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Nakchu Exploration

For most people, Tibet is a holy place and hard to get close to. Until recently, many places in this region have not been seen by human beings, and it is because of this kind of mysterious tableland holds a unique charm in the travelers' eye. This tour will lead you to experience the unique natural scenery.
Namtso Lake, Nakchu
Nakchu, also known as the Northern Plateau in Tibet, is 4500 meters above sea level, 2400 kilometers long and 700 kilometers wide. Its total area is 286,500 square km. More than 98 percent of its population is Tibetan and their main livelihood is livestock breeding. It is sandwiched between the Kunlun, Tanggula, Gangdise and Nyainqentanglha mountain ranges, and enjoys convenient transportation with the Qinghai-Tibet Highway passing by. It is a place well worth visiting with its fantastic scenery, historical sites, and local customs.
Nakchu is one of the tourist areas in Tibet which is opening to the outside world. If possible, visit here in August since the grand Horse Racing Festival is held during that time every year. Hundreds of tourists, herdsmen and peddlers will gather here from all directions. You can take this chance to enjoy the natural scenery of the northern Tibet prairie, experience the local festival atmosphere and the minority peoples, and the life style of the local people. You may also take a short visit to the Shaten Monastery, which is one of the major scenic spots in Nakchu.
Harvest season on the plateau
On the first day, you can explore Nakchu town on your own, but please note that there are no public buses in the town. There are minibuses which cost CNY2.00 net per person, or you can take a taxi for CNY10.00 net per person. If you want to rent a taxi, please contact the Nakchu Travel Company Motorcade. Due to the limited tourist accommodations in the area, we recommend the 2-star Nakchu hotel for you for the one night. The address is No. 262 Seni eastern road and the contact number for this hotel is 0896-3821898.
Sok County is located in the northeast part of the Nakchu area. Your second day tour will start from this beautiful county. The area of prairie here is fifty-two thousand Chinese acres. You may take your time to enjoy the beautiful grassland scenery around the county. Also, you can visit the Sok Tsanden Monastery, which was founded by the Mongolian leader Gushri Khan, and houses 270 monks. The monastery looks like a miniature version of the Potala Palace in Lhasa. The best views of the building are from the south, as you leave town.
After the two days' sightseeing, on the last day, you may hire a car to go back to Lhasa, or if you want, there is another economical way, which is the long-distance bus. The main bus station is the Nakchu long-distance motor station, and you only need to wait for the bus at the parking lot near the hotel in the evening. Your memorable Tibet tour will end after arrival in Lhasa.
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