Wine Spring of the Western Han Dynasty

Lying 1.2 miles east of Jiuquan City, the Wine Spring of the Western Han Dynasty is a classical garden which reflects the heroic vigor of the Western Han Dynasty in southern Yangtze River style.

The main scenic spots in the park are Spring Lake, the wine spring of the Western Han Dynasty, and a large ancient garden architecture complex. Among them, the wine spring of Western Han Dynasty is the highlight to see and has a beautiful story to share. In 121BC of the Western Han Dynasty, the General Huo Qubing from the Han Court won a total victory in the famous Hexi Battle against Huns. In order to celebrate the success, the Emperor Wu awarded him a pot of luscious wine. The General Huo thought the contribution should have come to the whole army. So he poured the wine into the spring and drank it with his soldiers,thus the spring got the beautiful name "Wine Spring".

The southern gate of the park is the main entrance. Its unique appearance is appealing to visitors. It is an arched gateway built by imitating Hanque, a typical monumental architecture erected in pairs outside city gates or complex of buildings to express the awe-inspiring bearing in Han Dynasty. Designed in simple and original manner, the gate shows the profound historical culture and distinctive flavor of the park.

What's more, the park well keeps many stone steles carved by celebrities in Qing Dynasty, such as the stele with four big characters "Da Di Ti Hu" (the essence of the beautiful land) on wrote by the minister Zuo Zongtang. The park has been damaged for several times in history. In 1865, it was nearly deserted during the war. In 1873 after Zuo Zongtang reoccupied the Hexi area, the park got repaired and planted with many kinds of trees. But later in the period of the Republic of China, it was severely destroyed again. In 1943, the commander Yang Deliang spent three years to renovate it after being abandoned for years.

Now the springs in the park tastes sweet and cool and do not freeze in the winter. Walk around the springs, you will see a mirror-like lake surrounded by artificial hills. The lake is divided into two parts by a huge stone arch bridge. In winters, it is iced over into a nice skating rink. The zoo to the west of the park keeps a variety of animals such as birds, bears, Golden Monkeys, pandas, wild camels and yaks for visitors to see.

Strolling in the park, you will feel as if you are walking in an exquisite picture. The attractive scenery and remote stories will remind you of past warring times and a kind of reverence for the hero will rise from the bottom of your heart.

Admission Fee: CNY 12
- Last modified on Jul. 03, 2019 -
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