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Liyuchi - Wangjiazhuang

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The 18-station phase one line of Chongqing metro line 10 stretches from Liyuchi to Wangjiazhuang and covering 34 km (21 mi). This line covers Jiangbei, Liangjiang New Area and Yubei Districts, being an important south-north public transportation together with Line 3. Meanwhile, Chongqing subway line 10 passes through Central Park, Huanshan Park and International Expo Center, and important transportation junctions including North Railway Station and Jiangbei International Airport. The construction of phase two of Chongqing rail transit line 10 (Lanhualu – Liyuchi) will also be completed in 2020, covering 10 km (6 mi) via 8 stations.
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Station First Train Last Train
To Wangjiazhuang To Liyuchi To Wangjiazhuang To Liyuchi
Liyuchi 07:30 -- 20:30 --
Hongtudi 07:33 07:30 20:33 21:20
Longtousi Park 07:35 07:36 20:35 21:17
North Square of North Railway Station 07:39 07:33 20:39 21:14
Minxinjiayuan 07:30 07:30 20:42 21:11
Sanyawan 07:33 07:34 20:45 21:07
Shangwanlu 07:37 07:30 20:49 21:04
Huanshan Park 07:40 07:35 20:51 21:01
Changhe 07:42 07:32 20:54 20:58
Jiangbei Airport T3 07:48 07:35 21:00 20:52
Jiangbei Airport T2 07:51 07:32 21:03 20:49
Yubei Square 07:53 07:30 21:05 20:47
Lushan 07:56 07:35 21:08 20:44
Central Park East 07:59 07:32 21:11 20:41
Central Park 08:01 07:30 21:13 20:39
Central Park West 08:04 07:36 21:15 20:36
Yuelai 07:36 07:33 21:19 20:33
Wangjiazhuang -- 07:30 -- 20:30

Transfers of Chongqing Metro Line 10

 Hongtudi & Yuelai: Transfer with Line 6
Jiangbei Airport T2: Transfer with Line 3
Liyuchi & Shangwanlu & Central Park East: Transfer with line 9

Surroundings and Bus Routes near All Stations

('' Metro Transfer Stations)

Surroundings: East Jianxin Road, Changxing Road, Liyuchi Road, Liyuchi 1st Road, Fuqiang Community, Liming Community, Chunsen Land Community, Hezuocun Community, Bei’anshijia Community, Liyuchi Primary School, Laowei Primary School, Quanfa Drugstore, Wanxin Drugstore, Jinjiang Inn, Yinghuang Hotel, Chang’an Hotel, Tutule Serviced Apartment, Meipeng Hotel, Shenghuojia Serviced Apartment, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 107, 108, 113, 121, 135, 138, 163, 416, 461, 604, 617, 636, 641, 672, 812, 813, 816, 817, 820, 861, 879

Surroundings: Wuhong Road, Cuilin Road, Tashan Raod, North Wuxing Road, Chang’anhuadu Community, Chang’anlidu Community, Jinkehuayuan Community, Hongdiyuan Community, Chuangxinlüse Community, Longtousi Park, Baobaole Kindergarten, Sanse Kindergarten, Vocational College of Culture and Arts, Central Academy of Cultural Administration, Wulidian Primary School, Tongchuang International Primary School, Liangjiang Professional Education Center, Lighting Authority, Heping Drugstore, Wanhe Drugstore, Jiayin Hospital, Fantasy Land Hotel, Holiday Inn, Pinyi Hotel, 023 Hotel, Boje Theme Hotel, Qijin Hotel, Zilaike Hotel, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Minsheng Bank, Merchants Bank
Bus Routes: 111, 141, 149, 151, 202, 323, 354, 419, 421, 550, 607, 612, 617, 633, 638, 841, 845

 Longtousi Park
Surroundings: Xingai Avenue, Shancha Road, Poly Champagne Garden Community, Xingcheng Community, Longchengguoji Community, Beichengyajun Community, Aiduhui Community, Beiji Hospital, Tiangongdian School, Qiseguang Kindergarten, Bashu Secondary School, Yongqi Hotel, James Joyce Coffetel, Manni Hotel, 7 Days Inn, Super 8, Youhua Business Hotel, IU Hotel, Berkeley Hotel, Minsheng Bank, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: 105, 119, 138, 166, 202, 421, 612, 617, 651, 821, 841, 869, BRT Bus Line 01, Inter-Zonal BRT Bus Line

 North Square of North Railway Station 
Surroundings: Emei Avenue South, Lushan Avenue, Tianji Road, North Bus Stations of North Railway Station, Victoria’s Community, Garden City Community, Crystal Mansion Community, Lanxin Hotel, Qitian Hotel, Pingguo Hotel, Jiangbei Business Hotel, Pebble Motel, Xinyue Hotel, Tiangongdian School, CITIC Bank, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Minsheng Bank, Metro Supermarket, KFC, Dicos
Bus Routes: 105, 119, 138, 141, 202, 217, 245, 354, 421, 439, 558, 579, 616, 618, 622, 663, 665, 667, 818, 820, 821, 841, 849, 869, 879, 885, Airport Shuttle Bus Line 02, Inter-Zonal Bus Line 885

Surroundings: Jiagongqu 3rd Road, Huixing Road, Huimin Road, Shuanglongbao Bridge, Shanghai–Chongqing Highway, Minxinjiayuan Community, West Outlets Shopping Plaza, IKEA, MICC Shpping Mall, Minxinjiayuan Primary School, Huarong Market, Jinshan Industrial Park, Ecool Industrial Park, Xinhu Drugstore, Xin’ao Hotel, Yaoshun Hotel, Thank U Boutique Hotel, Gashiting Hotel, Rongshun Hotel, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 559, 623, 624, 629, 660, 825, 835, 853

Surroundings: Jiagongqu 4th Road, Huizhong Road, Jinxiuhuacheng Community, Shichenghuayuan Community, Zhishanglianbang Office Building, Fenghuang Hotel, Lanjin Business Hotel, Siya Hotel, Pangwa Hotel, Shunlongxiang Hotel, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 603, 622, 625, 629, 642, 650, 659, 697, 803, 828, 853, 880, 883

Surroundings: Shipincheng Avenue, Shengxing Avenue, Xiyi Street, Baoshi Road, Fuliwan Community, Jinshi Community, Longxin Hongfu Community, Experimental Primary School, Chuangyi Industrial Park, Advertisement Park, Vienna Classic Hotel, Vienna Hotel, Huayi Hotel, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 603, 629, 642, 659, 688, 803, 828

 Huanshan Park
Surroundings: Yinsuo Avenue, Yuhang Avenue, Jinjin Road, Zhijin Road, Qinggangping Flyover, Huanshanguoji Community, Huanshan Village, Guangdong Chongqing Chamber of Commerce Industrial Park, Jade Residence Community, Shengming International Leather Mall, Kingtown Hotel
Bus Routes: 603, 629, 642

Surroundings: Yinjin Raod, Jinsuo Avenue, Nishang Avenue, Cuiping Road, Huanshan Road, City Villa In the Flower Island Community, Jinshanmeilin Community, Dapingzhaizi Village, Jinshanguoji Industrial Park, Taishang Industrial Park, Wahaha Industrial Park, Shuxin Hotel, Huixing Primary School, Huangjueping Sport Park
Bus Routes: 603, 683, 688, 689

 Jiangbei Airport T3
Surroundings: Jiangbei International Airport, Baotou-Maoming Highway, Xiang’an 2nd Road, Qingshan Village, Changtian Village, Shuangjing Village, Xiangyangba Village, Huangyan Village, Xiangyangwan Fishing Garden
Bus Routes: Airport Shuttle Bus Line 01& 02

 Jiangbei Airport T2
Surroundings: Airport Road, Yuhang Road, Shuanglong Avenue, Wenxingyuan Community, Kailaidijing Community, Minsuwenhuacun Community, Yubei No.2 Experimental High School, Jihua High School, Bayu Folk-Custom Museum, Bijin Park, Yubei District People's Hospital, Guangcai Kindergarten, Dicos, Burger King, Subway Sandwich, Days Hotel, Jungang Business Hotel, Sipulan Hotel, Holley Oasis Hotel, Rica Hotel, Jundu Business Hotel, Hanting Express Hotel, CITIC Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 555, 608, 654, 655, 658, 679, 684, 685, 692, 694, 865, Airport Shuttle Bus Line 01& 02

 Yubei Square 
Surroundings: Yixue Road, Yubei Square, Golden Harbor International Community, Kaidilaijing Community, Yangguangyuan Community, Yubei District TCM Hospital, Beijiao Hospital, Yubei District Government, Gold Harbor International Experimental Primary School, Nanhua High School, Yubei Kindergarten, Dafengche Kindergarten, Xinhua Bookstore, Maike Drugstore, Tongjunge Drugstore, Yubei District Supervisory Bureau, Yubei District Archives Bureau, Yubei District Statistical Bureau, McDonald’s, Thank Hotel, New Home Inn, Tongmao Hotel, Hanggang Hotel, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 555, 608, 609, 622, 654, 655, 658, 679, 681, 682, 684, 685, 687, 691, 692, 694, 697, 865

Surroundings: Tongmao Avenue, Guifu Avenue, Zhouji Road, the Scepter Community, Lushanjinxiu Community, Xiangchenggushi Community, Gangchengguoji Community, Taishuomingtian Community, International New Airport Area Industrial Park, New Airport Area Primary School, Shengjikang Drugstore, Industry Park of Humanresources Service, Fuhuang Hotel, Bannuan Boutique Hotel, Yuegege Business Hotel, Tianruyayun Hotel, Jinzhouji Boutique Hotel, Junxi Hotel, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: 658, 679, 685, 687, 689, 694

 Central Park East
Surroundings: East Park Road, Central Park Community, Shangdonghui Community, Lushan Village, No.8 Middle School, Haoge Hotel, Orchid Hotel, Junchen Hotel, Xuanli Hotel, Haobo Hotel
Bus Routes: 679, 685, 689

 Central Park
Surroundings: West Park Road, North Park Road, Chongqing Central Park
Bus Routes: 679, 685, 689

 Central Park West
Surroundings: Tongmao Bridge, Shilan Village, Prosecutors College of Chongqing, Chongqing Daily Mansion
Bus Routes: 679, 685

Surroundings: Yuelai Avenue, Yuecheng Road, Yuelaibinjiang Road, Fuyue Street, Jinzhuwan Flyover, Jialing River, International Expo Center, Yuelai Primary School, Yuelai Town Government Office Building, Tangjiahe Village, Wyndham Chongqing Yuelai, Haobo Hotel
Bus Routes: 572, 676, 677, 679, 685, 965, Expo Special Bus Line

Surroundings: Yueqing Avenue, Tuocui Road, Yuefu Avenue, Lianghe Village, Xiawan Village, Shangwan Village, Huilongzhai Village, Institute of Opto-Electronics and Information
Bus Route: 965
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Questions & Answers on Chongqing Metro Line 10
Asked by Andy from UNITED KINGDOM | Jan. 26, 2018 03:52Reply
Chongqing Jiangbei Airport T3 to North Railway Station
I need catch a train to Cheng Du after arriving Jiangbei Airport T3, is the best option line 10 to North Railway Station? How is the walk from the metro stop to the railway station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Black from NORWAY | Jan. 28, 2018 20:35

Yes, Subway line 10 is the best option, and you can take a free shuttle bus to T2 first, and then take it to theNorth Square of North Railway Station, which is right beside the railway station.
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