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Shenzhen Exploration

Day 1 Happy Valley – Shekou Sea World
Shenzhen Happy Valley

Get up early to start your crazy day at Happy Valley. You can take the Shekou Line subway to Window of the World station, leave from Exit A, walk northeast on the Qiaocheng West Street for about 3 minutes, and you will find the theme park. Since it was open in 1998 the Happy Valley has always been tourists' favorite destination in Shenzhen. There are thrilling rides, beautiful buildings, and interesting performances in each theme zone. Visitors, especially young people and children, will have a lot fun there. The entrance fee is CNY 200 for adults and CNY 100 for children between 1.2 m (3.9 feet) and 1.5 m (4.9 feet) and senior citizens between 65 and 69 year old.
After an exciting and exhausting day, you should treat yourself to a delicious meal in a wonderful restaurant. We strongly recommend the Shekou Sea World as your next destination. Take the Shekou Line subway for 9 stops to the Sea World station, you will see the landmark and the center of the area, Minghua cruise ship. It once was a luxury ship of a cruise company in Guangzhou. The ship retired in 1983 and was turned into a recreational center that includes luxury hotels, restaurants, exotic bars, shopping malls, and art exhibitions. At night, there are also fantastic fountain shows beside the cruise ship, which are available at 19:00 and 20:00 from Monday to Thursday and at 19:00, 20:00, and 21:00 on Friday and Saturday.
Take the Shekou Line subway to Window of the World and change to the Luobao Line. Get off at Luohu and leave from Exit C. Check in at a nearby hotel and have a good night.
Day 2 Guishan Mountain Scenic Area – New Fengjiang River Dam

Check out of the hotel and catch K446/K447 train from Shenzhen to Heyuan City at 08:58. You will arrive at Heyuan in 2 hours and 33 minutes. A hard seat ticket costs CNY 29.5. Then take a Guishan Mountain special line from the railway station to the scenic area. Far from the busy and noisy cities, the mountain has primitive forests, grotesque peaks, crystal clean streams, beautiful waterfalls. Walking along the narrow mountainous path with birds singing by your side, you will feel peaceful and relaxed. The entrance fee is CNY 45 per person.
Wanlu Lake in Heyuan, Shenzhen
In the afternoon, catch the bus back to the Heyuan City and take a taxi to New Fengjiang River Dam. The taxi fare is about CNY 30. This dam is good example of human beings taking advantage of nature to make a profit while avoiding damaging it. You cannot imagine the river backs up behind the hundred-meter high dam and Wanlü Lake (you are going to visit it tomorrow) forms in the mountainous area, while a medium-sized city sits at the foot of the dam. Return to the Heyuan Railway Station and check in to a hotel. We suggest the economic hotels, such as Home Inn and 7 Days.
Day 3 Wanlü Lake

In the morning, take a taxi to Wanlü Lake Scenic Area. The taxi fare is about CNY 30. The lake is the biggest man-made lake in south China. This scenic area includes the Hakkas Culture Exhibition Hall, Dragon and Phoenix Island, Jinghua Mountain Range, Jinghuayuan scenic spot, and Shuiyue Bay. Visitors can take ferries to visit the attractions. The inentrance fee are: Walü Lake Scenic Area - CNY 50, Shuiyue Bay - CNY 25, Dragon and Phoenix Island - CNY 20, Jinghuayuan scenic spot - CNY 30, Jinghuan Mountain Range - CNY 12, Hakkas Culture Exhibition Hall - CNY 30, and for ferry – CNY 40. However you can be economic by taking either of these two packages. Route one includes all the sites and the fare is CNY 207 per person including the admission for all sites and the ferry. The ferry only departs at 10:30 and 13:30. Route two excludes Jingyuayuan scenic spot and the fare is CNY 177 per person including the admission for four sites and the ferry. The ferry departs hourly from 09:00 to 15:00. Free WIFI is available in the scenic area.
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