Classic Day Tour of Zhangjiajie (Shuttle, Elevator & Cable Car Included)

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  Itinerary Brief
► This is a guided tour by eco-friendly public transport. If you need a private car, feel free to contact our travel consultants to arrange it for you.

If you have only one day to visit Zhangjiajie, no doubt you need to check out this tour! This is the most classic day tour plan in Zhangjiajie. For the scenic area is truly large, is it a mission impossible to see the top 5 sights in one day? Rest assured that you can complete the tour perfectly by following our guide. We will arrange the most convenient route for you, and make full use of the time-saving vehicles.

► Entry/Exit: Wulingyuan Ticket Office
► Route (Top 5 Sights): Ten-mile Gallery Golden Whip Stream Yuanjiajie Yangjiajie Tianzi Mountain
► Time: 11 hours
Guide Map of Zhangjiajie Day Tour
  Please Confirm 3 Things in Advance
1. We suggest that you arrive at Wulingyuan Town one day in advance, so that you can have a full day to complete the tour plan.
2. If you want to visit the top 5 sights in one day, we need to follow a precise time plan. If we fail to make the lunch break before 13:00, we'd better skip Yangjiajie; otherwise it will be too late and we will miss the last cable car down the hill.
3. Make sure you travel on a normal day, not a public holiday. Zhangjiajie is so popular during holidays that only two or three of the top 5 sights can be visited in a day, because there would be long queues at the entry, and you may need to wait for two or three hours to take the elevator or cable car.
  7:30 Pick-up & Entry from Wulingyuan Ticket Office
Our guide will wait for you at your own-booked hotel in Wulingyuan Town. The guide will escort you to take a taxi to get to the entrance at Wulingyuan (Wujiayu) Ticket Office.

Privilege of Our Guests: Skip-the-Line Tickets
The Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area is very popular, especially during holidays, when there are more people. There can be long queues for tickets. Book with us, and you can avoid the waste of time in line. Follow our guide to quickly check the tickets we have booked for you in advance, directly enter into the scenic area, and enjoy more time for sightseeing.

Unlike other travel agencies that only offer simple entrance tickets, we will provide you with a combo ticket including not only admission but also the shuttle bus service among different areas inside.
  8:00-9:00 Ten-mile Gallery
After entry, our guide will accompany you to take the shuttle bus to reach the Ten-mile Gallery in 15 minutes. Here is the best part of Suoxi Valley Nature Reserve in Zhangjiajie, highlighted by a ten-mile-long valley with picturesque scenery. Take a short guided hike here, or you can pay for the sightseeing train to go back and forth in 30 minutes. Afterwards, we will take the shuttle bus to Shuirao Simen in 10 minutes.
  9:00-10:00 Golden Whip Stream
Golden Whip Stream
Golden Whip Stream
Shuirao Simen is the starting point for an upstream hike to the Golden Whip Stream, which is known as the most beautiful hiking route in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, and the shooting site of the famous Chinese novel and TV series Journey to the West. The whole trail with a length of 7.5 km (4.7 mi) needs 2.5 hours for a single-way hike.

Today our guide will lead you to take a 1-hour hike to see highlights like Jumping Fish Pool, Couple Rock (Qianli Xianghui), and Zicao Pool, and get back to Shuirao Simen around 10:00.
  10:00-10:30 Special Experience: Bailong Elevator
Bailong Elevator in Zhangjiajie
Bailong Elevator
Follow the guide to take the shuttle bus to get to the lower station of Bailong Elevator in 5 minutes.

Bailong Elevator: World’s Tallest Outdoor Lift
We have generously included the Bailong Elevator in this trip, although it is usually available for an additional fee on other travel agencies' trips. We put ourselves in your shoes and fully consider your need to save time. It takes about 30 minutes to line up and take the elevator to the top of the mountain. Bailong Elevator is the world's highest, fastest and largest outdoor sightseeing elevator listed in the Guinness World Records. With a height of 326 meters (1,070 feet) and a running speed of 3 meters (10 feet) per second, it takes only 2 minutes to lift you up to the top. As the elevator climbs, you can see through the glass one of Zhangjiajie's most spectacular sights, the Divine Soldiers Party.
  10:30-12:00 Yuanjiajie
Hallelujah Mountain in Zhangjiajie
Hallelujah Mountain in Zhangjiajie
From the upper station of Bailong Elevator, our guide will escort you to take the shuttle bus to reach Yuanjiajie in 10 minutes. A 10-minute walk along the touring route will take you to a landmark of the entire scenic area, the Hallelujah Mountain, the shooting location of the movie "Avatar" and the place where Zhangjiajie has won international fame. At 150 meters (492 feet) high and 1,074 meters (3,524 feet) above sea level, the Hallelujah Mountain, aka Qiankun Pillar, stands solitarily among the peaks of Zhangjiajie, really like a scene from a science fiction movie.

► Major Scenic Spots of Yuanjiajie: Back Garden, Enchanting Platform, Goat Village, Hallelujah Mountain, First Bridge under Heaven…
► Walking Tour Time: 1.5 hours

  12:00-13:00 Lunch Break
There are only a few restaurants and food stalls on the mountain top of Yuanjiajie. It is recommended that you pack some snacks with you in the morning.

► Reminder: If we fail to complete the above trip and the lunch break before 13:00, then it is recommended that we skip the next scenic spot Yangjiajie and take the shuttle bus directly to Tianzi Mountain; otherwise we may miss the last cable car to go down the mountain.
  13:00-15:00 Yangjiajie
Wulong Village in Yangjiajie
Wulong Village in Yangjiajie
After a short rest, let’s take the shuttle bus from Tianqiao Station of Yuanjiajie to Wulong Village Crossroad Station in 15 minutes, and begin to tour Yangjiajie for 1.5 hours. The mountain scenery of Yangjiajie is magnificent but precipitous.

After getting off the bus, please watch your step when walking up the sightseeing trail. We’ll come to a fork in the road in about 10 minutes. Follow the guide to turn right here to visit the top two attractions, Wulong Village and Tianbo Mansion.
  15:00-15:40 Shuttle Bus to Tianzi Mountain
Our guide will accompany you on a walk to the Tianzi Mountain Station to take the shuttle bus to He Long Park of Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve. It's a long, bumpy ride that takes about 40 minutes.

  15:40-17:00 Tianzi Mountain
He Long Park near the drop-off place was built in memory of a Chinese marshal He Long. Climb up to the viewing platform in the park, you can feel the real charm of Tianzi Mountain famous for its pristine natural beauty. With the highest elevation of 1,262.5 meters (4,142 feet), the scenic area is surrounded by a variety of stunning odd-shaped peaks on the east, west and south sides.

► Major Scenic Spots: He Long Park, Imperial Brush Peaks, Flower Fairy Peaks, Tianzi Pavilion, Dianjiang Terrace, Shentang Valley…
► Walking Tour Time: 1.5 hours

  17:00-18:30 Downhill Cable Car & Exit
Laowuchang Sky Garden in Zhangjiajie
Scenery Seen from Cable Car
Go back to the bus stop with the guide, and take the shuttle bus for 10 minutes to get to the upper station of Tianzi Mountain Cable Car.

Fee for Cable Car Included
Our tour, with no hidden charges, offers you a time-saving ride down the Tianzi Mountain Cableway. Our experienced guide will accurately control the time of the journey and make sure to get you on the downhill cable car before it closes at 17:30. After a 7-minute ride, we’ll arrive at the mountain foot.

Following the guide to take the shuttle bus from the cable car station to the exit of the Wulingyuan Ticket Office in 20 minutes. Finally, our guide will escort you to your hotel by taxi.
  Travel Tips
1. There are plenty of restaurants near the exit for dinner. Just a 20-minute walk from the exit is the theatre for the show “Charming Xiangxi”, which is a great choice to brighten up your nightlife.

2. If you have one more day in Zhangjiajie, you can refer to other extension tours:
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3. If you come on a weekend or holiday and want to avoid the crowds for an off-the-beaten-track experience, please check:
► 1 Day Golden Whip Stream Hiking Tour

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