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5 Days Bike Route from North to South Xinjiang

Day 1 Urumqi - Houxia
You will reach to the Houxia which is 76 kilometers away from Urumqi. Start from the 980 meter-high Wuyi Night Market in Urumqi. Ride southwestward along the No. 216 National High Way for 13km and you will get out of the City. Ride on for 18 kilometers to reach the 1400 meter-high Yongfeng Village. You may have some local food for lunch at the tiny local village restaurant. Continue to ride on the bituminous macadam for about 45 kilometers and you will finally arrive in the destination of today - the 2000 meter-high Huoxia. The road is combined with slow and abrupt upper slopes. For the night, you may ask the local people when having dinner in the local restaurant. They are willing to offer some very useful information. For some travelers, the Post and Telegraph Hostel may be considered. Or, just set up the camp and stay overnight.
Day 2 Houxia - No. 1 Glacier
You will visit the No. 1 Glacier. It is located 55 kilometers away. Actually, the temperature is very low in the mountain area as it snows almost all the year. To avoid stay at the camp for the night, you may stop at the No. 1 Glacier Weather Station (3440mter-high marked by G216 Mere Stone) and spend the night at its hostel. Another choice is stay the night at the nearby Kazak Tent and it cost about half the price of the hostel. Have meals in the Tents. Enjoy the amazing landscape.
Day 3 No. 1 Glacier - Baluntai
On the third day, leave the No. 1 Glacier and head for the Baluntai. Spend about 3 hours of hard cycling to the 2515 meter-high Shenglidaban marked by G836 Mere Stone along a zigzagging and rugged mountain road. Then head 60km to the 1860 meter-high Baluntai. Stay overnight there.
No. 1 Glacier
No. 1 Glacier
Bosten Lake
Bosten Lake
Day 4 Baluntai - Bosten Lake
On the fourth day, you will visit the Bosten Lake. The Bosten Lake, holding a vast water of 980 square kilometer, is the largest fresh water lake in the both Xinjiang and inland China. Ride down the slope until reaching the Hydrologic Station marked by Mere Stone 216 and 913. From this junction, roads leads to both the Lake and Korla. Turn left to the No. 206 Provincial High Way. The flat road leads to the Bosten Lake via Hejing (20 kilometers), Yanzhi (33 kilometers) and Bohu County (10 kilometers), Chai Village (9 kilometers) and finally 20 kilometers earth road before getting to the Lake. On the way, the Yellow Temple which is 12 kilometers away from the Baluntai County can be visited. The vast Lake is cut into several sections with different charms and characteristics. The Golden Sand Beach on the lake is the best for tourist to swim, surfing with motorboats, stroll and enjoy Sunbath. Yidong Fish Restaurant can offer both fish dishes and accommodation. Sure, you can camp on the side of the Lake, but there are many mosquitoes so that you may not sleep well at night. The vast water with lovely sunlight, white clouds and reed marshes has attracted travelers from all walks of life either in or abroad.
Day 5 Bosten Lake - Korla
Return to the Hydrologic Station first and continue ride southwestward for 17 kilometer to get to Korla. Take your time to ride out of the Lake as the landscape is the most beautiful section. The black bituminous macadam devise the two sides with endless Gobi on the left side while the reed marshes on the right side. It will be very interesting and may only exist in Xinjiang Province. Spend the night at Korla - a modern and clean city in the south of Xinjiang Province. Tour ends here.
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Questions & Answers
Asked by Phang CS from SINGAPORE | Nov. 26, 2015 02:55Reply
Cycling in Xinjiang - the best time to go and a more relaxed schedule
I am keen to do a Xinjiang cycling but I am not a very good rider (66 years old). Can you recommend a cycling trip which is more relax-type? I can afford to stay on the route for 2 weeks to enjoy the scenery and have more time to relax in each stop place.

Thank you

Phang CS (彭松山 - 新加坡)
Answers (3)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Nov. 26, 2015 19:29

Dear Phang,

Actually cycling tour in Xinjiang is for those who are good at riding as Xinjiang is very large and cycling from one site to another is not a short journey. We suggest you take a private tour accompanied by a tour guide and a driver with a private van. In some large tourist sites, there is bike rental service and you can take short bycicle on the spot. Hope it helps.
Answered by Phang Chong Sun from SINGAPORE | Nov. 29, 2015 19:47

Good suggestion, as my main objective is to explore the beautiful Xinjiang as far as possible in a more relaxed mood, with cycling to go to more remote areas.

Can you recommend a tour company who can do this for me?

Phang CS (Singapore)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Nov. 29, 2015 20:33

Dear Phang,

Hereunder is the Silk Road Tours for your reference. You can check it and advise us your idea by email if you are interested. Thank you.
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