward for about 460 meters (500 yards) to reach a fork, then turn right to walk for 260 meters (280 yards) more to reach the Silk Market

In most overseas visitors' eyes, the Silk Street is a 'shopping paradise'. It is a great place to shop for Chinese-style souvenirs at a reasonable price. Distinctive silk products such as clothes, handkerchief, and scarf, as well as abundant exquisite gadgets can all be bought there. Most products there are of superior quality but lower price than those in the high end malls. Besides selecting favorite souvenirs, bargaining with sellers is also an impressive and enjoyable thing. Some travelers good at bargaining can cut down the price with a discount of 10%-30%. You may try bargaining with the assistance of the guide.
Silk Market
Silk Market
  Stop 6: Central Business District of Beijing
Getting out from the Silk Street Mall, continue this walking tour eastward along the Jianguomen Outer Street. 

Stretching from east of the Silk Street to the East 4th Ring Road, the area is clustered with towering office buildings. Headquarters of many Fortune Global 500 enterprises, high-end tech corporations, and newly-rising companies set their bases there, forming the Central Business District of Beijing City. It is a great destination to feel the modern charm of this metropolis.
  Send You Back to the Hotel
The subway line 1 is right along the Jianguomen Outer Street. After strolling in the CBD area, the guide will escort you back to your hotel by the subway train directly, or with transfers to city buses. 
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