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Excursion to Tsetang

You will arrive in Lhasa on the first day, drive for 90 kilometers to Tsedang from the airport, which will take an hour or so. Stay at the 3-star Tsedang hotel, the room rate for the standard twin room is CNY300.00 net per room per night. Take the rest of the day to adjust yourself to the high altitude.
Samye Monastery, Tsetang
On the second day, drive for 70 kilometers to Droku Tso Lake, which is located at the Droku village, Tsome county, Lhokha region. The depth of Droku Tso Lake is about 20 meters and there are many kinds of birds and fish, surrounded by beautiful grassland scenery and snow covered mountains. Droku grassland which is the major ranch of Lhokha region is located in Tsome County. The altitude is 4600 meters above sea level. There are wild-donkeys, Tibetan chicken, otters, lynxes, cranes and other wildlife that is subject to state protection. Then drive back to Tsedang.
Your next place of interest is the Samye Monastery. You may take a bus to the Samye Ferry Spot from Tsedang town, which is 30 kilometers distant, the fare is CNY27.00 net per person. Take the ferry across the Yarlung Zangbo River, or if you are feeling adventurous and sufficiently experienced you may wish to take the sheep kayak. Once over the river, upon payment of CNY3.00 net per person a freight vehicle on the roadside can take you directly to the Samye Monastery. It is worth remembering that the drivers or boatmen might try to overcharge you, so please negotiate the fare with them prior to getting in the boat or the car. It is possible to stay at the guest house in this Monastery, the room rate is between CNY15.00 net - CNY40.00 net per person, but you should be aware that there not many good restaurants in this locality.
A Tibetan prayer
Samye Monastery, built in the mid-8th century, was Tibet's first formal Buddhist Monastery dedicated to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.  The monastery with its virtual forest of stupas, boasts buildings that are tall and expansive. The overall style is both grand and broad and laid out in a traditional 'mandala' pattern. That is to say, the structures surround a central focal point. The monastery is famous for its eclectic mix of Han, Tibetan and Indian architectural styles as in the main hall as well as its collection of numerous relics comprising wood and stone carvings, frescos and statues.
Return to the Samye Ferry Spot by the same route, waiting on the roadside to hitch a ride back to Tsedang. You may take a tractor in the town to Yongbulakang, the fare is usually CNY5.00 net per person, but the most convenient way is to hire a motorized tricycle, the round trip fare is about CNY40.00 net. We suggest you ask the driver to stop at the Tredruk Temple for a while on the way back to Tsedang. Tredruk Temple was built at 7th century by Songtsen Gampo - the 33rd king of the Tupo dynasty. Stay overnight in the Tsedang town.
On the last day, travel southwest of the town for 90 kilometers and you will arrive at the Die Koenigsgraeber, which is the largest mausoleum in Tibet. You may rent a car in the Tsedang town to go to the Die Koenigsgraeber; the round trip fare is CNY100.00 net. However, you may take a tractor instead, which will cost you CNY5.00 net per person. After your visit to the mausoleum return to Tsedang town, where your tour will end.
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