Qiangzilu Great Wall

Broadly speaking, Qiangzilu Great Wall consists of Qiangzilu Pass, 3-km-long (2 mi) Xiaoguanmen Great Wall to its north and Qiangzilu Great Wall shaped like a giant “V” to the north of Xiaoguanmen. As the former two have collapsed in bad conditions, most hikers lay emphasis on the Qiangzilu Great Wall, so do the below hiking itinerary for reference. 
Qiangzilu Great Wall Qiangzilu Great Wall

How to Get to Qiangzilu Great Wall from Beijing

Qiangzilu Great Wall is located in Miyun County in the northeast suburb area of Beijing, about 115 km (72 mi) from city center. 

→ Firstly, you may reach Dongzhimen by subway line 2 or line 13, get out from Exit H to reach Dongzhimen Transit Hub. 
→ Take bus no. 980 Express there and get off at Miyun Xinnongcun, after 1 hour 40 minutes’ ride at the cost of CNY16. 
→ Then transfer to Miyun bus no. 16 to Guanshang Stop in around 1.5 hours and with the cost of CNY7. The Qiangzilu Great Wall hiking usually starts here.

Qiangzilu Great Wall Hiking Route

 Route: Guanshang Village - Qiangzilu Pass - Quanshui Village - Qiangzilu Great Wall - Gaojian Watchtower - Mipu Village - Quanshui Village - Beigou Village
 Distance: about 9 km (5.6 mi)
 Time needed: around 5.5 - 6 hours 

Upon getting off from Miyun bus no. 16, walk backwards to the Qiangzilu Pass. Only the northern gate is still remained at present. 

After a short photo stop, head northwards along a cement road towards Quanshuihe Village. Follow the path on the left side when you arrive at a fork. Along the way, you will see the ruins of Xiaoguanmen Great Wall built on the low hills at the right side of the road. For your safety, keep a distance from the ramparts as this section has been severely damaged.

You will arrive at Quanshuihe Village after about 3 kilometers’ hiking. Qiangzilu Great Wall is on the mountain ridges to the northeast of the village. Walking eastward along the road to the north of the village, you will arrive at the foot very soon. This section firstly extends to the northeast but takes a 90-degree turn to the northwest at the Datizi Valley, looking like a giant "V" among the rolling mountains. As the first barrier guarding the eastern border of Beijing City in the old times, it was of great strategic importance and had undergone numerous fierce battles.

When you reach the intersection, pick the ramparts leading to the northeast first. You will then pass by the Gaojian Watchtower and finally reach the highest point of this section. The section around Gaojian Watchtower is very unique: along the main north-south wall, there is a branch wall extending to the east every a few hundred meters. This kind of design could enable soldiers to outflank enemies and put them in the middle of crossfire in old war times.

After enjoying the full view of the scenery, get back to the intersection and go up along the other rampart. Finally, get down and follow the cement road southwards to Quanshui Village and then head for the Beigou Bus Stop. Reverse the trip back to Beijing.

Travel Tips

1. As this Qiangzilu Great Wall hiking might take 5.5-6 hours, make sure you prepare enough snacks and bottled water to help you keep the strength.
2. You are suggested to return to Beigou stop before 17:00 to take Miyun bus no. 16 back to Miyun Bus Station, as the last bus no. 980 Express Line leaves for Beijing Dongzhimen Transit Hub at 18:30. 
3. Lack of enough protection and repair, most parts of Qiangzilu Great Wall are dilapidated, so don't wear slippers, high heels, or sandals. A pair of climbing boots is the best choice.
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