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Xian One Day Tours

Being a must-see destination in China, Xian is rich in the cultural and historical relics and sites, among which the Terracotta Warriors catch the attention of the world. In our mini group and private Xian day tour packages, you will be led to wonder at the essence of this ancient capital including Warriors, City Wall, History Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Great Mosque, Mt. Huashan and more.

Xian Private One Day Tours

This classic Xian day tour takes you to enjoy the China's ancient capital through thirteen dynasties to learn the city's history and culture in depth. You will visit all the major attractions from the Terracotta Warriors to the Small Wild Goose Pagoda and experience the bike ride on the ancient City Wall.
Travelling in Xian - the capital city for thirteen dynasties, not only can you see the grand pottery figures in Terracotta Army, you can also walk along the City Wall to enjoy the beautiful scenery and see ancient defensive facilities.
After a flight or high-speed train journey from Shanghai to Xian, this one day Xi'an Terracotta Warriors tour will let you marvel at the incredible wonder of the Terracotta Army, have a cool cycling experience on the ancient City Wall, and capture a glimpse of the vibrant local life in the Muslim Quarter.
This historical Xian private tour will help you to explore this city in depth. You can see the magnificent Terracotta Army and view the relics of a matriarchal clan of Yangshao culture in the Banpo Museum. Meanwhile, wandering in the Muslim Quarter which is full of local cuisines enables you to delve into the local food culture.
You can visit either the North Peak of Mt. Huashan to experience the narrow path at Ear-Touching Cliff and climb the Black Dragon Ridge, or the West Peak to appreciate the natural scenery including the stone lotus at Lotus Flower Cave and stone axe at Axe-Splitting Rock.
If you want to know more about the history and religion of Tang Dynasty, come with us to Famen Temple to visit the finger bone of the Buddha and take an adventure in Qianling Mausoleum to explore the mysterious past.
Set out for a ‘time travel’ back to Xian’s past! You can tour around the 400-year-old City Wall, appreciate skilled stone tablets in the Forest of Stone Steles Museum, explore profound China’s history and culture in Shaanxi History Museum, take pictures of the famous Big Wild Goose Pagoda and learn about local life by a family visit.

Xian Mini Group Day Tours

Mini group day tour with no more than 6 people! The Terracotta Army tour enables you to visualise the grand military formation of the Qin Dynasty. Stroll in the Jianfu Temple to view the antique Small Wild Goose Pagoda. You can also overlook the city from the Ancient City Wall and experience the vibrant Muslim Bazaar.
This half day Xian mini group trip focuses on the essence of this ancient capital - Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum. A perfect group size with on more than 6 people ensures you a great experience. Expert English speaking guide, skip the line, no shops!

Tailor Your Xian Private Day Tour

Friendly Travel Tips

  • Our Xian private day tours are quite flexible and can be customized to meet any of your particular interests, such as pick-up point, tour plans and sightseeing duration, etc. We are always ready to tailor an exclusive private tour for you.
  • In addition to the major attractions, we can also arrange various DIY activities, such as making small clay warriors, learning about Chinese food cooking in local family home, learning to write Chinese characters and more. If you are interested, you can contact your travel consultant in advance.
  • Except for Chinese official holidays, Shaanxi History Museum is usually closed on Mondays, while the Small Wild Goose Pagoda doesn't open up on Tuesdays. If your trip happens to meet those days, our travel consultant will recommend other sightworthy spots to meet your interests.
  • Here is some info about transportation for your reference, if you get to Xian by flight or high speed train.

    Xian Xianyang International Airport is located 47 km (about 29 miles) to the city center, and around 70 km to the Terracotta Warriors Museum. It takes around 1 hour driving from the airport to the downtown and 1.5 hours to the museum.

    Xian North Railway station is about 14 km (8.7 miles) from the city center, 40 minutes driving by car; about 50 km (31 miles) from the Terracotta Warriors, 1 hour driving time.
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FAQs on Terracotta Warriors Tours

How far is Terracotta Warriors from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong?

For the distance, it is around 683.5 miles (1,100km) from Beijing, 932 miles (1,500km) from Shanghai, 1118 miles (1,800km) from Guangzhou and 1,180 miles (1900km) from HK.

Traveling time from different cities for reference:
Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Hong Kong
Bullet Train + Tourism Bus 6.5 h 12 h 10 h --
Overnight Train + Tourism Bus 13 h 16 - 21h 29h --
Flight + Tourism Bus 4h 4h 40min 4h 40min 5h by direct flight

How to travel from Beijing to Terracotta by train? Can I make a one day Terracotta Warriors tour from Beijing?

Travelers go to Xian by a bullet train in around 5.5 hours or an overnight train in around 12 hours and then use free shuttle bus or Tourism Bus Line 5 (306) to the museum.

A one day trip is available, since overnight trains are available between the two cites. One can use overnight trains such as Z19 2040/0831+1 between the cities or take flight CA1231 0735/0945, and then spend a whole day to the museum by tourism bus or just join a day trip for visiting.

How to get to Terracotta Warriors from Shanghai and Guangzhou? A one day-trip is possible?

From Shanghai: the fastest way is to fly to Xian, such as CZ9097 0645/0925 and then start your trip, while the budget solution is to take an overnight train such as T116 1533/0812+1 and then use tourism bus line 5 to the museum. Both of the two ways can let you finish visiting in one day.

From Guangzhou: it is suggested to fly to Xian and use taxi or a day trip to the museum. Or you can take the airport shuttle bus to local Railway Station, where you can find the tourism bus to there. Time is a little bit tight for a one day visit.

How to get to Terracotta from Hong Kong?

The best option is flying to Xian. You can take flight KA946 1205/1450, MU224 1435/1645 or MU204 1435/1705 from Hong Kong. Since it is late to go to visit the Terracotta Warrior when you arrive at the Airport, we kindly suggest you stay one night in Xian. To get to the Terracotta Museum, you can go to the east square of the Railway Station and take tourist bus No.5. The bus ride takes around one hour.
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Questions & Answers
Asked by Markéta from CZECH | Dec. 04, 2018 03:58Reply
Hello, we are flying from Czech Republic to Sydney. We have 5h stop at Xi'an, (Xianyang Intl).
And then only technical stop at Wuhan, (Tianhe Intl). Will 72-hour Visa apply to us? Or do we need any other visas? Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Vava from USA | Dec. 04, 2018 18:25

You cannot apply for the 72-hour free visa because you make two stops in China but the 72-hour free visa policy regulates that you can only have one stop in China.

But don't worry, you are eligible for the 24-hour free visa that it allows foreign tourists to have multiple stops in China as long as they leave the country within 24 hours. So if you make sure you can leave China less than 24 hours, you can qualify for 24-hour free visa.
Asked by Desmond Loh from MALAYSIA | Nov. 18, 2018 07:47Reply
What is the Bus schedule from Xian airport to North railway station ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Bruce | Nov. 19, 2018 23:33

The airport shuttle bus of North Railway Station Line is available every 20-30 minutes from 08:00-21:00. The ride takes around 40 minutes and costs CNY25 per person.
Asked by Monika Hasitzka from AUSTRIA | Oct. 23, 2018 23:32Reply
Can I use the Xian Public Transportation Card for going by bus to the Terracotta Warriors?
Can I buy the card at the North Railway station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sansaui from USA | Oct. 24, 2018 19:29

You can buy the card at the metro station in the north railway station.

Do you go to the Terracotta Warriors from the north railway station? If yes, you can first take the metro line 2 to City Library and then get on the bus No.230 or Tourism No.10. Then get off at Huaqing Lijiao East to take the bus 915 to the scenic area. You can take the buses with your card.
Asked by andre from USA | Oct. 06, 2018 17:04Reply

Im from USA, will travel to Beijing without VISA. I can stay up to 144 hours there, but want to know if I Can visit other cities, as we want to travel to Xi’an for a day tour.
Answers (1)
Answered by Sherry | Oct. 08, 2018 01:52

You can only stay in Beijing and Tianjin cities as well as Hebei province if you apply for 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit at Beijing Airport. If you also plan to travel to Xi'an, you will need to apply for China Tourist Visa from your local Chinese embassy in advance.
Asked by Maria from INDONESIA | Sep. 11, 2018 04:50Reply
Do you need the transportation card to ride the Xian Airport Shuttle Bus?
If so, where can we purchase it before boarding the bus? Can we purchase one at the Longhai Hotel Station? Thank you!
Answers (1)
Answered by Henry from CANADA | Sep. 11, 2018 19:23

No, the transportation card is not available in the shuttle bus, you just need to buy tickets in the tickets office which is near the hotel.
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