Huangshan Dining - Snacks

 Snacks here are abundant, especially in Tunxi Old Street. Special ones include:

 Youjian Mao Doufu (Fried Odorous Bean Curd)
Odorous bean curd is a kind of sour bean curd with a layer of white 'hair' fried in a pan then sprinkled with seasonings. While the bean curd smells bad, it is delicious. It is common to see in stalls. If you can bear the odor, you should try it.

 Xie Ke Huang (Yellow Crab Shell)
This Huizhou flavor snack is actually a baked sesame seed cake with a stuffing of meat and vegetables. It looks like a crab shell, hence the name Xie Ke Huang. The cakes are easy to store, convenient on a day trip.

Fried Odorous Bean Curd
Fried Odorous Bean Curd
Smelly Mandarin Fish
Smelly Mandarin Fish

 La Ba Tofu
It's the specialty of Yixian County. On the eighth day of the last lunar month of each year, Yixian people start to make the tofu exposed to the sun. The day, December 8th of the lunar calendar, is called La Ba in Chinese, hence the tofu is named La Ba Tofu. Through a period of exposure, the surface of the tofu turns golden colored. Use them to cook dishes. You can stir-fired meat or braise soup with Laba Tofu. The cooked tofu tastes quite soft and salty as well as a little sweet. Laba Tofu is strung with grass rope and suspended in freely circulating air. When cooking it, people will take down some of them.

 Stir-fried Pond Snail (Chao Tianluo)
Spring is the best season to try the stir-fried pong snail. In this period, there are many roadside stalls selling it. The meat of the pond snails is much tenderer. If you try them in a old teahouse on the Tunxi Old Street, the fragrance of tea and the freshness of the pond snails will bring you more pleasure; or you may sit by the side of the Xin'an River to eat, the beautiful river scenery will increase good memory to your trip.

Huangshan Dish
Sliced Lotus Root with Sweet Sauce
Fried Odorous Tofu
Huangshan Odorous Bean Curd

 Popular Restaurants for your reference:
Hui Yuan Xiao Chi (Anhui Snack Restaurant)
Address: No.51 Kangle Road, Tunxi District

Xin'an Renjia
Address: Binjiang Road Middle, Tunxi District

Wang Yi Tiao Wonton
Address: No.43 Huaxin Road, Tunxi District

Jiu Jia Shao Bing (Baked Cake)
Address: No.100 Tunxi Old Street (Tunxi Laojie)

 The first KFC in the city: address - first floor of Branch Shanghai Jiadeli Supermarket, Tunxi.

Tip: To visit the Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area, you go to the city. However, please remember such a fact: the food provided by the restaurants on the mountain is much more expensive than that in the downtown. So, you'd better stuff your belly before climbing. 

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