Chongqing Metro Line 4

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Min’an Avenue – Tangjiatuo (Identification Color: Bright Orange       )

Chongqing metro line 4, also called Chongqing rail transit line 4, is being constructed in two sections: the phase one and the phase two. Covering around 16 kilometers (10 miles), the phase one of this subway line will operate in the end of 2017, linking Min’an Avenue and Tangjiatuo via 9 stations. It will pass through Yubei & Jiangbei administrative districts, North Railway Station and major commercial areas in the city including Xinpaifang Area, Lianglu Cuntan Free Trade Port Area, Tangjiatuo Area and Gancheng Industrial Park. Subway line 4 is planned so that passengers will be able to interchange with line 9, line 10, line 11 and Circle along Chongqing metro line 4 at that time. In addition, its phase two will be constructed soon.
See metro maps for reference.


Min’an Avenue – North Square of Chongqing North Railway Station – Toutang – Free Trade Port Area – Cuntan – Heishizi – Gangcheng – Taipingchong – Tangjiatuo


 Min’an Avenue: Transfer with Circle Line
 North Square of Chongqing North Railway Station: Transfer with Line 10
 Toutang & Free Trade Port Area: Transfer with Line 9
 Taipingchong: Transfer with Line 11

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Stations of Chongqing Metro Line 4

('' Metro Transfer Stations)

 Min’an Avenue
Surroundings: Renhe Avenue, Taishan Avenue, Kangyuan Road, Yungang Road, Min’an Road, Gemdale Haoyuan Community, Beverly Hills Community, Jinshanghuating Community, Jinshanghuating Guanyuan Community, Rundushiji Community, Ziluyuan Community, Beibuzhixin Commercial Building, Pangu Office Building, Yaowen Office Building, Tiangongdian Park, Tongxin Primary School, Postal Savings Bank, Rising Hotel, Mokom Family Hotel, Ruizhi Hotel, Wellington Hotel, Ruiyue Hotel, Pinhan Hotel, Industrial Bank, CITIC Bank, Minsheng Bank
Bus Routes: 126, 245, 607, 617, 618, 633, 869

 North Square of Chongqing North Railway Station
Surroundings: Emei Avenue South, Lushan Avenue, Tianji Road, North Railway Station, North & South Bus Stations of North Railway Station, Victoria’s Community, Garden City Community, Crystal Mansion Community, Lanxin Hotel, Qitian Hotel, Pingguo Hotel, Jiangbei Business Hotel, Pebble Motel, Xinyue Hotel, Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Huayu Hotel, Tiangongdian School, CITIC Bank, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Minsheng Bank, Metro Supermarket, KFC
Bus Routes: 105, 119, 138, 141, 202, 217, 245, 354, 421, 439, 558, 579, 616, 618, 622, 663, 665, 667, 818, 820, 821, 841, 849, 869, 879, 885, Airport Shuttle Bus Line 02, Inter-zonal Bus Line 885

Surroundings: Wugui Flyover, Inner Ring Road, Hai’er Road, Jiangbei District Government, Nature & City Community, Bei’anyinxiang Community, Lanxi Community, Gangcheng Primary School, Yanghe Gaden Experimental Primary School, Mingxing Drugstore, Century Boutique Hotel, Foqiao Hotel, Guitan Hotel, Wudumingsu Hotel, Postal Savings Bank, Pudong Development Bank, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 107, 153, 620, 812, 813, 817, 831, 835, 845, 866, Inter-zonal Bus Line 885

 Free Trade Port Area
Surroundings: Jinyu Avenue, Cuntan Free Trade Port, Ji’anyuan Maoxi Community, Kangxingyuan Community, Xingchengwaitan Community, Haiyujiangshan Community, Kangxingyuan Community, Chongqing Port Logistics Co.,Ltd, Huafeng Hotel, Lan’ou Hotel, Wugang Hotel, Gangyuan Hotel, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 107, 126, 153, 620, 812, 813, 817, 831, 835, 845, 866, Inter-zonal Bus Line 885

Surroundings: Yangtze River, No.216 County Road, Xingchenliyuan Community, Yangguangliyuan Community, Yueguangliyuan Community, Kangliyuan Community, Liangjianghuigu Community, Sanyu Headquarter Office Building, Liangjiang Chamber of Commerce Mansion, Dawn Housing Industrial Park, Cuntan Experimental School, Yicai Technical School, Cuntan Community Healthcare Center
Bus Routes: 656, 675,812, 813, 817, 866, Inter-zonal Bus Line 885

Surroundings: Shanghai Chongqing Highway, Prestige Landscape Resource Community, Heyao Community, Heishizi Village, Xiangjiawan Village, Twin Rivers International Office Building, Heishizi Primary School, Liyuchi Primary School, Fangcheng Kindergarten, Heyao Hospital, Gangcheng Hospital, Jinguoyuan Hotel
Bus Routes: 656, 675, 812, 813, 817, 866, Inter-zonal Bus Line 885

Surroundings: Heisha Road, Gangcheng Flyover, Zhaoyanghe Village, Qiaoxi Village, Changgou Village, Wangniushi Village, Gangcheng Yinxiang Community, Jufeng Industrial Park, Twin River International Hotel
Bus Routes: 656, 661, 675, 812, 813, 817, 866, 885, Inter-zonal Bus Line 885

Surroundings: Gangning Road, Dongliang 1st Road, Taipingchong Village, Lianziba Village, Shenjiayuanzi Village, Duiwoling Village, Anjiawan Village, Liangchahe Village, Daqiao Village, Jinsehuayuan Community, Xinzhuyuan Settlement Community, Cangjinge Industrial Park, Tangjiatuo Station Depot, Chaoyanghe Community Park
Bus Routes: 661, 812, 813, 817, 885

Surroundings: Wayaobao Village, Chuantang Village, Yujian Village, Wangjiagou Village, Sun Coast Community, Jinguihuayuan Community, Shenglihuayuan Community, Shuiyuhuating Community, Yinquan Apartment for the Aged, Tieshanping Xingyue Hotel, Jiazhou Hotel, Guizhu Vocational Village, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: 813, 817, 885
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