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Tracing the Ancient Diversifolious Poplar

Itinerary: 3 Days Kashgar - Maogaiti Hostel - No. 45 XPCC - No. 48 XPCC - Bachu County 
Day 1 Kashgar - Guimaiti
Besides the sightseeing spots, amazing lakes, mountains, glaciers and culture, ancient trees are also landmark symbolizes the long history of the certain places. For Xinjiang, the symbolized tree is diversifolious poplar. Although water is very limited in Xinjiang, especially in the deserts and Gobi, the poplar is the only tree that can grow to forest by themselves in the dry desert and sand. Judging from the dendrolites found in Turpan, Xinjiang, and the poplar did exist for 6,500,000 years. The itinerary today will lead you to the world most concentrated place for the poplars.

The first day is a very hard day since the moment you left Kashgar. To avoid camp in the wild, you need to ride a whole day (about 12 hours) of 157 kilometers to reach the hostel in Guimaiti County. Get prepared and have a good sleep the night before. Ride southeastward to the Tazhong village in Shule County. If needed, you may rest for a while or buy something to eat and drink for the following ride. After 4.5 hours' ride, you are suggested to rest aside the crossroad leads to the Yuepu Lake on No. 310 Provincial Road.

Ride to the Yuepu Lake and you will see the poplars located about at the place about 20 kilometers after you pass the lake. Standing on the road sides, the line of diversifolious poplars are said to be the most beautiful poplars in this area. The next rest spot is the Qingshui Lake bank in Bayiawati Village. Then, hard and continue ride for about 5 hours, you will finish the riding in the desert roads when riding into a forest belt. The destination hostel will be reached after 2.5 hours riding. Stay overnight.
Diversifolious Poplar, Xinjiang
Diversifolious Poplar in Xinjiang
Day 2 Guimaiti - No. 45 XPCC
Ride about 75 kilometers and 8 hours to reach No. 45 XPCC (Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps of CPLA.). No breakfast is offered in the surrounding restaurants and you may buy some bread at stores. On the way to Gaimaiti County, you will pass the Gaimaiti Bridge and Qianjin Bridge of No. 48 XPCC. Reeds can be found before you reach the Bridges. After you passed the Qianjin Bridge, there will be a golden diversifolious poplar Forest. The beauty of the trees will fully unfolded before you, especially in autumn. It will cost you about 1.5 hours to reach the No. 45 XPCC which is located about 40 kilometers away from the Maigaiti County. Stay at a local hostel.
Day 3 No. 45 XPCC - Bachu County
The final destination is the Bachu County located 112 kilometers away. In the morning, if you are interested, you may visit the local Vegetable Market to feel the local life. There are diversifolious poplars, reeds, cotton fields along the way, thus it make the 20 kilometer' ride pleasantly. The plant cover reduces little and little until there are only Gobi and saline for about 30 kilometers. After that, you will reach the No. 48 XPCC area. With the increasing number of the diversifolious poplars, you will find yourself ride about 5 kilometers in the diversifolious poplars forest. Enjoy your ride or walk in the large forest. About 10 kilometers way, you will get to the abuttals of the Bachu County-Lamao and Bachu County is about 70 kilometers away. Rest and have lunch at some local restaurant. Continue ride to the Bachu County. Stay an overnight at the local hostel. On the next day, you could extend your tour to other parts of Xinjiang or go back to Kashgar by coach.
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