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Dalongshan - Garden Expo Center

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Extending in the northeast-southwest direction, Chongqing metro line 5 phase one will stretch from Tiaodeng to Garden Expo Center with a length of 40 km (25 mi). Nowadays, the 9 stations of line 5 phase one serves the public, running from Dalongshan to Garden Expo Center and covering around 17 km (10.5 mi). This rail transit line links Liangjiang, Yubei, Jiangbei, Yuzhong, Jiulongpo and Dadukou Districts together, becoming the main transportation in this urban area. An entire single journey takes around 21 minutes with the frequency of 8 minutes.

The extension of Chongqing subway line 5, connecting Tiaodeng and Jiangjin and extending for 28 km (17 mi), is scheduled to be in operation by the end of 2019. Six stations will be planned along this section, including Tiaodeng, Jiulongyuan, Shuangfu East, Shuangfu West, Binjiang New City North and Jiangjin. In addition, branch lines are still being planned.
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Station First Train Last Train
To Dalongshan To Garden Expo Center To Dalongshan Garden Expo Center
Garden Expo Center 07:30 -- 20:30 --
Danhe 07:32 07:32 20:32 20:51
Huxiajie 07:35 07:30 20:34 20:49
Chongguang 07:37 07:39 20:37 20:46
Hemulu 07:40 07:36 20:40 20:43
Renhe 07:43 07:34 20:42 20:41
Xingfu Square 07:30 07:31 20:45 20:38
Ranjiaba 07:34 07:35 20:49 20:35
Dalongshan -- 07:33 -- 20:33


 Huxiajie: Transfer with Line 15
 Ranjiaba: Transfer with Circle Line & Line 6
 Dalongshan: Transfer with Line 6

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Stations of All Stations

('' Metro Transfer Stations)

Surroundings: Longshan Road, Longshan Avenue, Yusong Road, Yu’anlongdu Community, Yijingfenghao Community, Longdejingyuan Community, Rhythmico Villa Community, Yijiujiayuan Community, Fairy Castle Community, Wenxinjiayuan Community, Longjinghuayuan Community, Dalongshan Park, Longji Square, Jindao Hospital, Chongqing Women and Children Hospital, Merrok Health Pharmacy, King Town Garden Hotel, Antai Hotel, Jiaxinyi Hotel, Liangjiangzhixing Business Hotel, Rugui Boutique Hotel, Xidu Hotel, Bowen Hotel, Construction Bank, Minsheng Bank, Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, CITIC Bank
Bus Routes: 117, 118, 124, 151, 166, 208, 231, 604, 809, 861, 879, Inter-zonal Bus Line 166

Surroundings: Longshan 1st Road, East Guangchang 2nd Road, Longshan 2nd Road, Xinnan Road, Yinhua Road, Chongqing Customs District People's Republic of China, China Audit Bureau, Haiqin Community, Yeah City Community, Olives County Community, Tianyi Xincheng Community, Nankaiyuan Community, Shengdiyangguang Community, Jaijuhuayuan Community, Longshan Community, Xinzhu Community, Tianyidongyuan Community, China Huarong Mordern Plaza, Shengdi Mansion, Yunxi Commercial Center, Shuijingguoji Office Building, Tianyixincheng Primary School, Qiteletianyi Kindergarten, Pusu Hotel, Ibis Hotel, Kaisi Hotel, Dawosi Hotel, Friends Garden Hotel, Saiteng Hotel, Laikesi Hotel, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Minsheng Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 166, 208, 231, 245, 465, 502, 579, 602, 621, 809, 852, 550

 Xingfu Square  
Surroundings: Xingguang Avenue, Middle Huangshan Avenue, Hongshan Road, Qingsong Road, Xingguang 4th Road, Xingguang 5th Road, Bailin Park, Liangjiang Xingfu Square, Bolin Reservoir, Tuxing Commercial Center, Yufu Mansion, Starfest Liangjiang Art & Business Center, Chuanjian Mansion, Shuixing Mansion, Haiwangxing Mansion, Tianwangxing Mansion, Huateng Tennis Center, China Telecom, Huabang Pharm Medical Science Park, Hotel Star, Beautisson Hotel, Guanting Hotel, Yi’an Hotel, Meihan Hotel, Beauty High Beauty Hotel, Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Pudong Development Bank, Bank of Communications, CITIC Bank
Bus Routes: 133, 145, 149, 208, 621, 624, 826, 842, 869, 870, 878, 886

Surroundings: West Jinkai Avenue, Jinshan Avenue, Renhe Avenue, Xuesong Road, Huyang Road, Evergrande Palace Community, Yujingyuan Community, Our House Our Stories Community, Yihe Community, Jiaxinhuayuan Community, Zhaomushan Botanical Garden, Renhe Pavilion, Tianhu Park, Sichuan Opera Museum, Zhongxing Office Building, Liangjiang New Area Vocational School, Binbinjia Hotel, Lanqiao Hotel, Liangjiang Business Hotel, Kaiye Hotel, Jinke Grand Hotel, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, Minsheng Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 125, 126, 133, 149, 208, 606, 607, 621, 624, 627, 633, 826, 842, 848, 869, 869, 870, 877, 878

Surroundings: Hemu Road, Jiaxinqinyuan Community, Tianhumeizhen Community, Sincere Town Community, Palm Springs Community, Eastern Palace Community, Fengshanxiujing Community, Wanzishan Community, Commission for Discipline Inspection, Starlight World Shopping Mall, Jingshi Gongyuan Office Building, Renhe Experimental School, Xinqu Drugstore, Huofengshan Park, Dingli Boutique Hotel, Daiweisi Business Hotel, Nice Tree Hotel, Tianlai Hotel, Wanjiaxing Business Hotel, Bank of China, Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank
Bus Routes: 126, 133, 149, 606, 607, 621, 624, 627, 633, 667, 842, 870, 877, 878

Surroundings: Jinzhou Avenue, Yihe Road, Boya Community, Yishanjun Community, Regency Lakeview Community, Yorkville Community, JK. Center Community, Longing Century Community, Shimao Glory Villa, Luxury Mansion Community, Evergrande Mansion Community, Thank U Hotel, Junxi Hotel, Tower’s House Hotel
Bus Routes: 625, 667

Surroundings: Jinyu Avenue, Huxia Street, Yayuan Community, Yorkville Manor Community, Yew Chung International School, Chongqing No.1 International Studies School, Chongqing Financial School
Bus Routes: 153, 684, 849

Surroundings: Yuanyang Road, North Yuanyang Road, Longfan Road, Longzhan Road, Fengyuanlijing Community, Ruijunjingyuan Community, Danhe Community, Wanxing Jiayuan Community, Haikuotiankong Community, Beiluyuan Community, Haolong Prosperous Times Community, Liangjiang Yucai Middle School, Yuanyang Kindergarten, Rongke Jinkai Center Office Building, Haoma Hotel, Anyishiguang Hotel, Roy Queen Hotel, Xinying Business Hotel, Langqin Ruipin Hotel, Kingtown Hotel, Minsheng Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 559, 575, 607, 618, 620, 623, 633, 644, 676, 684, 831, 877, 878, 883, Garden Expo Special Bus Line

 Garden Expo Center
Surroundings: Longjing Road, Huyue Road, Jinxing Avenue, Cuiyu Road, Cuiyun Flyover, Garden Expo Park, Cuiyun Park, Baihe Ecological Garden, Yuandingmengyuan Community, Majestic Hill Community, International Business District Commercial and Residential Building, Chongqingfangzi Office Building, Liangjiangshengjing Office Building, Joyhome Mall, Yunlin Hotel, Grand Metropark Hotel, Hanting Express Hotel, Bolante Hotel, Shiguangli Hotel, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 559, 575, 623, 633, 644, 676, 684, 831, 877, 878, 883, 965, Garden Expo Special Bus Line
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Questions & Answers on Chongqing Metro Line 5
Asked by vinod from NEPAL | Sep. 28, 2019 21:46Reply
how to get chongqing west train station to north station ? is there subway line ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Gabrielle from USA | Oct. 07, 2019 19:51

There is no subway between them. You can take bus line G02 to your destination directly. It takes around 55 minutes with CNY13.
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