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Chongqing - Qingdao Train

At present, there are about two bullet trains running from Chongqing to Qingdao and three vice verse. Thery are opearted a Qingdao Railway Station/Qingdao North Railway Station and Chongqing North Railway Station/Chongqing West Railway Station. It takes 14 - 15 hour for a whole journey. A second class seat costs CNY 918 - 1004. No normal trains run this route currently.

Chongqing - Qingdao High Speed Train

Basic Facts:

 Open Date: Dec. 23, 2016
 Duration: 14 - 15 hours
 Running Distance: 2,427 - 2,510 kilometers (1,508 - 1,560 miles)
 Top Speed: 300 km/h (186 mph)

Chongqing to Qingdao High Speed Train Schedule

(Last Update on Jun 22, 2021)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G31606:43 - 21:1914h36m
G183607:43 - 22:2814h45m
G183607:43 - 22:5215h9m
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Qingdao to Chongqing Bullet Train Timetable

(Last Update on Jun 22, 2021)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G31807:21 - 22:2615h5m
G183808:16 - 22:2514h9m
G183508:38 - 22:2513h47m
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Note: The above timetable is for reference only. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on page top.

Ticket Fare of Chongqing - Qingdao High Speed Train

(Last Update on Jun 22, 2021)
Nos.Business Class SeatFirst Class SeatSecond Class Seat
G316/G318CNY 2,835 / USD 443CNY 1,479 / USD 231CNY 918 / USD 143
G1836/G1838CNY 3,056.5 / USD 478CNY 1,598.5 / USD 250CNY 998 / USD 156
G1836/G1838CNY 3,075 / USD 480CNY 1,608.5 / USD 251CNY 1,004 / USD 157

 Stations along the way:
G316 / G318: Fuling North, Shizhuxian, Fengdu, Enshi, Yichang East, Jingzhou in Hubei, Qianjiang in Hubei, Hanchuan, Hankou, Zhumadian East, Zhengzhou East, Xuzhou East, Zaozhuang, Qufu East, Tai'an in Shandong, Jinan, Zibo, Qingzhoushi, Weifang, Gaomi

G1836 / G1838: Yongchuan East, Neijiang North, Chengdu East, Deyang, Mianyang, Guangyuan, Hanzhong, Yangxian West, Xi'an North, Huashan North, Sanmenxia South, Luoyang Longmen, Zhengzhou East, Lankao South, Minquan North, Shangqiu, Dangshan South, Yongcheng North, Xuzhou East, Zaozhuang, Tai'an in Shandong, Tengzhou East, Jinan, Zhangqiu, Zibo, Qingzhoushi, Weifang, Gaomi

G1835: Neijiang North, Zizhong North, Chengdu East, Deyang, Mianyang, JIangyou, Guangyuan, Ningqiang South, Hanzhong, Foping, Xi'an North, Weinan North, Lingbao West, Zhengzhou East, Minquan North, Zuzhou East, Suqian, Huaian East, Lianyuangang, Lanshan West, Rizhao West

As G1836 / G1838 pass major tourist destinations like Chengdu, Xi'an, and Luoyang, the tickets are harder to get. If you would like to take this pair of trains and get off at one the major stops along the way, please buy the ticket in advance.

High Speed Train Transfer via Zhengzhou

Since there are two direct trains available for this route, if the direct train tickets are all sold out, you can also transfer by high speed train in Zhengzhou to continue your trip.
Route  Duration  Ticket fare for second class seat
Chongqing North / Chongqing West - Zhengzhou East 8 - 9 hours CNY 515 - 655
Zhengzhou East - Qingdao / Qingdao North 5 - 7 hours  CNY 366.5 - 468
Total  13 - 16 hours CNY 881.5 - 1123

Tips: In Chongqing, passengers can either use the West Railway Station or North Railway Station, but the North Railway Station is a better choice for subway line 3 and line 10 have stops there. What's more, the ticket fare is CNY 515 - 523.5, over CNY 100 lower than departing from the West Railway Station.

Chongqing - Qingdao Trains vs. Flights

It takes a long time by train. If you are in a hurry schedule and want to save time, you can take a direct flight instead. There are many flights available for this route and it is about 2.5 hours for the journey. Sometimes, the price for the discount flights is almost lower than the second class ticket on high speed trains. In this case, taking a flight is a better option.

Major Rail Lines from Chongqing to:

Major Rail Lines from Qingdao to:
- Last modified on Jan. 20, 2021 -
Questions & Answers on Chongqing - Qingdao Train
Asked by Lillie from NEW ZEALAND | Oct. 10, 2019 01:49Reply
Is it easy to reach Farglory Residence at late night from Qingdao Station?
Is it safe to use taxi if I am traveling along?
Answers (1)
Answered by Philip from CANADA | Oct. 10, 2019 18:22

If you can reach Qingdao Station before 11:10pm, you can still try to use metro line 3 to Wusi Square and then walk to the hotel from exit C. It is about 800m away. Taxi is also safe to use as long as you choose an official taxi instead of a private car, the cost should be within CNY40.
Asked by Glen from ARGENTINA | Dec. 17, 2018 00:52Reply
Which station is a better opton? Qingdao or Qingdao North?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jennifer from NEW ZEALAND | Dec. 17, 2018 19:45

It mainly depends on your location. The old Qingdao Station is closer to the old city town. The North Station is a little far in distance but still easy to reach by metro. It is also a little closer to the airport compared with the old station. You can decide it by your hotel location etc.
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