Lhasa Bicycle Tours

BC-LH05 : Leisurable Southern Tibet Relaxation
Numerous monasteries netted on this route, and endless distinguishing sceneries will feast your eyes with continuous surprise. This route covers most worthy-visiting sights in southern Tibet region and the leisurable arrangements will permit sufficient appreciation of the ecological sight-seeing.

Tour Itinerary: 16 days cycling of Lhasa - Xizhulin monastery - Mt. Kampala - Lake Yamdrok (Yamtso) - Nagarze town - Samding Monastery - Taklung Monastery - Tuixiang village - Lalong temple - Lhodake - Sexiang village - Sekagutuo Monastery - Lakang town - Luozhalakang Monastery - Kaqu Mountain - Lakang town - Bianba village - Lumei town - Cuomei town - Zhegu County - Tsetang - Danang town - Lhasa

On the first day, head for Kampala (4794M) Pass, which is 76 kilometers away from Lhasa. Ride along the direction to Chushu, get over “Two bridges and one hollow”, and then turn right (opposite to Gonggar Airport), continue for 10 kilometers, you will see a monastery on the peak of a mountain - Xizhulin monastery. It is said that the famous Buddha BanDanLaMu' s statue lives in this monastery and her hair is still growing. You can have an overview of the beautiful Yajiang River there. Proceed to Quwuri Mountain, which is renowned as the “Happiest Plateau” in Tibet. As there is no hostel at the foot of Mt. Kampala, you can only stay in the local Tibetan family or camp in your own tent.
On the second day, get up early in the morning; surmount Mt. Kampala as early as possible (about 20 kilometers). Then you can cycle along the Lake Yamdrok (Yamtso) at leisure. On the surrounding expansive pasture, animals and birds flourish in huge numbers. There are dozens of islets in the lake, on which flocks of birds roost. Stay in the Nagarze town for overnight.

On the third day, you will travel two special monasteries by 30 kilometers cycling. The Samding Monastery is 5 kilometers away from Nagarze. It is a monastery of Shangpa Kagyu (White Sect). Dorjepamu, the abbess of the monastery is only incarnated female Living Buddha in Tibet. Though situated out of the way, it has a succession of about 300 years. Still starting from Nagarze, ride to Taklung Monastery for 25 kilometers. It is one of the main Sakya monasteries, and you can find the former site of ancient castle and the artistic mural. If you are still energetic enough to climb the summit of the hill, you will not miss the charming sunset there.

On the fourth day, another leisurable day covers 40 kilometers and arrival in Tuixiang village. Initiate from Taklung Monastery, you are advised to follow the main path and go through two villages. Climb up the upgrading path until the summit, and a paradise lake will appear in front of you; its name is Puna Yumtso. Travel along the down slope trail for 5 kilometers, you will find a path in your right side, which extends to Tuixiang village. You can camp there, and the heaven Lake Puna Yumtso is just in face of you; boundless legend scenery will feast your eyes.

On the fifth day, after getting over a nameless pass, you can experience a cool feeling by riding down a long slope. At the mean while, you need to take special care of your bike before departure. Follow the main path, cross Lalong temple and reach Lhodake, a small county. You can find room and board there.
On the sixth day, the path becomes dangerous and adventurous and you are supposed to ride for 60 kilometers to Sexiang. Departing from Lhodak, the trail fills with sand and stones; you almost risk yourself under the cliff. For 20 kilometers riding later, an iron bridge stands in the right side. You just need to follow the path along the iron bridge, and it will lead you to Sexiang. This part of trail is fearsome but tempting and you are appreciated to note that there is still a 30 kilometers upslope in the latter part.

On the seventh day, visit Sekagutuo Monastery and have a rest.

On the eighth day, you are suggested to get up early in the morning. The route starts from the iron bridge near Sekagutuo Monastery, and you will get over a steep and precipitous mountain. The site in front of you changes to aboriginal terrace and zigzag trail. Upon arrival in Lakang Town, have a visit of Luozhalakang Monastery, which is an ancient monastery with long history.

On the ninth day, have one day trekking to the Sacred Kaqu Mountain, if you are adventurous and fearless.

On the tenth day, starting from Lakang Town, get over approximately 50 ancient forts. Continue to ride down slope, and then you will reach Bianba village.

On the eleventh day, the alongside will change a lot after Bianba village, and the trail is similar to Yellow soil valley. Stay overnight in Lumei Town and get ready for the next day's strenuous route. Lumei town is a large champaign, dotted with some old forts and a deserted monastery site.
On the twelfth day, another unique day with distinguishing sight on the way. The destination is Cuomei Town, another small town, and you can feast yourself and stay in a local hostel.

On the thirteenth day, surmount a mountain and arrive in Zhegu County. The Zhegucuo Grassland will offer another special sight. You are suggested to camp on the grassland and make fire by cattle's dung for heating.

On the fourteenth day, get up early in the morning and ride for 30 kilometers until a fork in the road. The left path will lead you to Toms of Tibetan king; and the right path will pass Yumbu Lhakhang. 20 kilometers more downgrading bituminous macadam will lead you to Tsetang.

On the fifteenth day, you are supposed to ride to Danang town. Samye Monastery is just on the way. It is the first monastery in Tibet featuring Buddhist, laws and monks, where the famous debate of the doctrines between ancient Indian Buddhism and inland Buddhism happened.

On the sixteenth day, you will return Lhasa. Your fantastic southern Tibet cycling tour ends here.