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Chongqing to Nanning Train

Up to now, 2 high speed trains run from Chongqing West Railway Station to Nanning East Railway Station, requiring 7 to 7.5 hours to finish the total travel distance of 1,139 kilometers (708 miles). The ticket price of a first class seat in the Chongqing to Nanning train is CNY 659 or CNY 675 and of a second class seat is CNY 412.5 or CNY 422.5.

Moreover, Chongqing West Railway Station operates 1 normal speed train to Nanning Railway Station. This Chongqing to Nanning train takes over 15 hours and a soft sleeper costs CNY 427.5 and a hard sleeper costs CNY 279.5.

Chongqing to Nanning Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train D3563:
1Chongqing West -07:02
2Tongzi East 08:0208:04
3Zunyi 08:2608:28
4Xiuwenxian 09:0509:07
5Guiyang East 09:2309:29
6Duyun East 10:0610:08
7Guilin North 11:4511:49
8Guilin 11:5912:01
9Luzhai North 12:4312:49
10Liuzhou 13:1813:26
11Laibin North 13:5213:55
12Nanning East 14:3915:01
13Qinzhou East 15:4315:45
14Beihai 16:21-
Chongqing West
Nanning East
Details of the Train D1793:
1Chongqing West -07:45
2Qijiang East 08:1108:13
3Ganshui East 08:2708:33
4Zunyi 09:1909:21
5Guiyang East 10:0910:13
6Rongjiang 11:1711:26
7Guilin North 12:3412:37
8Guilin 12:4712:50
9Liuzhou 13:5714:01
10Laibin North 14:2714:29
11Binyang 14:5014:52
12Nanning East 15:1815:41
13Qinzhou East 16:2316:25
14Hepu 16:5216:54
15Beihai 17:08-
Chongqing West
Nanning East
Details of the Train D1779:
1Mianyang -06:49
2Deyang 07:0607:08
3Qingbaijiang East 07:2107:24
4Chengdu East 07:3807:45
5Ziyang [Sichuan] North 08:1408:16
6Neijiang North 08:3808:40
7Chongqing West 09:2809:35
8Luohuang South 09:4809:50
9Qijiang East 10:0710:09
10Zunyi 11:0511:07
11Guiyang East 11:5612:00
12Guidingxian 12:2512:27
13Sanjiang South 13:4113:43
14Guilin West 14:1614:18
15Guilin North 14:2714:34
16Guilin 14:4414:47
17Luzhai North 15:2615:28
18Liuzhou 15:5716:01
19Nanning East 17:0617:26
20Qinzhou East 18:0318:05
21Hepu 18:2718:29
22Beihai 18:42-
Chongqing West
Nanning East
Details of the Train G2855:
1Xi'an North -08:09
2Huyi 08:2608:28
3Yangxian West 09:1209:14
4Hanzhong 09:3209:34
5Guangyuan 10:1610:20
6Deyang 11:2511:28
7Chengdu East 11:5312:05
8Ziyang [Sichuan] North 12:3012:32
9Longchang North 12:5712:59
10Chongqing West 13:3613:44
11Tongzi East 14:4414:46
12Guiyang East 15:5315:57
13Duyun East 16:3516:37
14Rongjiang 17:0917:11
15Sanjiang South 17:4717:49
16Guilin North 18:2618:30
17Liuzhou 19:4119:45
18Laibin North 20:1120:13
19Nanning East 20:56-
Chongqing West
Nanning East
Details of the Train K141:
1Chengdu -14:00
2Suining 15:3515:39
3Chongqing West 17:3817:53
4Guiyang 21:5222:18
5Duyun 23:3123:36
6Mawei 01:1901:30
7Jinchengjiang 03:0603:12
8Yizhou 04:0104:05
9Liuzhou 05:1605:26
10Nanning 09:11-
Chongqing West

Running Route of Chongqing to Nanning High Speed Train

Chongqing - Guiyang High Speed Railway Line: As long as 344 kilometers (214 miles), Chongqing - Guiyang High Speed Railway Line links railway stations of Chongqing West, Tongzi East and Guiyang East.

Guiyang - Guilin High Speed Railway Line: Constituted as a part of Guiyang - Guangzhou High Speed Railway Line, Guiyang - Guilin High Speed Railway Line is 423 kilometers (263 miles) long, connecting railway stations including Guidingxian, Sanduxian and Congjiang.

Guilin - Nanning High Speed Railway Line: This section of high speed railway line is 368 kilometers (229 miles) in length, linking railway stations including Luzhai North, Liuzhou and Laibin North.

Other Transportation Option: Chongqing to Nanning Flight

If you have a tight schedule, Chongqing to Nanning flights can also meet your needs. At present, 6 flights from 06:55 to 21:10 are for passengers’ use. As for passengers who want to travel from Nanning to Chongqing, they can choose one out of 6 flights scheduled from 07:20 to 20:05. The travel time is about 1.5 hours and the air fare is around CNY 300 to CNY 700.

Nanning to Chongqing Train

2 high speed trains are available from Nanning to Chongqing, taking about 7.5 hours.
1 Nanning to Chongqing normal speed train is also in service, taking around 14.5 hours.

See detailed Chongqing Train Schedule & Nanning Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Chongqing to:
Major Rail Lines from Nanning to:
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Questions & Answers on Chongqing to Nanning Train
Asked by Melanie from UNITED KINGDOM | Apr. 13, 2020 20:23Reply
Can I take my own food and hand sanitizer on the train?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Apr. 14, 2020 19:40

Thank you for your inquiry.

You can take your own food on the train, however, for hand sanitizer, if you refer to the kind with high concentrations of alcohol, it is not allowed on trains. Hope for your advanced notice.
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