Top Korean Restaurants in Beijing

Sorabol Korean Restaurant

Chinese name: 萨拉伯尔(sà lā bó ěr)
Average Cost per Person: CNY200 - CNY300
Recommended Dishes: Hotpot Noodles, Roast Steak, Roast Beef, Roast Oxtongue, Well-done Rice with Assorted Vegetables and Meat in Stone Pot
 Sorabol (Yansha Branch)
Location: B1, Yansha Youyi Emporium, No.50, Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District
 Sorabol (Jinquan Square Branch)
Location: 1F, Jinquan Square, North Datun Road, Yayuncun
 Sorabol (Changying Branch)
Location: B1, Building No. 6, Lijingyuan Community
 Sorabol Wangfujing Branch
Location: No. 109, West Huilongguan Street

Han Na Shan Korean BBQ

Chinese name: 汉拿山韩式烧烤(hàn ná shān hán shì shāo kǎo)
As one of the best BBQ in Beijing, Han Na Shan provides signature food such as Roast Streaky Pork, Well-done Rice with Assorted Vegetables and Meat in Stone Pot, Cold Noodle and Roast Sleeve-fish.
Average Cost per Person: CNY110
 Han Na Shan Korean BBQ (New Zhongguan Branch)
Location: 4F, Xinzhongguan Mansion, Zhongguancun Street
 Han Na Shan Korean BBQ (Kaide Mall Branch)
Location: 2F, Kaide Shopping Mall, No. 12, Cuiwei Road
 Han Na Shan Korean BBQ (Hualian Branch)
Location: 3F, Hualian Mansion, No. 111, West Huilongguan Street

Quanjincheng Korean Restaurant

Chinese name: 权金城(quán jīn chéng)
It is one of the top Korean restaurants in Beijing, which provides authentic foods like Roast Beef, Roast Streaky Pork, Well-done Rice with Assorted Vegetables and Meat in Stone Pot, Cold Noodle...
Average Cost per Person: CNY120
 Quanjincheng (Xizhimen Branch)
Location: No.Jia-11, South Caochang Street, Xizhimennei Avenue, Xicheng District
 Quanjincheng (Mudanyuan Branch)
Location: No.2, Huayuan Road, North Taipingzhuang, Haidian District
 Quanjincheng (Xidan Branch)
Location: 7F, West Building, No. 109, North Xidan Street
 Quanjincheng (Wucaicheng Branch)
Location: 6F, East Section of Wucaicheng Shopping Mall, No. 68, Middle Qinghe Street

Ai Jiang Shan Korean Restaurant

Chinese name: 爱江山(ài jiāng shān)
Average Cost per Person: CNY200 - CNY400
Recommended Dishes: Roast Meat, Cold Buckwheat Noodles, Roast Steak
 Korean Restaurant (Twin Tower)
Location: 5/F, Twin Tower, No.Yi-12, Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District
 Korean Restaurant (Xisihuan Branch)
Location: No.2, Zhengfusi, Haidian District
 Korean Restaurant (Jiangtai West Road Branch)
Location: Beside the north gate of Side Park, No.9-7, West Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District

Yu Ling Dao

Chinese name: 郁陵岛(yù líng dǎo)
Average Cost per Person: CNY80
Recommended Dishes: Fat Pork, Fragrant and Hot Beef, Cold Buckwheat Noodles, Steak
 Yu Ling Dao (Enjizhuang Branch)
Location: No.18, Enjizhuang, Haidian District
 Yu Ling Dao (Niuwang Temple Branch)
Location: No.5, Niuwang Temple, Shunyuan Street, Chaoyang District

Shan Fu Korean Restaurant

Chinese name: 山釜餐厅(shān fǔ cān tīng)
The restaurant offers boiler hotpot as well as barbeque. The meat and the seafood here are really fresh and delicious.
Average Cost per Person: CNY288
Recommended Dishes: Shrimp Meat, Cuttle Fish Balls, Fat Pork
Location: No.Jia-58, West Deshengmen Street, Xicheng District

San Soo Gab San

Chinese name: 山水甲山(shān shuǐ jiǎ shān)
Average Cost per Person: CNY110
Recommended Dishes: Roast Steak, Well-done Rice with Assorted Vegetables and Meat in Stone Pot, Roast Eel, Hotpot Noodles, Roast Oxtongue
Location: 1/F, Beijing Commercial Business Hotel, No.1, Yulinli, You'anmen Outer, Fengtai District

Haitanhua Pyongyang Cold Noodle Restaurant

Chinese name:平壤海棠花(píng rǎng hǎi táng huā)
Average Cost per Person: CNY270
Recommended Dishes: Korean Pickled Vegetables, Cold Noodles, Roast Steak
Location: 2F, Kuntai Shopping Mall, No. 12, Chaoyangmenwai Street

Zixiamen Korean Restaurant

Chinese name: 紫霞门韩国料理 (zǐ xiá mén hán guó liào lǐ)
Average Cost per Person: CNY150
Recommended dishes: Beefsteak, Soybean Paste Soup, Well-Done Rice by Stone Pot
Location: No. 201, North Nanhu Road, Wangjing

Pankoo Pusan Korean Cuisine

Chinese name: Pankoo 釜山料理(fǔ shān liào lǐ)
Average Cost per Person: CNY80
Recommended dishes: Pumpkin Porridge, Streaky Pork, Baked Mushroom
 Pankoo Pusan Cuisine (Xihongmen Branch)
Location: 3F, Zone F, Huiju Shopping Mall, No. 15, Xinning Street
 Pankoo Pusan Cuisine (Oumeihui Branch)
Location: 5F, Oumeihui Shopping Mall, No. 1, Danleng Street, Zhongguancun

Pork Fusion Korean Restaurant

Chinese name: 香猪坊 (xiāng zhū fāng)
Average Cost per Person: CNY100
Recommended dishes: Streaky Pork, Well-Done Rice by Stone Pot, Beef Steak
 Pork Fusion Restaurant (Wudaokou Branch)
Location: 2/F, No.6, Bldg 12, Huaqing Jiayuan, No.35, Chengfu Road, Haidian District
 Pork Fusion Restaurant (Weigongcun Branch)
Location: West side of food street, No.14, Weigongcun, North Minyuan Road, Haidian District
 Pork Fusion Restaurant (New Wangjing Branch)
Location: 2F, 402, Zone 4 of Wangjing Xiyuan, Wangjing Street
 Pork Fusion Restaurant (Wukesong Branch)
Location: Yard 69, Fuxing Road
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