2020 Exhibitions in Shanghai

Shanghai is a major exhibition center in East Asia. All kinds of cultural, business, artistic, educational, recreational and comprehensive expos and trades are held in the city all year round. The following is an introduction to the major well-equipped venues of 2020 Exhibitions in Shanghai including their locations, transportation and 2020 schedule of fairs.


New International Expo Center (SNIEC)

Introduction: Located in the business center of Pudong New Area, SNIEC has successfully accommodated numerous influential exhibits since its opening in November 2001. Due to its convenient transportation, advanced facilities and excellent service, SNIEC is now an ideal venue for holding international fairs and social activities.
Address: No. 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong New Area (next to Century Park)
Transportation: Bus no. 989, Bridge Line 6, Pudong Line 11 or metro line 7 (get off at Huamu Road), metro line 2 or Maglev train (get off at Longyang Road)

2020 Schedule:

Feb.19-21 2020 TCT Asia;
Aerospace Engineering AEE 2020
Feb.24-26 2020 R+T Asia;
HD+ Asia;
21th China International Agricultural Chemicals and Plant Protection Exhibition
Feb.29-Mar.2 2020 China Intl’ Health, Wellness, Fitness Expo
Mar.1-4 The 30th East China Fair 2020
Mar.12-14 International Food & Beverage Exhibition;
International Early Childhood Education Supplies Equipment Expo International Franchise Fair For Educational Brand;
China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics
Mar.18-20 FPD China 2020;
Munich Electronics Show;
2020 Exhibition of International Semiconductor Equipment, Materials, Manufacturing and Services
Mar.24-26 Ceramic & Stone Design Asia;
The 22th China International Ground Material and Pavement Technology Exhibition
Mar.29-Apr.1 the 29th International Hospitality Equipment & Supply Expo
Apr.7-11 China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2020
Apr.8-10 China International Occupational Safety & Health Goods Expo
Apr.14-17 The 31th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition
Apr.16-18 The 10th China Microboss Expo 2020;
Lock Security Products Expo;
Smart Home Exhibition C-SMART 2020;
The 15th International Medical Tourism Fair
Apr.21-23 The 21th Annual Ring Expo in China;
Label & Flexible Packaging & Functional Film Expo China 2020
Apr.27-29 2020 the 17th China International Exhibition Products and Self-service Vending System;
2020 28th China International Building and Decoration Exhibition 2020 International Hotel & Commercial Space Engineering and Design Exhibition;
Expo For International Indoor Air Purification 2020;
Expo International Facility Management 2020;
Expo Clean for Commercial Properties and Hotels 2020;
2020 32th International Franchise Exhibition
May 6-9 The 23th China International Baking Exhibition of 2020
May 13-15 The 21th Annual China International Food and Beverage Exhibition
May 25-27 SNEC 14th (2020) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference
Jun.2-5 Kitchen & Bath China 2020
Jun.9-11 The 114th China Cultural Goods Fair
Jun.10-12 Greenery & Landscaping China 2020;
2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Asia;
The 14th International New Energy Automotive Technology Exhibition
Jun.11-13 2020 China International Pension, Assistive Device and Rehabilitation Medical Expo
Jun.16-18 Asia International Cold Chain Logistics and Technology Exhibition;
2020 the 10th China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition;
LogiMAT China 2020;
China International Data Center Industry Exhibition 2020;
The 20th China International Electric Power Equipment and Smart Grid Exhibition The 19th China International Power and Generating Sets Exhibition;
The 9th China International Distributed Energy,Natural Gas Equipment Exhibition;
2020 Asian Fresh Food Distribution Exhibition
Jun.30-Jul.2 World Mobile Communication Expo 2020;
China International Rail Transit Technology Exhibition
Jul.2-4 2020 The 17th International Shoe Expo;
ISPO Shanghai;
2020 International Gifts & Home Products Expo;
The 17th International Bags Leather Exhibition;
2020 International Zipper and Equipment Exhibition
Jul.8-10 TCW Expo 2020;
The 20th China (International) Motor Expo And Forum 2020
Jul.8-11 International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show;
International Industrial Assembly and transmission technology exhibition
Jul.15-17 2020 International Exhibition of Intelligent Garment Manufacturing Industry;
2020 International Exhibition of Printing and dyeing industry;
The 16th China International Building Energy-Saving and Advanced Materials Exhibition;
The 15th China International Die Casting conference and Exhibition;
The 12th International Prefabricated Construction Exhibition;
The 18th China Fresh Air System and Air Purification and Drinking Water Purification Industry Exposition;
2020 22th International Villa & Matching Facilities Exhibition;
International Green Architecture and Construction Materials Expo 2020;
The 31st China International Building Materials and interior decoration exhibition;
International Textile Supply Chain Industry Expo
Jul.23-25 The 114th China General Merchandise Fair and China Modern Household Goods Fair
Jul.31-Aug.3 2020 China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition
Aug.7-9 The 4th China International Wheel Exhibition;
China International Automotive Instrumentation and Sensor Technology and Products Exhibition;
2020 International Exhibition of household washing products;
The 10th International 3D Printing & Automotive Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition 2020;
International Dental Care Expo 2020;
China International Vehicle Lighting Technology Exhibition
Aug.13-15 The 26th China International Wallpaper Textiles Exhibition
Aug.14-16 2020 International Franchise Exhibition
Aug.19-23 The 23th Asia Pet Exhibition (2020)
Aug.26-28 The 12th International Lithium Battery Industry Fair;
2020 the 11th Session of International Refrigerated Food Exposition;
The 12th China International Offshore Oil and Gas Exhibition;
The 12th International Explosion Protection and Electric Technology & Equipment Exhibition;
International Bio-fermentation Products/Tech & Equipment Expo in 2020;
The 12th China International Chemical Technology & Equipment Fair;
The 5th National Salt Products,Packaging Equipment and New Materials Exhibition
Sept.2-4 The 2020 International Exhibition of Smart Home;
International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail
Sept.2-5 ISH & CIHE 2020
Sept.3-5 International Lighting Fair
Sept.9-12 The 26th China International Furniture Expo
Sept.16-18 Clean Water China 2020;
The 20th International Exhibition on Rubber Technology;
The 19th China International Chemical Industry Exhibition (2020)
Sept.17-19 2020 China International Advertising Show;
2020 the 18th International LED Exhibition
Sept.23-26 2020 China International Exhibition on Cable and Wire Technology;
20th Spider Fasteners & Technology Exhibition;
9th China International Pipe Industry Trade Fair
Sept.28-30 The 27th International Beauty,Hairdressing & Cosmetics Expo;
2020 the 24th International High-end Health Edible Oil and Olive Oil Expo;
China International Business Health Industry Expo
Oct.12-16 China International Exhibition All about Printing Technology & Equipment
Oct.13-16 International Brew & Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition
Oct.21-23 The International Trade Fair For Toys & Preschool Educational Resources
Oct.28-31 2020 China International exhibition of Musical Instruments
Nov.3-6 The 2020 Asian International Exhibition Logistics Technology and Transportation System;
2020 International Exhibition of Power Transmission and Control Technology in Asia
Nov.10-12 The 10th International Health Food &Brand Agricultural Products Exhibition;
2020 33th International Franchise Exhibition;
FHC China 2020;
International Wine Fair 2020
Nov.16-18 2020 Munich AnalyticaChina;
2020 Shanghai Steam Culture Week Electronic Smoke Exhibition;
China Electronics Fair
Dec.3-5 International STEAM Innovative Science Education Expo 2020;
2020 11th Private Label Fair;
2020 China International Heating and Thermodynamic Technology Exhibition
Dec.9-11 2020 the 7th China Evaporation and Crystallization Technology Equipment Exhibition;
TIM Expo;
China International Concrete Industry Exhibition 2020
Dec.14-16 Bus Expo 2020


Shanghai National Exhibition & Convention Center (NECC)

Introduction: As the world largest exhibition & convention complex, it includes several well-equipped indoor display halls and 25 square miles (10 hectares) outdoor exhibiting terrace. The large scale of expo areas and advanced facilities even make it possible to hold some industrial exhibits. The adjacent commercial centers and accommodations provide great convenience for all exhibitors and visitors. Hongqiao Transport Hub is about 1 mile (1.6 kilometer) away so that people can easily transfer to high speed train and local subway.
Address: No. 333, Songze Avenue, Qingpu District
Transportation: Buses no. 706, 710, 773, Baixu Line, Qingfengxu Special Line, Qingxu Line, Xujing Line 1, Xujing Line 2, Xujing Line 4 or metro line 2 (get off at Xujing East).

2020 Schedule:

Feb.18-20 China Wedding Expo 2020
Feb.25-28 SIA Intelligent Factory Exhibition;
2020 China Machine Tool Show
Mar.3-4 The 2020 International Textile Digital Ink Jet Printing Exhibition
Mar.4-7 2020 International Lighting Expo;
The 28th Intl’ AD & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition
Mar.11-13 China International Trade Fair for Apparel Fabrics and Accessories;
2020 China International Home Textiles and Accessories (Spring) Fair;
2020 China International Clothing Accessories Exhibition;
China International Knitting Fair-Spring Edition
Mar.16-18 China Intl’PCB & Assembly Show
Mar.17-19 2020 of the China International Exhibition on Food Additives and Ingredients
Mar.24-26 The 25th China International Building Trade Fair
Mar.30-Apr.1 34th Session of China International Hardware Fair
Mar.30-Apr.2 The 14th China International Sporting Goods Exhibition 2020;
The 25th China International Boat and Its Technical Equipment Exhibition
Apr.9-12 The 83th China International Medical Device (Spring) Fair 30th;
China International Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Technology (Spring) Exhibition
Apr.21-24 The 34 Chinese International Plastic Rubber Industry Exhibition (2020)
May 6-9 The 30th China International Bicycle & Motor Fair;
2020 China International Exhibition on the Elevator
May 7-9 The 7th International Food & Drinks Fair 2020;
2020 Shanghai International Refrigerated Vehicles, Refrigeration Equipment and Cold Chain Logistics Technology;
The 13th International Import and Export Food & Beverage Exhibition 2020;
The 9th China International Aviation, Cruise, Railway Food and Beverage Exhibition 2020;
The 21th International Wine & Spirits Exhibition 2020;
2020 China International Bakery Exhibition
May 13-16 Metal+Metallurgy China 2020
May 13-15 The 2020 International Hairdressing Cosmetic Products Import and Export Fair
May 21-23 2020 the 38th Session of China International Sports Supplies Exposition
May 27-29 2020 International Polyester Film and Technology Exhibition;
The 16th International Adhesive Tape, Protective Film & Functional Film Expo
Jun.3-5 2020 China International Underground Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Construction Exhibition;
Aquatech China 2020;
Ecotech China Waste 2020;
2020 International Industrial Ceramics Exhibition;
The 11th Fastener Exhibition in 2020
Jun.10-14 Die & Mould China 2020
Jun.11-15 2020 the Fourteenth China International Sheet Metal Stamping And Metal Forming Exhibition
Jun.22-24 The 20th International Packaging and Food Processing Technology Exhibition;
The 26th International Processing and Packaging Exhibition;
2020 International Starch and Starch Derivatives Exhibition;
2020 the 22nd Asian Food Ingredients China Exhibition;
2020 Food Processing Technology and Equipment Exhibition
Jul.15-17 Commerce Packing & Logistics Technology Expo 2020
Aug.14-16 International Unattended Retail & SCM Exhibition 2020
Sept.1-4 2020 International Dental Equipment Exposition
Sept.15-19 2020 China International Industry Fair;
2020 China International Sapphire and IOL Application Exhibition


Intex Shanghai

Introduction: Located in the Hongqiao Economy and Technology Development Area, it is the first local exhibit company to apply the management expertise of western countries. Many local, national and international exhibits have been held in the venue since its opening in 1992.
Address: No. 88, Loushanguan Road, Changning District
Transportation: Buses no. 57, 328, 748, 806, 911, 936, Huqingying Special Line or Huzhu Special Line (get off at Hongqiao Economy and Technology Development Area)

Shanghai Exhibition Center

Introduction: It has an excellent location in downtown area. Its main building, built in 1955, is the oldest convention and exhibit venue in the city. Many important political and diplomatic activities as well as domestic and world expos have been successfully held here. In 2001, the main building was renovated. Now the center has become one of the most important display venues in the city.
Address: No. 1000, Middle Yan'an Road, Jing'an District
Transportation: Buses no. 48, 49, 71, 127, 311 or Huzhu Special Line (get off at Middle Yan’an Road Tongren Road); Bus Huqian Special Line; Pudong Airport Shuttle Bus Line 2, metro line 2 or line 7 (get off at Jing'an Temple)

2020 Schedule:

Mar.27-29 The 6th International Parent-Child Expo
Apr.8-9 The 2020 International Luxury Packaging Exhibition
Apr.23-26 2020 World Travel Fair in Shanghai
Apr.24-26 Private Health Management Expo
May 10-12 China Brand Day 2020
May 22-25 The 2020 International Furniture Exhibition
May 29-31 Belt & Road Brand Expo 2020
Jun.3-6 The 17th International TeaFair2020


World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC) 

Introduction: Located on the east riverside of the Huangpu River, heart of the 2010 World Expo site, it is considered as one of the leading exhibiting centers for international events worldwide with advanced structure and facilities, as well as convenient transportation.
Address: No.1099, Guozhan Road, Pudong New District
Transportation: Bus no. 1030 (get off at Xuecun 2nd Road Zhoujiadu Road); Buses no. 177, 1030, Zhounan Line (get off at Shangnan Road Guozhan Road); metro line 8 (get off at Art Museum or Yaohua Road)

2020 Schedule:

Jan.4-6 The 3th China Garden and Garden Horticulture Exhibition in 2020
Feb.11-13 2020 20th China International Optics Fair
Feb.21-23 China Huaxia 2020 Expo
Feb.25-27 International Fashion Fashion Yarn Exhibition
Feb.26-28 2020 China International Cosmetics Personal and Home Care Supplies Raw Materials Exhibition
Mar.2-4 The 2020 International Fashion Show
Mar.7-8 2020 Baby Fair
Mar.11-14 International Design & Creative Fair
Mar.17-19 Intermodal Asia 2020
Mar.18-19 International Cargo Transport Exhibition (2020)
Mar.24-26 2020 China International Advanced Powder Metallurgy, Hard alloy and Ceramic Exhibition;
2020 China International Winding Machine, Coil, Insulation Materials and Electrical Machinery Exhibition
Mar.29-31 International School Uniform Exposition;
The 8th International Occupational Uniform Expo
Apr.3-5 Shanghai Toy Show
Apr.8-10 China Interdye 2020
Apr.16-18 China International Technology Fair
Apr.22-24 The 30th Session of China International Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Exhibition
Apr.24-26 DRT Show 2020
May 7-10 The 2020 China International Tea Expo
May 13-15 2020 Conference & Exhibition;
2020 ITB China;
2020 China International Organic Food Exposition
May 20-22 2020 the 20th Public Security Products International Exposition
May 29-31 International Pet Expo
Jun.3-5 2020 International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo
Jun.17-19 2020 International Film Forum and Exhibition
Jun.22-24 International Fastener Show China
Jul.1-3 International Exhibition and Conference for Power Bectronics Inteligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management;
The 28th International Medical Devices Exhibition 2020
Aug.12-14 CIPPME 2020 International Packaging Products and Materials EXPO
Aug.17-19 China International Tire Expo 2020
Sept.1-3 International Fashion Fashion Yarn Exhibition
Sept.2-4 China Composites Expo 2020
Sept.8-12 China International Furniture Fair 2020 Exhibition of Vogue to Live in Modern Shanghai
Sept.14-16 2020 China International Medical Equipment Design and Technology Exhibition;
Automotive Testing Expo


Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

Introduction: This venue is one of the most professional convention and show organizers in the city. Located in the southwest of the downtown area between the Caohejing Hi-tech Development Zone and Xujiahui business and entertainment area, it enjoys an ideal location and convenient transportation. Equipped with top facilities, it holds a number of expos every year.
Address: No. 66, Caobao Road, Xuhui District
Transportation: Buses no. 43, 92, 92B, 120, 166, 186, 198, 809, 946, Husong Line or Xumin Night Line (get off at Caobao Road Xile Road); metro line 1 (get off at Caobao Road)

2020 Schedule:

Feb.22-23 Auto Expo 2020
Feb.25-29 China the 25th International Toys and 56th Toy Expo
Mar.15-17 2020 Chinese Heat Pump Hot Water, Heating, Drying and Special Application of the Exhibition
Apr.10-12 2020 20th Spring Fishing Gear Exhibition;
2020 China International Aromatic Industry Exhibition
Apr.24-26 2020 Spring International Tattoo Art Festival
May 14-16 2020 China Agricultural Trade Fair
May 25-27 The 8th International Analytical Test Technology & Environmental Test Device Expo 2020
Jun.4-6 2020 International Hotel Catering Trade Fair;
The 6th International Seafohibition 2020 and China's Seafood and Cold Chain Logistics Innovation Development Peak BBS
Jun.18-20 The 8th International Electric Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition
Jul.2-5 International Jewelry Fair 2020
Jul.25-27 2020 China International Smart Education and Educational Equipment Exhibition


Shanghaimart Expo

Introduction: Located in the Hongqiao Economy and Technology Development Area, this is one of the five best-known exhibiting centers in the city. It holds one hundred short-term expos and grand conferences annually.
Address: No. 2299, West Yan'an Road, Changning District
Transportation: Buses no. 57, 328, 748, 806, 911, 925, 936 (get off at West Yan'an Road Loushanguan Road); Buses no. 320, 709, 827, 836 (get off at Hongqiao Road Gubei Road)

2020 Schedule:
Apr.17-19 China International Adult Toys & Reproductive Health Exhibition 2020
May 22-24 Kids Education Expo 2020
Jun.29-Jul.1 Silva Wood Exhibition

Introduction: Founded in 1953, it is a great museum of ancient Chinese art collecting around 120 thousand masterpieces, among which bronzes, porcelain, calligraphy and paintings are the major ones. Now it has 11 galleries and 3 exhibiting halls to present significant exhibits to the public each year.
Address: No. 201, People's Avenue, Huangpu District (at People's Square)
Transportation: Bus no. 925 or Tunnel Line 6 (get off at People’s Square/Wusheng Road); Bus no. 71, 127, 311, 454, 936 (get off at East Yan’an Road Middle Xizang Road); Bus no. 46, 49, 112, 123, 145, 312, 952, 952B or Shangchuan Special Line (get off at People's Square); metro line 1 (get off at South Huangpi Road or People's Square) or metro line 8 (get off at Dashijie)

Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Art Museum
Art Museum

Introduction: First established in 1956 and having witnessed several renovations thereafter, it now lies in the site of 2010 Expo. At present, it has fixed & temporary exhibiting halls and sculpture hall to welcome domestic and international visitors with great exhibits.
Address: No. 161, Shangnan Road, Pudong New District
Transportation: Bus no. 1030 or Zhounan Line (get off at Shangnan Road Bocheng Road); metro line 8 (get off at Art Museum)

2020 Schedule:
Jan.1-Mar.31 Soft As Willow Yet Firm As Bamboo A Retrospective Exhibition of Shen Rou Jian


East Asia Exhibition Center

InIntroduction: Opened in 2002, it is located between Shanghai Stadium and the Grand Stage (Indoor Stadium), the two landmarks of the East Asia Sports and Culture Center. It holds various shows all the year round.
Address: No. 666, Tianyaoqiao Road, Xuhui District
Transportation: Buses no. 703 (get off at Xietu Road Tianyaoqiao Road); Buses no. 42, 49, 56, 89, 92, 92B, 111, 120, 122, 138, 157, 167, 315, 342, 704, 718, 720, 721, 754, 824, 926, 957, 985, Daqiao Line 6, Wanzhou Special Line, Xuchuan Special Line; metro line 4 or metro line 11.


Pudong Expo

Introduction: Located in the political and cultural center of Pudong New Area, between the Science and Technology Museum and the Oriental Art Center, Pudong Expo proudly shows its original and elegant silhouette. The innovative ideas behind this convention centre can be seen in its crystal wall design, aesthetic treatment, modular use of space and its sophisticated and state-of-the-art technological facilities. It is today suited to all types of events and exhibits accommodating around 20,000 people.
Address: No. 201, Hehuan Road, Pudong New Area (near Yingchun Road)
Transportation: Bus Pudong Line 21 (get off at Hehuan Road Hanxiao Road); Bus no. 987 (get off at Jindai Road Yingchun Road); metro line 2 (Science & Technology Museum) or metro line 9 (get off at Middle Yanggao Road)
 Introduction: Located in the southwest of Xuhui District, it is a comprehensive botanical garden showing distinctive flower exhibits throughout the year. The exhibiting area includes plants evolution area, bonsai garden, herb garden and greenhouse exhibiting area. It now has become a worldwide botanical museum and attracts a great many visitors.
Address: No. 1111, Longwu Road, Xuhui District
Transportation: Buses no. 720, 824 (get off at Yuannan Ercun); Buses no. 180, 718, 810, 820, 824, 957, 973, Nannan Line (get off at North Longchuan Road Baise Road)

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IECIE 2019 Is this investment event for investor
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As I know, IECIE 2019 in Shanghai will be held in October 30-November 1.
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