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Trekking from Taolinkou to Liujiakou

Day 01: Qinhuangdao City - Taolinkou Village - Taolinkou Great Wall - Shuiyu Valley - Jianshanhuai Watchtower - Liujiakou Village

Please take bus 1, 6, 10, 17, 19, or 27 to Renji Yiyuan stop before 08:00, and you will see the Qinhuangdao Haiyang Road Long-Distance Bus Station the moment you alight from the bus. Take a coach bound for Taolinkou Village there and you will arrive at the destination in around 2 hours. Upon arrival, head northwards along the highway until you see a section of dilapidated wall stretching to the top of the hill by the road. That is where you start this 1-day hiking tour.

The first third of the Great Wall was built along the mountains ranges which are of mild slope, but has been severely damaged with gravels covering the surface. For your safety, be careful when stepping on the ramparts or you may walk on the soft meadows beside the wall instead which is much more comfortable and energy-saving.

After trekking for a few minutes, you will see a broken watchtower looking like a giant lion, with walls on the two opposite sides already disappeared and gates on the other walls badly damaged. Pass by the tower and then detour around a mound, and you will see a watchtower with only half of a wall remained today. As the Taolinkou Village is farther and farther away from you, relatively well-preserved watchtowers will come into sight. These towers have a unique appearance with red bricks as their foundation and the other parts built of grey stones.

Taolinkou Great Wall

Hiking on the Great Wall

After climbing over another mound, please walk along the ramparts to reach the next peak, and then go along the mountain ranges until you reach at the V-shaped wall. Watch your step to go downhill along the steep ramparts for around 200 meters (220 yards) and you will reach at the lowest point which is called Shuiyu Valley by locals.

After taking enough rest there, continue to trek along the ramparts uphill and there is the Jianshanhuai Watchtower at the top of the hill, which marks the highest peak of the Great Wall from Taolinkou to Liujiakou.

Then, go along the ramparts for several hours until there is an obvious path leading to Liujiakou Village at the foot of the mountain.

It is suggested you set up a tent at a wide-open square near the south entrance of the village to spend the night, as there is rarely hostel available in the village.

Taolinkou Great Wall Free
Qinhuangdao - Taolinkou bus ticket CNY 26

Day 02: Liujiakou Village - Liujiakou Gate Tower - Liujiaying Village - Lulong County - Qinhuangdao City

After breakfast, please walk through the village to the north to find the Liujiakou Gate Tower which crosses over a former waterway. After taking enough pictures of this old tower, please hail a taxi to the Liujiaying Village. Take a bus from Liujiaying Bus Station to Lulong County, and then transfer to Qinhuangdao City.


Liujiakou Gate Tower Free
Liujiakou - Liujiaying taxi fare CNY 15
Liujiaying - Lulong bus ticket CNY 10 or so
Lulong - Qinhuangdao bus ticket CNY 22

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