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One-Day in Nanxun Ancient Town

Nanxun Ancient Town
The ancient town of Nanxun is located in northern Zhejiang Province southwest of Shanghai. Direct buses are available at the Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Station at No. 1666 Zhongxing Road from 06:50 to 18:30 every around one hour. The bus trip takes about 2 hours and costs CNY 50 per person.

Nanxun Ancient Town was founded during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127 - 1279). The old town only covers 2.18 square kilometers (0.84 square miles), but the well-preserved traditional buildings and picturesque scenery make it special and lovable. The buildings with white walls and gray roofs stretch along the ancient canal which divides the town into two parts.

Besides old houses, corridors, stone bridges and deep lanes, Nanxun Ancient Town is more famous due to its elegant and exquisite gardens. Most of these gardens combine Chinese and Western architectural styles, among which the Little Lotus Garden and the Jia Ye Tang Library are the most well-known ones, built in the 1920s.
Upon arrival, take a taxi to the southern gate of the Nanxun Ancient Town. The entrance fee is CNY 100 per person, including all the attractions in the town. Sightseeing boats are also available and cost CNY 160-400 per boat.

The first sport, Little Lotus Garden, is close to the entrance gate. It was the private garden and family temple of Liu Yong, a high ranking official during the late Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). The garden covers an area of 17,399 square meters (20,809 square yards) and is divided into inner and outer courts. The center of the inner court is a group of rockeries while the outer yard is centered on a lotus pond. The Jia Ye Tang Library is next to the Little Lotus Garden on the west. Over 110,000 books, 3,000 magazines, and 30,000 wooden printing plates are stored in 52 rooms there.

The next attraction is Zhang Shiming's Former Residence. The whole courtyard blends the traditional Southern China architectural features with the French style during the Renaissance. You can enjoy not only exquisite carvings on stones, bricks, and wood, but also the western lattice windows and doors, and stained glass.
Zhang Shiming's Former Residence
Continue to move northwards, and you will see the Chongde House on the east. It was owned by the third son of Liu Yong. This two-storey building follows the Roman constructional style and was built of red bricks.

Then proceed to the Nanxun History Museum, where you will learn more about the silk-making history, musical instruments, as well as paintings and calligraphy works of the town. Opposite the museum is the Guanghui Taoism Temple with a history of over 900 years.

The last destination is the highlight of this one-day Nanxun Ancient Town tour. Continue to walk northwards from Guanghui Temple and turn east onto the Eastern Street to find the One-Hundred Residential Houses. Here the river is flanked by a row of old houses, all with white walls and gray-tile roofs. It is said that these houses were built for the servants of a local rich family in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). Though 400 years have passed, most houses retain their original beauty.
This Shanghai extension tour to Nanxun will end at this point. Get out of the town from the northern gate and walk northwards for about 350 meters (380 yards) to take a bus at Nanxun Bus Station back to Shanghai.
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Questions & Answers
Asked by Joanne Coleman from UNITED STATES | Nov. 17, 2017 13:39Reply
Boat ride and place to participate in Chinese handcrafts
Is there any boat rides available? Anywhere I could learn basic calligraphy or block printing?
Answers (1)
Answered by Wong | Nov. 20, 2017 18:22

Hi, Nanxun is a water village, so you will find boat ride for sure. I am not sure if there is place in Nanxun that you cuold learn calligraphy or block printing.
Asked by raden from MALAYSIA | Sep. 05, 2017 01:09Reply
bus station name at nanxun ancient village
At what bus station they will drop passenger there if im coming from shanghai long distance bus stop?
Answers (1)
Answered by Monica | Sep. 05, 2017 04:25

There are two long-distance bus stations in Nanxun, one is Nanxun Long-Distance Bus Station at Shengli Road, Nanxun Town, the other is Tai'an Road Bus Station. The bus from Shanghai arrives at Nanxun Long-Distance Bus Station mostly. You are suggested to double confirm the destination before booking.
Asked by rprabath from SRI LANKA | Jan. 01, 2017 08:42Reply
Convenient way to Nanxun
Can anyone tell me the most convenient route to nanxun from Youdian xincun metro station ?

Answers (1)
Answered by Jeffrey | Jan. 02, 2017 19:25

There are many shuttle buses to Nanxun from Shanghai Long-Distance General Bus Station or Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station. The bus costs CNY50 per person and the ride takes around 1.5-2 hours.

From Youdian Xincun, you can take subway line 10 (Hongqiao Railway Station direction) to Hailun Road, change to line 4 (Yishan Rd.direction) and get off at Shanghai Railway Station, then walk to the Shanghai Long-Distance General Bus Station. To get to South Long-Distance Bus Station, you can take subway line 10 (Hangzhong Rd. direction) to Hongqiao Road, change to line 3 and get off at South Railway Station, then walk to the bus station.
Asked by Sok Yee from AUSTRALIA | May. 24, 2016 21:44Reply
how to travel from Nanxun to Suzhou?
We will travel to Nanxun from Shanghai, then stay a night there and the next day we will travel to Suzhou. Is there any easy or direct way to go to Suzhou from Nanxun?

Thanks :)
Answers (1)
Answered by James | May. 24, 2016 22:20

There is regular direct bus from Nanxun to Suzhou available at 07:00, 07:45, 08:25, 09:00, 09:25, 10:00, 10:40, 11:25, 12:05, 12:35, 13:10, 13:45, 14:25, 15:05, 15:40, 16:05, 16:25, 17:10 and 17:50. The bus fare is CNY25 per person and the ride takes 1.5 hours.
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