Wanzhou Wuqiao Airport

Wanzhou Airport is the second international airport in Chongqing, which brings great benefits to passengers who intend to visit Three Gorges Reservoir Region.

Wanzhou Airport Code: WXN


Wanzhou Airport lies in south bank of Yangtze River, Wanzhou District, Chongqing City. It is about 5 kilometers (about 3 miles) from downtown Wanzhou.

Terminal Building

There are T1 and T2 for domestic and international flights separately. 

Airlines Companies

West Airlines (PN), Air China (CA), Shandong Airlines (SC), Shenzhen Airlines (ZH), Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines (GX), Guizhou Colorful Airlines (GY), Tibet Airlines (TV), Kunming Airlines (KY), Urumqi Airlines (UQ), Xiamen Airlines (MF), Hebei Airlines (NS)

Wanzhou Wuqiao Airport Flights Schedule

Wanzhou Airport runs domestic flights to/from more than 20 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Zhuhai, Nanning, Huizhou, Guilin, Nanchang, Quanzhou, Xi’an, Xining, Chengdu, Kunming, Guiyang, Haikou, Lhasa… and international flights to/from Hong Kong, Macao, Chiang Rai and Siem Reap.
To/ From Frequency (weekly) Travel Time
Beijing Daily 2h 20 minutes
Shanghai 2 on each Mon. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sun. 2h 10 minutes
Guangzhou 2 on each day 2h
Shenzhen 4 on each day 2h 20 minutes
Changsha 1 on each Wed. Fri. Sun. 1h 40 minutes
Chongqing Daily 40 minutes
Xi’an 2 on each Mon. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun. 1h
Guilin 2 on each Tue. Thurs. Sat. 1h 50 minutes
Xiamen 2 on each Mon. Wed. Fri. Sat. Sun.
4 on each Thurs.
2h 10 minutes
Guiyang Daily 1h 20 minutes
Haikou Daily 2h 20 minutes
Hefei 1 on each Tue. Thurs. Sat. 1h 40 minutes
Jinan 2 on each Tue. Thurs. Sat. 1h 55 minutes
Lhasa 2 on each Wed. Sat. 3h
Urumqi 1 on each Mon. Wed. Fri. Sun. 3h 55 minutes

 Passport holders of 53 countries and regions including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. can be granted a visa-free stay of up to 144 hours when taking an international transfer via Chongqing Jiangbei Airport or Wanzhou Wuqiao Airport. 
Read details about 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit in Chongqing.

How to Travel between Wanzhou Airport and Downtown Wanzhou

Airport - Kunlun Building Shuttle Bus

Airport → Kunlun Building Kunlun Building → Airport
Stops Wanzhou Airport – Wuqiao South Coach Station – Guanyinyan Examination and Approval Center – Jinsangzi – Changjiang Hotel – Sipai – Guoben Bus Station – Kunlun Building Kunming Building – Qianxi Hotel – Jinsangzi – Guanyinyan Examination and Approval Center – Yanshangcun Sijihuacheng Community – Wuqiao South Bus Station – Wanzhou Airport
Operating Hour 24 hours
Ticket Price CNY 10

Airport – Chongqing North Railway Station Shuttle Bus

Route: Airport – Lianheba Overpass – Jiangnan Market – Shijihuacheng Community – Congqing Stadium – Pailou – Yimin Square – Guoyuan Road – Culture Center – Wanzhou District Radio and Television University – Xiaotian’e – Hongguang Elementary School – Tianhaiyuan – Sanxing – Chongqing North  Railway Station
Operating Hour: 24 hours
Ticket Price: CNY 10.

How to Get to Wanzhou Wuqiao Airport from Wanzhou Railway Station

 1: Take city bus line 16 at Three Gorges Polytechnic College, get off at Pailou Water Plant; transfer to Wanzhou city bus line 7 at Pailou; get off at the Airport and walk about 350 meters to the airport terminal. This method can take you about 1 hour and 40 minutes and cost you CNY 4.

 2: Taking taxi to Wanzhou Wuqiao Airport from Wanzhou Railway Station can take you about 30 minutes and CNY 35.

How to Travel between the Airport and Kaizhou District and Yunyang County

 Take buses with 7~8 seats at Kaizhou City Airport Terminal and Yunyang Airport terminal. And then you can get to the airport directly in 1 hour. You can also take buses from the airport to Kaizhou and Yunyang.

 Kaizhou City Airport Terminal address: Kaizhou Central Long-distance Bus Station

 Yunyang County Airport Terminal address: Yunyang Long-distance Bus Station

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