Services & Facilities of Hangzhou Airport

In Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, many services and facilities are provided for passengers' convenience, including baggage packing and storage, banking service, hotels, restaurants, business center and medical service. Hereunder is the detailed information:


Hangzhou Airport service
Baggage Packing

 Baggage Packing
Location: the left side of Gate A3, 2F, Departure Hall, Terminal A;
              the right side of Gate no. 7, 11 & 13, 2F, Departure Hall, Terminal B.
1. For baggage with the size of less than 20*40*55cm in length, width and height, it costs CNY10; if larger, the fee is CNY15/piece.
2. Alcohol products: liquor and wine needs a special cardboard box, and the cost is CNY5-15 for different sizes of the given box.

 Baggage Carts
There are altogether 2,450 baggage carts in the airport. 2,000 of them are large ones and can be found outside Gate no. 1, 2 & 3 of Terminal B, Gate no. A1 & A3 of Terminal A, and the luggage carousel areas of the Arrival Hall of both terminals. The small carts are all in the restricted area, and are placed opposite to the Gate no.17 of Domestic Boarding, and near the Gate no. 20 & 25 of Domestic Arrival Hall.

 Luggage Storage
Location: Check-in Counter F, Departure Hall.
Fee: CNY5 within 4 hours; CNY15 for 4-12 hours, and CNY 25 for 12-24 hours.
Service Hours: 06:30 - 23:00
Hotline: +86 0571-83837005

  Lost & Found Office
Location: Opposite of Gate No.12, Arrival Hall
Service Hours: 08:15 - 21:45
Hotline: +86 0571-86662530

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport
Infomation Center

 Information Center:
Opposite Gate no. 3, International Departure Hall;
Opposite Gate no. 5 & 11, Domestic Departure Hall


 China Telecom IC Card Phone: There are nearly 70 multimedia telephones, IC Card Phones and pay phones scattered in the terminal buildings.

Airport Hotel: Located at Xiaoshan Airport Avenue, the hotel provides free pick-up service. It just takes about 3 minutes driving distance from the hotel to the terminal building.
Hotline: +86 571-8666 5688

ZTG Airport Grand Hotel: Located nearby No.1 Road, Xiaoshan Airport, it is equipped with free shuttle bus, VIP Lounge and free automatic check-in machines.
Hotline: +86 571-8661 0999

 Currency Exchange:
Location: Non-restricted Area, Arrival Hall
Service hours: 08:00 - 23:00
Hotlines: +86 0571-87663395 (Terminal A); +86 0571-86660580 (Terminal B)

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport
Having a Rest at Xiaoshan Airport

 Bank & ATMs:
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: Gate no.1, Non-restricted Area of the Departure Hall, Terminal B;

Bank of Hangzhou: Gate no.1, Non-restricted Area of the Departure Hall, Terminal B;

Citibank: Gate no.1, Non-restricted Area of the Departure Hall, Terminal B;

Bank of Shanghai: Gate no.A1, Non-restricted Area of Departure Hall, Terminal A; Gate no.2, Non-restricted Area of Departure Hall, Terminal B

 Medical Service:
Emergency Room: Opposite to the Boarding Gate no. 16 of the Departure Hall
Hotlines: +86 0571-86662120/86662316

 Smoking Room: There are 6 smoking rooms, and they are opposite to the Boarding Gate no. B08, B12 & B14 and left side of the Boarding Gate no. B43 & B35, Terminal B.

 Internet Services: Passengers can enjoy the free internet access (WIFI) at the Boarding Gate no. 18 in the terminal building.

 Police Office:
Location: the right side of the security checkpoint, Boarding Gate no.9 of Terminal B
Hotlines: +86 0571-86662253/86662581

 Restaurants: There are cafes and fast food restaurants in and out the terminal building.
a. KFC: Gate no. 6 & 16, Arrival Hall, Terminal B
b. Starbucks & McDonald's: Gate no. 13, Departure Hall, Terminal B
c. Haagen-Dazs: the opposite of Boarding Gate no.B24, Terminal B
d. Cafe Fortune Come Hong Kong Style Restaurant: Gate no.13, Departure Hall (Island H), Terminal B; Boarding Gate no.B15 & B27, Non-restricted Area of Departure Hall, Terminal B
e. Goubuli Steamed Stuffed Buns: 2F, the opposite of Security Checkpoint no.22-31, Restricted Area, Terminal B
f. Kungfu Chinese Fast Food: Gate no.5, Non-restricted Area of the Departure Hall, Terminal B; Gate no.16, Non-restricted Area of the Arrival Hall, Terminal B

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