Chongqing North Railway Station

 The South Square and South Terminal of Chongqing North Railway Station have been closed for renovation since July 10, 2019. It is scheduled to reopen in January of 2021, by when the South Terminal and North Terminal will be connected. During the renovation, the trains are transferred to the North Terminal, Chongqing West Railway Station and Chongqing Railway Station for operation. 

Chongqing North Railway Station is also called Longtousi Railway Station. It is about 10 miles (16 kilometers) from Ci Qi Kou Village, 11 miles (18 kilometers) from Chongqing Zoo, and 6 miles (10 kilometers) from Chongqing Railway Station, 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) from West Railway Station.

Address: Kunlun Avenue of Longtousi in Yubei District


Schedule and Ticket Booking

It is one of the two major stations in the city, which mainly operates trains to/from Beijing, Shanghai, Lanzhou, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Changsha. It also has bullet trains to Chengdu, Shizhu, Fuling, Lichuan, Nanchong and Wanzhou.

Major Rail Lines from this station to:

High Speed Train Schedule:
(Last Update on Sep 20, 2019)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
Beijing West
G574, G310 at 08:27 and 09:3111h26m - 12h16mCNY 1,267/ 792
USD 181/ 113
Guangzhou South
D1861, G1314, G319, D1841...
19 departures from 07:19 to 16:15
6h38m - 11h45mCNY 712/ 445
USD 102/ 64
D3074, D2214, D958, D3058...
12 departures from 06:41 to 11:35
10h22m - 13h13mCNY 935/ 509.5
USD 134/ 73
Xi'an North
G2232, G1282, D1953, G1836...
22 departures from 07:05 to 18:32
4h46m - 6h30mCNY 447/ 279.5
USD 64/ 40
D2378, D3074, G316, D2266...
36 departures from 05:59 to 16:29
5h43m - 7h2mCNY 432/ 247.5
USD 62/ 35
G316, G1836 at 06:47 and 07:5514h32m - 14h57mCNY 1,479.5/ 917.5
USD 211/ 131
Shenzhen North
G1314, G319 at 07:50 and 08:207h15m - 12h35mCNY 811.5/ 519.5
USD 116/ 74
Wanzhou North
C6402, C6404, D6186, C6406...
25 departures from 07:13 to 19:44
1h24m - 1h49mCNY 157/ 98
USD 22/ 14
D751, D753 at 06:36 and 16:206h48m - 7h1mCNY 356/ 222
USD 51/ 32
  The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.

Normal Speed Train Timetable
(Last Update on Sep 20, 2019)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
Soft/ Hard Sleeper
Beijing West
K820, T10, Z96, Z4...
7 departures from 09:14 to 22:00
18h42m - 31h18mCNY 630/ 415
USD 90/ 59
K692, K1004, K1034 from 09:56 to 23:149h28m - 11h19mCNY 285/ 182
USD 41/ 26
K73, Z258 at 06:57 and 14:3218h33m - 29h18mCNY 617/ 408
USD 88/ 58
K485, K835, K585 from 16:26 to 21:4327h32m - 34h40mCNY 658/ 416
USD 94/ 59
K1033, K507, K201, K1501...
9 departures from 05:42 to 18:22
3h49m - 4h56mCNY 194.5/ 97.5
USD 28/ 14
  The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.

See detailed Chongqing Schedule 
Chongqing North Railway Station
Chongqing North

Station plan

The station consists of two terminal buildings and two squares on the north and south sides of the railway tracks. The two terminal buildings are used to operate different trains. The C/ D/ G trains, Z49, Z50, K504, and K503 use the north terminal and thus passengers need to enter via north square. The Z96, Z223, and other normal type trains use the south terminal and travelers need to enter from south square.

The bus no. 663 is shuttling between north and south square from 05:00 to 24:00.

Besides, there is an underground passage connecting the two terminals, but passengers are only allowed to walk via it from north terminal to south terminal, taking about 10 minutes; and the passage only opens from 08:00 to 23:00.

South Terminal

The south terminal building has two floors linked by escalators, stairs and lifts for the disabled. It has seven waiting rooms in total, including two regular waiting rooms, a VIP waiting room, a soft seat/sleeper waiting room and three rooms respectively for the disabled, servicemen and mother & baby. A large LED screen displays the train numbers, their arrival and departure times, and waiting rooms. Use it to find your waiting room and follow the direction boards to get there for boarding. There is also a game center on the 2F, so passengers can spend their time here. Passengers can watch TV, enjoy free WI-FI and charge their mobile phones in the waiting rooms. McDonald’s provides passengers with food and drink. Passengers waiting on 2F can reach the platforms via a foot bridge.

Two ticket offices are available here. One is to the east side of the station entrance; the other is close to the exit 2 of metro station- North Train Station on line 3 on the South Square.

On the South Square, there is Longtousi South Coach Station, taxi stands, bus stations, and ticket office and the metro station mentioned above.   

Transportation Map of Chongqing North Railway Station


North Terminal

The north terminal building has six floors. There is a large waiting hall on 1F. At two sides of the waiting hall, toilets and hot drinking water are provided. Boarding gates are also on two sides of the hall. Read your ticket to see which boarding gate you should use. In addition, restaurants and dessert shops are also available. Two ticket offices are located at the east and west sides of the waiting hall on 1F; and the third one is located on -1F.

 1F: ticket office, waiting hall
 -1F: platforms, café, restaurants, shops, bookstore, ticket office
 -2F: taxi pick-up stand, parking lot
 -3F: arrival hall, passage to South Square (not opened yet)
 -4F: platform for metro line 10
 -5F: platform for metro line 4 (under construction)

On the North Square, there are also city bus stations and Longtousi North Coach Station. If you want to use the subway, Longtousi Subway Station also on line 3 is the closest, about 10 minutes’ walk away. If you do not want to walk, the bus no. 665 runs between the Longtousi Subway Station and the North Square.
Platform at Chongqing North Railway Station

How to transfer between North Railway Station and downtown/nearby cities

 By metro: line 3 & line 10
Two metro stations are available in the station: one is Chongqing North Train Station South Square, and the other is Chongqing North Train Station North Square.

 By bus:
At South Square: 105, 138, 202, 421, 439, 532, 616, 0800 night line, 821, 841, 869, 879, 885, 0491, BRT 01
At North Square: 119, 141, 217, 245, 288, 354, 622, 818, 820, airport special line 02

 By taxi:
Passengers can be dropped off at either South Square or North Square. Three taxi pick-up stands are as follows: at the underground passage of south square, next to Longtousi South Coach Station at South Square, and on -2F of north terminal building respectively.

From/To Duration (Minutes) Cost (CNY)
Ci Qi Kou Village  30 35
Railway Station 20 25
Chongqing Zoo 40 40
Jiangbei Airport  30 45

 By long-distance bus:
If traveling by long-distance bus, passengers will arrive at Longtousi South Coach Station on South Square or Longtousi North Coach Station on North Square. The former one has coaches to/from Kashgar, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Jinan, Qingdao, Heyuan, Kunming, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Leshan, Jiuzhaigou, and Wanzhou etc. The latter one operates coaches to/from Yongchuan, Dazu, Tongliang, Jingjin, Hechuan, Guang’an, Wanzhou, Fenghuang, Longtan, Nanchuan, and Chengdu etc.


How to get to famous downtown places from North Railway Station

 Railway Station
Take metro line 3 to get there.
Or take bus no. 439 at South Square to get there.

 Ci Qi Kou Village
Take bus no. 202 at South Square to get to the destination.

 Chongqing Zoo
Take metro line 3 to Niujiaotuo station, and then change to subway line 2 to the zoo.

 Jiangbei Airport:
Take metro line 3 to the airport directly.
Or take airport special line 02 to get there. It is available between 08:00 and 22:30 every 30 minutes. Ticket fare is CNY 10 per person and duration is 30 minutes.

- Last modified on Jul. 31, 2019 -
Questions & Answers on Chongqing North Railway Station
Asked by Maxwell from UNITED KINGDOM | Jul. 16, 2019 02:51Reply
Hello, I heard that the south square is closed for construction?
Is this true, so now we will only checkin from north square right?
Answers (3)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Jul. 16, 2019 18:51

Thank you for your inquiry.

South square will stop for use until year 2021. During these time, only North Square will be used. Travelers with tickets depart from North Station can go to North Square directly for checkin.
Answered by Pshr from 尼泊尔 | Jul. 28, 2019 14:11

I have ticket coming week for shanghai on a sleeper train , i think its Z train , where do i go? South square or north?
Answered by Kellie | Jul. 28, 2019 22:59

North Square
Asked by Sing joseph from PHILIPPINES | Apr. 10, 2019 14:57Reply
How do I get to 136 changbin road from chongqing North train station
Answers (1)
Answered by Mike | Apr. 12, 2019 04:46

you can take subway line 10 to Hongtudi and then change to line 6 to Xiaoshizi, exit 7. Then walk around 1.3km to the destination.
Asked by Ben from GERMANY | Aug. 01, 2018 19:26Reply
I lost my wallet/perce there how to contact
Hallo, I lost my wallet/purse at the Station. How can I contact the railway Station- especially via email because I can't call someone with my German phone number neither do I speak Chinese. I think they have a lost and found service.
It was the north railway Station- the Part where the Highspeed (D-Train) depart from. I appreciate your help. Thank you!
Answers (1)
Answered by Amy | Aug. 01, 2018 23:54

It is very pity to know that but there is no email service or phone number of a railway station. You may need to go to the station in person and ask the information desk for help. They can help you to check if there is a report of finding it.
Asked by Ashlee from AUSTRALIA | Jun. 04, 2018 04:29Reply
To Pier
From Chongqing North I would like to go to Chaotianmen Pier to board my Yangtze River Cruise.
What is the best way to go?

Answers (1)
Answered by Zenobia | Jun. 04, 2018 20:34

You may take metro line 10 to Hongtudi and then change to line 6 to Xiaoshizi. It is around 2.5km away from the pier so it would be better if you take a taxi then to the pier. Or you can take a taxi directly from the railway station.
Asked by nuna from THAILAND | Mar. 27, 2018 12:14Reply
Are there luggage storage service?
Are there luggage storage service (north and south square) ? If there have this service, Can you tell me the location ?
Answers (2)
Answered by Harriet | Mar. 28, 2018 01:01

Yes, both north and south square, 1F, not far from the ticket office. It seems there is one at -1F north terminal. You can try to find it after your arrival.
Answered by Nuna from THAI | Mar. 28, 2018 05:33

Thank you very much
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