Qianmen Food Streets

Located between Tienanman Square and the Temple of Heaven the Qianmen area is known for the many restaurants and small booths offering various Chinese cuisines and street foods like Roast Duck, Soybean Cake (Lv Da Gun), Noodles with Soybean Paste, Sugar-Coated Haws, Roast Trotter, Odd-Odour Bean Curd, and so on; some of which are traditional Beijing flavors, and others are special dishes from other places in China. They mainly gather in four Qianmen Food Streets, viz: Xianyukou Food Street, Taiwan Snack Street, Dashilar Food City, and Menkuang Hutong.

Xianyukou Food Street: Time-honored Brand Foods

Walk south from Qianmen Gate along the Qianmen Street for 300 meters (330 yards), you will reach the west entrance, an iron archway of Xianyukou Food Street. Xianyukou Street is one of the most famous Qianmen Food Streets. Many time honored local brands are in this east-west street. 

One of them is the famous Duyichu Shaomai Restaurant, with the history over 280 years. Duyichu is the name of the restaurant and Shaomai is a small lump of dough with meat filling, famous for complex production methods and unique flavor. Other dishes in the restaurant like Braised Pork with Iris Ensata Thunb (Malian Meat), and Fried Dumplings are also worthy of tasting. 

Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurant is another time-honored restaurant in Xianyukou Street, where the roast duck is characterized by the unique cooking methods. The special soup is poured into the duck stomach when baking, to form the crispy on the outside and meltingly tender on the inside. This special production process makes the duck delicious and healthy without carcinogens. 

Tianxingju Restaurant is also worth mentioning, which is famous for the Stewed Liver. What’s more, tourists can taste the traditional dim sums like Sweet Soup Balls (Yuan Xiao), Baked Wheat Cake (Shao Bing), Fried Butter Cake (Nai You Zha Gao), Steamed Rice Cakes with Sweet Stuffing (Ai Wo Wo) and Soybean Cake (Lv Da Gun) in Jinfang Snack Bar and Zhagaoxing Snack Bar.  

Taiwan Food Street

Taiwan Snack Street is adjacent to the Xianyukou Food Street and Taiwan Guide Hall. Many special Taiwan flavor dishes and street foods can be found here, which you may not find in other Qianmen Food Streets. The most famous snacks are the Milk Tea and Taiwanese Sausage with Sticky Rice. Besides, other classical Taiwan cuisines like Fish Ball Soup, Braised Pork Rice, and Pork Noodles are also worth a taste.

Dashilar Food City: Beijing Flavored Snacks and Dishes                

The entrance of Dashilar Food City is facing the west gate of the Xianyukou Food Street. Various Beijing flavor cuisines can be found in the Dashilar City, such as Pea Cake (Wan Dou Huang), Fermented Mung Bean Juice (Dou Zhi), and Boiled Cured Pork (Lu Zhu).

Menkuang Hutong: Beijing Style Snacks

Menkuang Hutong is a small traditional food street adjacent to Dashilar Food City. The most famous restaurant here is the Baodufeng Restaurant with the history over 100 years, where tourists can taste a traditional cuisine made of tripe. Besides, Yueshengzhai Restaurant is famous for Beef Bacon with the history over 200 years. Other restaurants here provide other kinds of traditional Beijing flavor snacks or street foods like Boiled Cured Pork (Luzhu), Fried wheaten pancake with meat and sea cucumber fillings (Da Lian Huo Shao) and Noodles with Soybean Paste. A big food square in Menkuan Hutong also offers various of snacks such as traditional yoghourt and beancurd jelly for tourists, where the price is reasonable. 

How to Get to the Qianmen Food Streets

1. Take Subway Line 2 to Qianmen Station and get out from Exit B or C to reach Qianmen Street, then walk south to reach any of the Qianmen Food Streets.
2. Take Subway Line 7 to Zhushikou Station and get off from Exit A or C to reach Qianmen Street, then walk north. 
3. Take Bus Line 22, 599, 82, 8, Te 4, Te 7, 64, and Express bus line 1 to Qianmen Station, then walk south.
4. Take Bus Line 120, 20, 2, 48, 59, 622, 93, Night17, Night 18, Night 2, Te11, Te7, Sightseeing no.1 south-north line and get off at Dashilar Station, then walk west.
5. Take Bus Line 120, 20, 2, 48, 59, 5, 622, 66, 93, Night17, Night 18, Night 2, Te11, Sightseeing no.1 north-south line and get off at Qianmen Station, then walk east.

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